The famously sweet, verdant fragrance that is May greets us at the very moment we have gone beyond the point of stir-crazy. This year, in particular, it has a heightened significance for so many who have felt caged of late. Windows open, sun shining, birds aflutter, and blossoms all around: she couldn’t have appeared at a more felicitous moment! As the energetic Aries Sun segued into rooted Taurus late last month, communicative Mercury also arrived in the sign of the Bull, with momentum and fire settling into a more grounded vibration of permanence, sensually culminating in a glorious Beltane eve. This potent, pleasurable energy of pleasure and fertility escorts us into this month, and I say embrace it! We’ve all been through more than our share of anxiety, fear, and uncertainty, so let’s put that down, even just for a moment, yes? Humor me here. I daresay this period of extended isolation has been an opportunity to take a look not only inside yourself, but at your immediate surroundings, and re-evaluate what you really want and, more importantly, what you need. By tossing that inner wisdom into the cauldron, sprinkled with the fleshiness of the moment, you will concoct a most delightful brew.

TAURUS POWER CARD, The Hierophant: Seek divine wisdom. You will find strength through endurance, persistence, and inspiration.
TAURUS POWER CARD, The Hierophant: Seek divine wisdom. You will find strength through endurance, persistence, and inspiration.

And where to find that inspiration? All around, mes amours. Vernal delights are everywhere, exploding like a fountain! Arrive at the first of May with flowers in your hair, and let yourself get whisked away by the heady dance of the Bel-fire! Remember that Beltane is a fertility ceremony, and allow all that is creation within you to flow – this world needs your art, your love, your unique beauty now more than ever.

This glorious vibration literally twirls us into our Full Hare Moon on May 7 (6:45 am EST) in none other than lusty Scorpio. Since la lune reaches her peak early in the morning, plan to work her magick the night before – and she is abundant with occult energy! This is the great Moon of transformation, heralding the eclipse season to come, and a time of fruitful regeneration. As a Full Moon, we see the culmination of energies put forth last October when the New Moon was in the sign of the Scorpion. Now, to clarify: there is a great deal of misunderstanding surrounding the concept of “release” during a Full Moon. It refers to a release of power out into the cosmos, and into the world: your wishes, prayers, dreams, and most importantly, action on the physical plane to support their manifestation. This is not to be confused with purging or letting go in the way you would during a Waning Moon. Rather, it is to set free the energies that have built up in your conjuring so that they may fully materialize. This Moon, prepare to unleash the energy of change out into the world.

I’ve concocted a brew to help you in this transition, which can be scary and strange, but nonetheless exhilarating. This one is just pure heaven to sip – charged with powerful love and beauty magick, a dash of lust, and a heaping dose of Spring’s promise, it lilts upon a base of this month’s Triple Goddess of ingredients:

Rose Always the High Priestess of beauty and love, ravishing rose lends her exquisitely potent anti-aging powers to any blend, along with her Venusian magick. Her scent and flavor alone takes you to an enchanted realm – I recommend rose every day, in any form possible, for supreme beauty benefits of cellular renewal, hydration, protection, and wrinkle fighting.

Vanilla This passionate, sinuous vine is another beloved beautifier – rich in copper, it promotes collagen and elastin production while soothing skin. The tiny black seeds hold potent life force energy (Jing) which boost its natural love and lust magick.

Bergamot Exuberant bergamot brings major money magick along with its warm, floral-citrus scent and flavor. It acts as an all-around soother for both the body and skin, balancing oiliness and easing discomforts.

Joining the cast are chamomile and cardamom, a darling combination of tummy-soothers that excel at both calming and heating things up! Together, they clear negativity while attracting money and amour.

Flower Kiss

Witches Brew

Per teapot

 6 cups pure spring water
1 tablespoon rose petals
1 tablespoon chamomile flowers
Seeds of one vanilla bean
3 cardamom pods, crushed lightly
3 drops therapeutic-grade bergamot oil*

*Please never ingest a lesser-quality essential oil created for scent only. There are many companies online who create only the highest grade, sustainably grown, well-harvested essential oils.

Begin by selecting a gorgeous 6-cup teapot. If yours differs in size, simply add a bit more or less of the ingredients to your liking. Brew water just to piping hot, but not boiling. As your water heats, add each ingredient – minus the bergamot oil -to the teapot, one at a time, connecting with their energies as you whisper your wishes to them. Tell them how fabulous they are – they’ll appreciate that! Keep a strong visual of transformation as the feeling of this manifestation flows through your every cell. Ask for inner wisdom and a reminder to stay connected to the sensual pleasures of life during this renewal process. When the water is ready, pour it over the herbs in the teapot. Drop in the bergamot oil, and blend clockwise with your fave magick kitchen “wand” – a spoon devoted to concocting (or an actual wand!) Let the brew steep for 3-5 minutes. Pour into a ritual cup that you love, sip, and enjoy. You can also use some on your altar, and if you did use an actual wand to stir the brew, cast it to the heavens!

This blend is layered and divine, with a sybarite’s spell of petals, rinds, sweetness and a dash of spice that bewitches from a bed of creamy vanilla. I don’t have to tell you how delicious it is, and how equally well it works iced. You will want to enjoy it over and over again, like a favorite vintage film.

Beauty Witch Secret: It never hurts to have Ganesha, cherished Hindu god of good luck, by your side. The great remover of obstacles can guide you with divine wisdom as you develop your artistic pursuits. He loves sweets, so perhaps offer him a bit of your brew, alongside a bite of dark chocolate, and thank him for his benevolent grace.

You must know, mes chéries, a little something about this month: our dear planet Venus goes retrograde on May 13th. But do not fear! This need not translate into love or financial disaster (please, no fretting) but rather an opportunity to do the same “re” that we would during a Mercury retrograde. True, since Venus is an inner planet, we do feel her day-to-day impact quite profoundly, but all the better to bask in her wisdom as she transits relatively quickly. This is a fairly brief, but grand spell of time to review our finances, and indeed our relationships. Greater intuitive prowess is available right now with reverence to the heart – we can forgive, and even heal old wounds right now. This means we can pardon not only others that we feel have in some way wronged us, but also ourselves. This applies in particular to mistakes we feel we have made in love or money. Then we are cleared to make much better choices from here on. This is the gift of the Venus retrograde. It only occurs approximately every eighteen months, so use it well! I will however, strongly advise you not to make hard decisions now regarding either amour or finances. I also would give you a resolute “no” to any changes in your appearance, investments in beauty (or otherwise) or taking big risks in either arena.

May also gives us retrogrades in Jupiter and Saturn, which will complicate things a bit further. Both planets go direct again mid-to-late September, so we have essentially a full Summer of rethinking, with regards to your current paths in life as well as existing structures and boundaries. This can mean in any area, including relationships, though your work life will certainly benefit from this opportunity for reevaluation. But not to worry, all this review only makes us stronger as we forge ahead later in the year. The key, as always, is to work with the energies present and utilize them for our greatest good.

We wind down this lush month with a New Moon in Gemini on May 22nd (1:39pm EST) which sprinkles us with a lightness of being so welcome right now! Life will feel brighter, more buoyant, and more social. Whatever phase of easing-out-of-lockdown we may or may not find ourselves in, the vibe will feel easier, more communicative, and infinitely curious. It would be a stellar time to acquire new information, perhaps via an online workshop or class!

To help you shake off weighty old vibes, and clear the path for lighter ones, I’ve conjured a sexy body treatment that will leave you feeling like a feather! Your skin will glow with the renewed vitality of Beauty Witch magick.

Plume Rose

Body Exfoliant

 Per treatment

1 cup pink Himalayan sea salt
1 tablespoon grapeseed oil
Seeds of ½ vanilla bean
6 drops rose absolute
3 drops bergamot oil

In a beautiful bowl, combine all ingredients one at a time, and stir in a clockwise direction. As you concoct, feel and see light, sparkly air coming in through your window, swirling around you and lifting you up with a tingly feeling all over, like champagne bubbles for the spirit! Breathe in its effervescence as it escorts you to the shower, where you will massage it in circular motions onto lightly dampened skin. Rake your fingers across your skin in the direction of the heart, and hold its magick close. When you are ready, rinse well, and pat dry. You will not require additional moisture (though it never hurts!)

Aiding and abetting our Tripe Goddess this month, are grapeseed oil and Himalayan pink salt, entwined here for detoxifying old energies, sloughing away dead surface cells, and feeding skin with moisturizing nutrients. You are going to feel fabulous.

Beauty Witch Secret: Spellbound exfoliants double as delicious bath soaks! Just save a bit for your next bath, or exfoliate just before soaking – the potion on your skin will melt into the water, surrounding you with its charms.

May you hold Spring flowers and abundant sunshine in your heart and in your smile, now and always.

Love and Stardust,

Xo Alise

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Alise Marie is the author of The Beauty Witch's Secrets: Recipes and Rituals For The The Modern Goddess, contributor at Enchanted Living, and creative director at The Beauty Witch®. Visit her at for eco-luxe potions, planetary readings, and seasonal offerings, and on Instagram @thebeautywitchofficial.