This month we asked our readers:
How do you incorporate beauty into your everyday life?

A walk before work always shows me something beautiful, whether it’s the morning light hitting the river, someone’s breath in the cold air, a perfect leaf, a bright summer dress, or the look of adoration on a dog walker’s face. I soak up all those beautiful moments and feel grateful for the opportunity to notice them. —Holly Taylor-Parnell

I’m working on replacing most useful objects with prettier, better quality versions. Back in the day, even radiator heaters could be painted nicely, and many kitchen items could be hung up on the wall. I also try to pick clothes and accessories that are timeless rather than just trendy.
—Hannah Rogers Robertson

For me, beauty is movement, be it creating a costume with my hands or dancing. It can be as simple as my moody daughter looking at me unexpectedly with a smile on her face, telling me she loves me, or a hug from my son. I’m also a visual person, so looking at magical dresses or period costumes is a special treat. Creating them is even better! Someday, I hope to be featured in your magazine. —Jamie Cristali

I find beauty in most handcrafted things. I love to take a beautiful piece of fabric and make it into something stunning (even if I’m the only one that thinks so). My magical friend calls it my “shapeshifting.” —Wendy Moon

Beauty is integral to my mental health. I watch for moments of beauty throughout the day and then before bed draw at least one moment in my beauty journal. This keeps me watchful for beauty all day. And later I can remember both visually and kinetically. —Charysse Reaser

I take a few minutes each morning and evening to reflect on all that I’m grateful for. Then, no matter how I was feeling when I started or ended my day, I’m uplifted by the reminder of what a blessed and beautiful life I already have. —Julie Butters

I love to fill my home with objects that make me happy: vintage items, art work, and beautiful little trinkets that evoke a sense of nostalgia, whimsy, romance and always a touch of nature and the fae. I also incorporate that into the way I dress, which almost always consists of a hat with a feather attached if possible and my favorite lunar inspired jewelry. —Sharon DellaPiazza

I surround myself with animals. Beautiful creatures that secrete LOVE and fun with every breathe they take. —Vicky Blythe-Pope

Lately I’ve been making an effort to surround myself with beautiful things, to bring beauty out of my head and into my environment. It’s a way of letting myself know that I matter, that I’m worth making an effort for, and that I’m worthy of joy. —splendorandstory

I like to utilize and surround myself with everyday items that are functional as well as beautiful, especially if the items reflect the natural world around us—like a teapot shaped to look like a thistle or a shelf with beautiful scroll work. Sumptuous linens with beautiful embroidery detail of wild flowers that keeps my family ever so cozy. —Traci Denny

In the fall I bring in my geraniums and put them in my large bay window. They continue to bloom all winter long. I added some fairy lights, and they are both beautiful and magical! —Karen B. VanEtten

I begin my day with tea and silence, looking out of my windows at the trees and the horizon (I am lucky enough to have a view of beautiful mountains). I watch the birds, observe the clouds if there are any, and rejoice in the beauty of the natural world. —Pati Nagle

I hang prisms in my kitchen windows. They fill my house with rainbows from late summer to early spring, when the sun moves to that side of the house. Every year I look forward to the beauty that Rainbow Season brings! —Alethea Kontis

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