As the setting sun prepares to rest, the moon is stirring. The air is filled with salt and spray, as the tide slowly rushes in to greet the dusk. In these enchanted moments between light and dark, not a soul can be seen nor heard, only the lull of the sea and the whisper of the wind. But there is a rustling beneath the waves.

A lovely creature appears at the water’s edge, gracefully ascending onto the rocks. Her limbs glisten with twilight. Her eyes behold the jewels of the ocean. And she radiates the beauty of the stars above. She is the Siren, and if you are very still, she will reveal to you her beauty secrets, woven with tales of lush gardens deep beneath the waves, emerald green sea-fairy dust, and salty moonlight magic.

The element of water is entirely feminine, representing our ability to create on every level and to nurture those creations throughout their lifetimes. Water heals and purifies, and it is vital to all life force. It is our emotional body, our intuition, and our dreams.


Beneath the full moon, we begin by creating our beauty ritual space. First, gather your sacred objects: White, blue, and green candles are most effective for water magic, as they embody healing, beauty, peace, and the higher self. Flowers and herbs are most welcome, as are your favorite crystals. Perhaps ask your favorite water deity to join you. Now start concocting your potions, and as you do so, visualize and really feel your desires. It is summer, nature’s most abundant season, where the earth (and you) are at the peak of fullness, rich and ripe with light. So revel in it! Feel the voluptuous joy of life, basking in the glow of appreciation for the vivid beauty that lives in you, and radiate that love out into the world. Keep these feelings bold as you prepare a warm bath. Light your candles, and become one with your inner Siren.

The triple goddess of magic ingredients here are all bestowed upon us by water and combine beautifully with the delights of summer.

Celtic sea salt is a potent detoxifier and rich in all precious trace minerals. It is harvested by ancient methods and left in its natural state, bringing pure sea magic straight into your bath.

Kelp is another sacred gift of the oceans, a variety of reddish-brown seaweed that grows in lush forests beneath the sea, revered as a protective energy and believed to bring happiness. Ruled by the moon, kelp is highly nutritious but also possesses detoxifying properties. It contains potassium, iron, and niacin, which keep you glowing by increasing blood circulation, brightening the skin, and providing hydration. An ample dose of vitamin C stimulates collagen from the inside out, making kelp an amazing anti-aging treatment.

Spirulina and chlorella hail from freshwater gardens, perhaps brought in by a visit from the woodland fairies? They are a superfood team that cannot be beat as stellar sources of clean plant protein and vital nutrients that boost the immune system, lower blood sugar and cholesterol, and fight degenerative disease. Though they can be purchased separately, buying a combination makes it simple. And the color! A rich blend of deep jade and peacock blue, they are indeed beauty foods.

Underwater Garden Facial Masque
Underwater Garden Facial Masque

Yields two or three treatments

1 tbsp. kelp powder
1 tbsp. chlorella-spirulina powder blend
¼ cup spring water
13 drops ylang ylang essential oil

In a small bowl, mix together the kelp and algae powders. Slowly add in the spring water, a little at a time, to achieve a medium consistency—one that is rich, yet thin enough to spread on the face evenly. If you make a mistake, you can always add more water or powders. Drop in the ylang ylang oil, and blend well.

Apply to a clean face, and leave it on for 15 minutes.

The steam of the bath will open the pores, letting the nutrients penetrate more deeply. This may leave you slightly pink immediately after you remove the masque, but that will calm down in a matter of minutes. Remove with a warm wet cloth, rinse well, then pat dry. Apply a small amount of your favorite moisture cream afterward to add a protective outer layer.

This potion delivers impressive results, from visibly lifting the skin to softening fine lines. Incredibly hydrated skin is revealed, plumped and gorgeous, with a celestial glow that’s irresistible! Use it during new to full moon cycles and any time you need a little extra star power. Store extra masque in the refrigerator, sealed tightly, for one week.


Moonstones are a legendary stone of mystery and magic. Gray and white moonstones, used here, activate the third eye, allowing access into psychic perception, dreams, and hidden realms. Having them present at the new to full moon is particularly effective, especially when you bathe, as your lunar-water connection is especially powerful. They can also activate and heighten emotions, so use them with care and wisdom.



Mermaid’s Elixir
Mermaid’s Elixir

Per serving

1 cup unsweetened almond milk
½ tsp. chlorella-spirulina powder blend
½ tsp. kelp powder
1 cup frozen organic strawberries
½ banana
2 tsp. stevia

Blend all ingredients together on high speed until smooth. The high vibration of this magic brew is positively otherworldly! Sip it as you bathe.

I know what you’re thinking: This is going to taste horrid! I promise you, my darlings, it won’t hurt a bit. I have the toughest time getting my private clients to consume kelp and algae, but once they try it, there’s no going back. Though the taste is decidedly sharp, it is brilliantly masked by both the strawberries and the sweetener. The elevated energy of this potion and the beauty benefits will far outweigh any initial hesitation. It’s cold and crisp, slightly sweet, and has a levitating effect. Your body, inside and out, will thank you profusely for adding sea plants to your wellness rituals. Start out with these measurements, then gradually increase the amount of sea plants you add to your elixirs as you get used to them.

Aiding and abetting the sea-garden delights, we have strawberries center stage. These simply gorgeous fruits are bright red seductresses ruled by Aphrodite herself. Water-powered, they bring love and beauty in both esoteric and practical forms. Sacred also to the Norse goddess Freya, they are offered and consumed in love rituals and contain beauty nutrients to keep premature aging far away from your heavenly body. Full of vitamin C, folic acid, and antioxidants, they stimulate cell turnover, fight wrinkles, and help keep skin clear. Bananas are a fabulous source of vitamin A, which acts as a natural retinol. Together with almond milk, they provide plenty of vitamin E and beauty fats, both of which further delay the signs of aging.

Sand and Sea Body Exfoliant
Sand and Sea Body Exfoliant

For two or three treatments

1 cup Celtic sea salt
1 tbsp. kelp powder
¼ cup meadow foam seed oil
13 drops ylang ylang essential oil
6 drops jasmine essential oil
8 drops cedar wood essential oil

Mix together the salt, kelp powder, and meadow foam seed oil until well blended. Add in the essential oils, one at a time, slowly stirring in a clockwise motion. As the scent of kelp can be quite strong, feel free to add more essential oils as you wish, though these amounts should keep your body and your nose quite happy! Store in an airtight jar, preferably glass, in a cool, dry spot. The truth is, it’s not easy keeping mermaid skin supple. Though seawater is rich in beautifying minerals, it can be a bit drying at times. Add to that a sometimes harsh sun and blustery winds, and you have a recipe for flaky, dull skin—exactly what a water nymph should never tolerate!

In addition to the seaweed and algae, this potion is bursting with nutritive oils. Meadow foam is composed of 98 percent fatty acids, creating a superior moisturizer that stays with you. Sweet, tropical ylang ylang adds a joyous scent and the power to soften fine lines while preventing wrinkles. (It’s also a heady aphrodisiac, perfect for musky summer evenings!) Sensual jasmine is governed by the moon, softening even the most weather-worn skin. An abundant accomplice for all your love and money magic, jasmine also acts as a potent mood booster, able to lift waning spirits. Delicious cedarwood joins the cast here as a balancer, providing solar energy and a bit of firepower. It carries healing and protective energy, as well as skin-soothing and purification properties.

Use this powerful body treatment to slough away tired scales and adventures past, as you awaken new cells, nourish, and revitalize. It is most effective when left on for a bit before rinsing, to allow the body to absorb its nutrients via the skin. You can also use it as a bath soak if you like.

Wishing you a most blissful summer, my loves!

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Alise Marie is the author of The Beauty Witch's Secrets: Recipes and Rituals For The The Modern Goddess, contributor at Enchanted Living, and creative director at The Beauty Witch®. Visit her at for eco-luxe potions, planetary readings, and seasonal offerings, and on Instagram @thebeautywitchofficial.


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