The wild dance
that sweeps us off our feet
and into a whirling wind of stars
must then deliver us,
back to earth.

Is it already that time, mes amours? The end of the calendar year is upon us so quickly as the planet moves ever faster, and we find ourselves somehow right back in the swirl of excitement, stress, and mixed emotions that only this spell of time can bring. These past twelve months have been eventful to say the least, no? As we are challenged to hold steady amidst the balancing act between sacred space and muggle holidays, let’s stop for a moment to breathe in the past year: with planets running wild both internally and upon the world stage, inevitable changes have been put into motion, sending our anxiety meters through the roof. But seeds of change are for the better, even when the long-term results cannot be felt just yet. If you’ve experienced a few major upheavals, you are not alone. Guess what? This month, you will get a carriage ride from the cosmos – it may even be gilded!

December arrives with a lightness that is beautiful to behold. Big, bright Sagittarius energy is with us, full of adventure and ideals, while Mercury (now direct) has agreed to stop meddling in our communications for the moment, so that we may get through this season with a bit of ease, with perhaps even a few quieter moments thrown in for good measure. Sound charming? It gets better.

SAGITTARIUS POWER CARD: Temperance Strive for enlightenment. Expand your horizons, both on the physical plane and the spiritual. Aim high, but remain grounded.

On December 2nd, Jupiter enters Capricorn and nests there for one calendar cycle. If you’ve been stirring a cauldron of ideas over the past year, or toiling over their manifestation, the stars now align to gift you with the endurance and self-discipline needed to reach your grail (holy or otherwise) within the coming twelve months. I tend to always see things in terms of creative projects, because they are what continually drive me, but of course this can apply to any place in your world. One thing about Jupiter that you must understand, Darlings, because astrology is never black-and-white: though it is the bringer of luck and abundance, Jupiter’s biggest force is that of expansion. This is generally seen as a positive thing, but, just as with magick, what you focus on grows. So, if you are moving forward in a way that is beneficial, you will see fertile development and success in that area. If, however, you are coming from a place of negativity, ego, or fear, that is what will expand – and those vibes always come back to bite. Whatever you are after, come at it from a place of love. Love is the biggest energy in the room, every single time.

Adding yet another layer to this delectable torte is Mercury moving into Sagittarius on December 9th, and with it a rush of optimism and confidence to give you even more sparkle. This alignment helps your plans along very nicely, and can bring-picture success, particularly with communication – a welcome breath after a crunchy retrograde last month. This brings us to a Full Cold Moon in Gemini on the 12th (12:12am EST,) where once again, our Silver Lady is void-of-course at fullness, so cast your spells the night before – you will still have Gemini energy available, along with lively lunar potency. Gemini Moons have an extroverted friendliness to them, so paired with the celebratory nature of any Full Moon, this one is primed for socializing, and can be particularly flirtatious! You will find the energy quick witted, funny, open minded, and excellent for sharing ideas. Whether working magick within a group or alone, this Moon responds well to sound, be it music, nature, or simply voices – a power boost to enhance your casting, yes, but also a protection from city sounds, noisy neighbors, and the like.  A culmination of a dual aspect of something may appear, so be prepared to move forward with the more sanguine side of things, leaving behind what is no longer serving your higher purpose. Bittersweet? Possibly. Necessary? You know it is.

And there’s more. December 19th hosts a Mars/Scorpio/Saturn/Capricorn soiree that sounds daunting, but is actually quite auspicious! This combination will ignite your determination in the form of very concentrated energy combined with the stamina you need to do what is most dear to your heart. See what I mean about this month? Everywhere you turn, the cosmos are there, supporting your biggest, most important goals! Take care not to waste such a stellar embrace by getting bogged down with seasonal stressors – they are simply not worthy of your focus. Do what you must, but keep it uncomplicated. And speaking of simplicity, take time to savor the sheer gorgeousness of Winter Solstice, kissing us with candlelight on December 21st as a reminder of the beauty all around us. Take pause to get outdoors and drink in nature, and all the inner peace she instills.  She has a way of softening even the edgiest of situations, as can often arise during the bustle of trying to be everywhere and everything at once.

I’ve conjured an absolutely luscious Yuletide treat for you, one that beautifies and strengthens with pure love and joy. Enjoy it knowing you are feeding your spirit and your beauty, inside and out. And do feel free to make many for visiting or hostessing – it’s a fantastic foil for sugary treats that deplete your skin, sap your energy, and bloat your belly. Why slave over the ordinary if you can make magick instead?

Bijoux Parfait
Beauty Bite
Per serving

1 cup cashew or almond yogurt, unsweetened
1 tablespoon pomegranate juice
½ cup pomegranate seeds
½ cup raspberries
1-1/2 tablespoons chia seeds
Seeds of one vanilla bean, or 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
1-2 drops food grade peppermint essential oil
Stevia to taste

In a small bowl, combine the yogurt with vanilla and one drop of mint. Mix in one packet of stevia, stir, and taste. Adjust mint and sweetening if desired. Set aside. In a separate bowl, mash pomegranate seeds and raspberries with a pestle until fairly smooth. Add chia seeds, pomegranate juice, and one packet of stevia (or more if you like,) whisk until blended, and set. In another five minutes, whisk again to ensure that it is smooth. Allow 10-15 minutes for the chia to set, though you can leave it longer. Fetch a gorgeous glass, spoon in the yogurt, then add the chia mixture and swirl it around. Top with a heap of pomegranate seeds for a bewitchingly bejeweled presentation!

What we have here, my precious gems, is an adult pleasure: A creamy smooth delight that glides down your throat with an unexpected burst of tart juiciness, followed by a cool mint finale. I love this for a sexy dessert, but even more so as a very sensual way to breakfast. But do enjoy the moment, whenever it strikes, knowing that you are feeding your hair, skin, nails, and entire being with beauty and magick that you have conjured – with your intention, feeling, visualization, and passion!

Pomegranate With fire and Mercury at the helm, pomegranates are great bringers of money, while their abundance of juicy seeds denote their creative and fertility magick. They symbolize the blood of life, and therefore have a special place in youthful beauty potions, both internal and topical. Indeed, they help strengthen the proteins that form collagen and elastin, and are rich in fatty acids that lock moisture in and keep debris out. Rich in vitamin C, they help to stimulate collagen and can lighten age spots. 

Raspberry Loaded with antioxidants and vitamin E, raspberry prevents the destruction of skin cells, wards off premature aging, and helps to maintain water balance in skin. It is healing to eczema and psoriasis, and protects against UV damage. Ruled by Venus and water, it brings forth happiness, love, and protection.

Chia Easily digested, chia is a complete protein designed to hydrate. It is rich in omega fatty acids, fiber, and minerals, making it an excellent staple to your beauty food diet. When you choose the black seeds, you are taking in pure Jing energy! 

Vanilla This delightful vine wafts in sensually by way of Venus, heavy on the love and sexual magick. It’s heady aroma and flavor intoxicates, and its aphrodisiac powers are legendary. Vanilla is also rich in copper, which helps to promote collagen and elastic production. It soothes, protects from environmental stresses, and carries an enchanted scent.

Peppermint Cool peppermint is actually ruled by fire, and as such is a potent love and lust herb. It is also used in healing potions a way to promote sleep and open your third eye. Peppermint is a fantastic digestive, freshens breath, clears sinuses, and gives a boost of energy – what a fantastic addition to your everyday culinary herb retinue!

Beauty Witch Secret: The chia mixture can easily be adapted with different fruits to adorn many a magickal nibble, used as you would a preserve. In fact, preserved foods (like jams and jellies) are ruled by Capricorn, in time to store prized fruits for a long Winter. What’s the connection? Read on.

It so happens that the Sun enters Capricorn on the Winter Solstice, carefully placing us back onto the now-barren soil of Winter. We settle firmly into the determined energy of the Goat, ready to achieve with all our might, safe in the knowledge that there is a sure-footedness present. The Goat climbs the mountain steadily and assuredly, striving to keep going, with the ultimate aim of reaching new heights. This is brilliant energy as we take in all that December is showing us, guiding us to achieve though effort sustained over time. Think of it this way: Capricorn is really the stealth business person of the zodiac, strategic and calculated, with more than a little bit of ambition. Of course, there is the shadow side, my Loves – be careful not to step on anyone as you climb higher. Success at any cost will ultimately cost you something. But stay on the high road, and you’re guaranteed to reach the top.

Our magickal month draws to a lovely close with a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on December 26th (12:13am EST,) where the Sun and Moon are aligned with none other than Jupiter! A friendly aspect to Uranus ensures an unexpected gift of good fortune, excitement, and happy change. Eclipses super-charge their Moons, so whatever magick you work, it will be particularly potent. It will also take six months to fully manifest – be patient. The vibration of the eclipse will also be present for the next six months, though its message may take a few weeks to appear. One thing to be aware of: with the magnification of Jupiter, take care not to overdo it, be it energetically or by way of holiday feasting. And watch that ambition – you could come off as overbearing.

I have just the potion! Using the comely magickal helpers from Yule, why not concoct an amazing facial treatment that rejuvenates your skin as you relax, just in time for champagne-sipping fêtes? Banish any signs of stress that may have crept up on your countenance without you even realizing it, and feed your face with something so much better than cookies. This one is stunning throughout all of Winter, whenever you need to revitalize a dull complexion.

(It even helps a dreary spirit.)

Gemme Rouge
Facial Masque
1-2 treatments

1 tablespoon pomegranate seeds
1 tablespoon cashew or almond yogurt, unsweetened
1 teaspoon pomegranate juice

This one is almost too easy to concoct: simply mash pomegranate seeds with a pestle, add the yogurt and juice, and mix well in a clockwise direction. Massage into to a cleansed face, then apply another layer. Let it sit 20 minutes. Remove gently first with a wet face cloth, followed by a good rinse. Pat dry, and apply your beauty oils.

Beauty Witch Secret:  The pomegranate is so powerful in its abundance magick that it was actually used in ancient Egypt as money. Keep that in mind as you conjure.

Last, but never least, December 27th kisses us with the birth of beloved Freya, Norse goddess of beauty, love, sex and prophecy. Raise your glass and give her a wink!

Love and Stardust,
Xo Alise

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