Your home is a part of you. It’s your refuge from the world, a place to keep everything that’s most important. It’s also your base camp from which to start every exploration.

So it should make you feel safe and comfortable; it needs to soothe your soul and bring you joy. To do all that, your home must express your spirit—and your aspirations—as authentically as possible.

You can make every part of your home into a sacred space that enhances positivity, relaxation, productivity, joy, or creativity. Bringing in these energies is a beautiful act of creation and a constant journey—which means your home is not going to stay exactly the same forever.

As you create or re-create your space to reflect who you are now and the person you want to become, you may feel the need to shed belongings or to give it all a thorough cleaning.  You might create an altar space for meditation and inspiration, or redo a big area with a fresh design. Small changes, such as different colors or fabrics, can make an interior feel entirely new, as can the addition or subtraction of one or two key objects.

How do you begin to revamp what might be years’ worth of home design to create the sanctuary that your best self needs and deserves? Below are some suggestions.


As we grow into our authentic selves, we feel the need to shed our pasts and re-emerge like the phoenix from the ashes. This step is about cleansing yourself of some possessions. You don’t have to start with anything big. You might get rid of food that

is out of date in your cupboard, or socks with holes in them, or photographs from an old relationship.

If you decide to shed some still useful items such as clothes, kitchen equipment, a perfume you don’t like, or a book you’ll never need, consider donating them or gifting them to a friend. When I have finished with a book I know I won’t read again,

I wrap it in ribbon before passing it on to somebody I know will love it, with a little note saying, “Thank you for being an

amazing friend,” or something similar. Then I get the experience of passing on joy as well as cleansing myself of something that no longer serves me.

Keep in mind that getting rid of old possessions can spark panic or upset for some people. Sometimes we hold on to things for fear of who we are without them, or for fear of losing our memories, or because we might need them one day. If this is you, then maybe you could spread the decluttering over a few days, or meditate on what you may need to get rid of, or perhaps put things into storage instead of saying goodbye to them entirely. You can decide how many items to purge; I recommend at least five, but if just one feels right and good to you, then stick that. This experience should be nothing but positive.

When you have done any decluttering, reward yourself with a nice cup of tea or a bath. Think about how you are cleansing not just your home but your energy too. Honor the fact that you now have created room for new beauty and joy.

Perform Sacred Cleansing

Brooms aren’t just for flying! House witchery, a practice that has been going on for centuries, is another aspect of creating your home as a sacred space. It is where the idea of “cleansing energy” comes from.

The next time you clean, try really doing it with intention. Do it with the knowledge that you are changing the energy of your space and scouring away negatives: Dirt, grime, and all the rest of it are just parts of the past you don’t need. Do it because you love and are grateful for your home. Don’t do it with negativity, out of grudging necessity to achieve the bare minimum (though sometimes that’s plenty!). This time, do it with positivity. When you clean with the intention of love, gratitude, and positive energy, you not only change the experience but make cleaning into a sacred ritual.

One way I like to infuse cleansing with joy and love is by choosing or making cleaning products that I love and that are good for the environment. There are many recipes to be found on Pinterest or cleaning blogs (I recommend BrocanteHome, my favorite home-based blog, which I’ve been reading for more than a decade now). When you use products that you love or that simply smell great, you will naturally enjoy cleaning more and be more inclined to do it. I’ve also recently gotten into listening to podcasts while I clean. (My current faves are Katherine Ryan and Cara Alwill.)

Go to a shop and browse the cleaning aisle for a product that speaks to your soul with its beautiful smell or gorgeous packaging. Then go home and use it—with intention, love, and the knowledge that you are changing the energy of your home

Create an Altar

You can establish an altar anywhere in your home, on any surface. You may have several, as I do, with different purposes: one for calmness and sleep, one for creativity, one for divine connections. Design your altar with intention and positivity, using whatever nurtures your most sacred intentions.

Start by choosing a space that feels right. This could be on top of a set of drawers, on a windowsill, on a bedside table. Next, tidy and wipe down the area, focusing on cleansing the energy of the space. Then have a little stroll around the house and garden to see if there is anything that you already have that you can put on your altar. You might use plants or flowers, crystals, deity statues, photos, candles, incense. For example, if you want a money-manifestation altar, you could set down coins, along with a note with the amount you wish to manifest.

Don’t overthink it. The main goal should be finding things that represent the intention of the altar space; everything is there to enhance the energy. Once your altar is set up, light a candle and focus your intention briefly before getting on with your day. Every day, or whenever you can, tend to your altar: Throw away any dead flowers, clean it, light the candle, and refocus on the intention. If you have multiple altars, then make cleaning them a part of your morning ritual.

When you see your home as a sacred space and sanctuary, your relationship to it changes. If you follow this guide for few days, or a week, or a month, you will find that when you love your home, your home loves you back. It nurtures you. How you treat your space is part of a reciprocal relationship—most definitely one of the most important relationships in your life. By creating a sanctuary at home, you will see that the effects of these practices begin to infiltrate all areas of your life. You will feel brighter, energized, loved, and grateful.


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