The fragrant warmth of June caresses our shoulders, and touches our faces with soft dappled solar kisses, as juicy and voluptuous as biting into a ripe berry along the Mediterranean coast. Dip your toes in, mignonettes, but don’t forget your sunscreen. This is literal advice, yes, but also I am taking a bit of metaphorical license here: this hedonistic month is rich with beauty and pleasure, but we can get burned if we aren’t careful. But you know I’d never suggest you play it safe. I would always, however, advise you play it smart.

As June flutters in with her Gemini sparkle, energized by the New Moon at the end of last month, there is a distinct hum all around, like the flicker of a butterfly’s wing. With The Twins everywhere this month, this buzz will be in the air throughout. And what fun! Gemini energy is light, bright, flirty, and clever – what better time to get out in the Sun and enjoy yourself?

GEMINI POWER CARD: The Lovers Soul connections. Choices. Balancing of opposites to create wholeness. Honest communication. From the Crowley Thoth Deck.
GEMINI POWER CARD: The Lovers Soul connections. Choices. Balancing of opposites to create wholeness. Honest communication. From the Crowley Thoth Deck.

Gemini’s ruler, Mercury, is now stationed direct, and heads home to the sign of The Twins on June 13th, adding to the mental confetti of now, gifting us with witty, strong communication. Expect whatever was stagnating to move now, and along with it a positively mad desire to socialize. This would be a fabulous time to plan a little getaway! Mercury rules short-distance travel, and has a tendency to change his mind, so an impromptu escape, or even a last-minute date with a friend will be invigorating. Whatever you do, it will be lively, chatty, and effervescent. Just watch the gossip. That’s never a sexy thing.

You’ll need to maximize your fun this month, because we do have a few potential planetary thorns in our sides. The Full Mead Moon in Sagittarius on June 14th (7:52am EST) is indeed a complex one: the Silver Lady in the sign of the Archer is classically optimistic, outgoing, and enthusiastic, with a very direct energy. However, with an uncomfortable aspect to Neptune, there is a great potential for confusion, particularly within relationships, with a heavy dose of denial in the mix. Something is not being revealed. It’s as if we are attempting to see clearly, yet our windscreen has become fogged. Fortunately, this fuzziness won’t last. Saturn comes to the rescue rather quickly, cuts through the proverbial merde, and make sense of it all. Once things become clear again, you may find you’ve had an epiphany concerning someone, and, in truth, you won’t be able to go backwards. Once you’ve glimpsed what needed illumination, you will have some decisions to make. Consider, too, what you’ve put in motion over the past six months, where your focus has been, and see what has come to life. You may be pleasantly surprised.

It will be especially important during this lunation to pay attention to your health, and in a broader sense than you may think. This would be a good time to ponder the realities of what you are putting into your body, and where it comes from. Unnaturally produced nourishment causes harm, not only to your body (both energetic and physical) but also to our Mother Earth. Food that is somehow “forced,” be it by genetic modification or by unnatural farming practices, is an affront to nature herself. And that’s not a great way to approach magic. And it certainly has no beauty to it.

To ease you through, I’ve conjured a Full Moon ritual bath for sensual soothing, sybaritic soaking, and sublime sorcery: center stage is the deliriously gorgeous lilac, so abundant right now, and only too willing to share both her magic and her intoxicating perfume. She is protective, above all, but has a few other little mysteries about her that you may find of interest.

Though she is abundant now, Lilac first makes her presence known in early Spring, and thus is associated with new life, renewal, and the promise of budding romance. In Greek legend, she was the form taken by a nymph that Pan fell hopelessly in love with, to throw him off the trail – though it is hard to imagine not noticing these luscious blooms! For this petit rituel, I love to scatter the blossoms abundantly in the creamy water, and keep the rest of the bouquet right where I can see her. It is impossible not to feel joy in her company.

Bain de Nymphe

Bath Soak
Conjures one treatment

2 cups unsweetened almond milk
1 cup lilac blossoms
1 stalk lemongrass, chopped
3 star anise, pods
1 pinch saffron

First, lightly crush the star anise with a pestle or the back of a flat butter knife, just enough to release the scented magic inside. Then, gather the lemongrass and saffron, add them to the star anise, and place them inside an unbleached cotton tea sachet. These are readily available in health food shops and online, though…if you wanted to make it extra glamorous, wrapping it all up inside a bit of lacy fabric is a sexy way to go, secured with a fetching ribbon. You can either affix the sachet to the faucet spout, allowing the water to run through it, or toss it into the water – your choice. Run a very warm bath, and when it is ready, pour the almond milk in (you can warm the milk first, too, for a particulary nice touch) and sprinkle the lilacs. As you create your bath, and as you submerge, be entirely present with your own power. Feel it rising. Tap into the strength it embodies, and draw that into you. Rest a while in these healing waters, allowing your creative visions to appear. When you are ready, rise. Now you can handle anything.

Almond  This Gemini-ruled treasure is both soothing and nutritive, almond softens and heals skin with natural vitamin E, which has the ability to regenerate cells and repair damaged skin. It also carries the magic of healing energy.

Lemongrass Mercurial lemongrass heightens your psychic senses, which are already at home in the bath, so allow airy intellect to entwine with intuition, and you’ll have it made. This freshly fragrant stalk is high in antioxidants, reduces swelling, and has an uplifting energy.

 Star Anise This shining star provides antibacterial cleansing, pore reducing, and skin tightening benefits while minimizing the appearance of fine lines. It also offers protection and youthfulness magick, and all good things Sagittarius.

Saffron These sensual, solar threads gift us with their heady aroma, depth of flavor, and lots of bright, sunny happiness magick. Rich in manganese, saffron promotes glowing skin, along with boosting immunity and easing digestion. They also impart considerable strength that belies their delicate appearance.

Beauty Witch Secret: Guess what luxe libation is ruled by The Archer? You guessed it. Pour a coupe of your fave champagne (or a sparkling water doused with white grape juice, if you prefer) and settle in for a gloriously glamorous soak.

Ah, but June also gifts us with the delicious divinity of the Summer Solstice! Midsummer is such a gorgeous time, full of voluptuous pleasures and dizzy with the eroticism of the season. It is to be savoured, mes chéris, with every honeyed drop, for as with all great flings, it is as sublime as it is fleeting. As you ponder what you’ve worked so hard to accomplish, particularly in these trying times, do enjoy the spoils. The harvest is so much sweeter when you’ve done so much work, yes? In case you need a little nudge, our fair Venus twirls into Gemini on June 22nd, propelling you out onto the dancefloor. If she were coquettish to begin with, she is now an unabashed flirt. You can’t entirely shake off the Full Moon revelations – nor should you – but you can certainly let off a little steam! Even introverts will find themselves drawn to lively conversation, and the most staunch will become a bit, dare I say, playful? Though, this is not a time for serious commitment by any stretch of the imagination. Whatever shiny objects catch your eye right now are destined to become less lustrous rather quickly, so don’t take anything too seriously. Just have fun. And, if you find yourself chatting endlessly, remember to give someone else a chance to get a word in edgewise. And watch that gossip, again. We’re still in the path of the Full Moon, and those words could bite, even if they are meant in jest, and flippancy could easily turn hurtful.

The New Moon in Cancer on June 28 (10:52pm EST) may find you slipping away from the soirée to nestle in quietly at home for a bit of rejuvenation. This will actually feel fabulous after such a social month, like a great cat nap after a long day at the beach. Take this time to stretch, relax, and revive yourself in body and spirit. Cancer Moons have an inherent moodiness, and this one is slightly irritated by Jupiter in Aries, which is just too strong an energy for the Crab, however, is also a very inspiring energy. This, of course, would be a beautiful time to focus attentions on family, furry ones, and improving your home environment. This Moon is actually quite fertile, so, depending on your preferences, it is either an auspicious time to conceive…or…be especially careful not to.

Why not lounge about and enjoy a midsummer’s eve beauty cocktail while you indulge in your most beloved beauty rituals? I honestly cannot think of a better way to recharge your batteries, especially if you plan on making some New Moon magic. Enjoy the creamy, subtly sweet, effortlessly cooling delights of this gorgeous Summer sip, gleeful in the knowledge that you are feeding your beauty, and your magic, inside and out.

Sensual Summer

Beauty Cocktail
Conjures two libations

 1 cup cantaloupe, diced
½ cup cucumber, chopped
3 tablespoons fresh mint leaves, chopped
½” piece of lemongrass
2 tablespoons vanilla extract
¼ cup water

Simply combine all ingredients in a bullet-style vortex blender, and pulse until very smooth. I’ve said this before, but any lesser blender design just will not break down plant matter completely, so they are entirely worth the investment (particularly with leafy greens, though we are not using them here today.) This will have a frothy, slightly velvety finished consistency, but if allowed to sit may need to be shaken or stirred.

Be in the moment with making this beverage, mes amis, and really connect with the beautiful gifts of the earth and this luscious, rewarding season. Be especially thankful for your home. If it needs improvements, now would be a good time to imagine what those might be, and how they can be implemented. What planning needs to happen? What does that look like? More importantly even, how does it feel? Resolve to take action over the coming months, and you will be glad you did.

Cantaloupe Moony melons have been consumed since 2000 B.C. for healing, love, and purification. Also known as “musk melon,” cantaloupe is a fantastic source of beta-carotene, which boots our immune systems, strengthens our eyes, and keeps skin glowing with the fresh life of cellular regeneration. Lush with water, fiber, vitamin C, and minerals, this Summer beauty softens fine lines, increases elasticity, heals blemishes, and imparts moisture.

Cucumber More lunar, peace-loving healing comes from refreshing cucumbers. When consumed, they promote good digestion, ease water retention, and hydrate while kissing you with vitamin C and antioxidants.

Mint Mercury-ruled mint brings abundance, healing, protection, and a little lust (!) alongside calcium, vitamins, minerals, and anti-inflammatory powers.

Vanilla One of my signature ingredients will always be this gorgeous, lusty, Venusian vine. Heavenly scented, vanilla is rich in copper to promote collagen and elastin production and has noted aphrodisiac powers.

Beauty Witch Secret:  Add a splash or more of coconut milk to easily make this into a smoothie, or a splash of spirts for a more celebratory version. Sparkling water, of course, can be added for a lift sans booze, should you desire.


And here I shall take my leave, mes amours. I do love Summer!

There are adventures to be had…

Love and Stardust,

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