Invitations to enchant this darker part of the year come from our friends at Moon Feather Hollow. They are on a mission to bring magic to your mailboxes!

Imagine, each month, as you sit down with a cup of tea and eagerly open your envelope from Moon Feather Hollow, you’re transported from your everyday life into a world brimming with whimsical creativity and seasonal wisdom. Let your inner child run wild as you explore the wonders of each envelope. 

A bonus Magical Moon Mail gift announcement will be included with every order placed by December 10th! The picture below includes some but not all of the contents. They’re keeping some of it a surprise.

Tune into messages through your intuition as you read stories of lunar lore and play with original moon-themed ephemera. Each includes some kind of quest or invitation to engage your creativity and imagination, plus small delights and surprises! Here’s a peak at one on the theme of Raven Witch Moon:

Start with a first quarter subscription and see if you love it. Explore the lunar themes of Sparkling Snow, Hearts & Hygge and Unfurling Fern in the first months of 2024.

Epiphany Oracle Quests are inspired by the medieval tradition of forecasting Omen Days. Since various calendars around the world did not match up there are days out of time at the end of the year. With 13 envelopes, you might enjoy the practice of opening one per day. Each could be an omen for a specific month in the coming year. Other’s have enjoyed opening them once per month on a new or full moon.

Inside each of 13 envelopes (plus a few delightful surprises), you will find an omen-seeking prompt, an oracle card, a tangible object chosen to engage your senses, and a few bits of ephemera. Every prompt opens the channel for a unique message just for you and becomes a guided practice in the art of divination. These can be ordered through December 10th.

The Dreamoire of Moonlit Alchemy is a creative tool and guided journal. As a gentle reminder to notice magical moments, it also makes a great gift! Weaving the subtle but potent power of the moon’s natural waxing and waning energies into your daily lives activates the magic within and connects you with the mysteries beyond.

And, it’s not too late to join Moon Feather Hollow in a digital journey of Holiday Hygge! They’ve pulled out the Snow Queen & Holly King’s trunk full of decorations, correspondence, books, notes and oddities to sprinkle throughout December to sparkle up your scrolling! Joyful emails with clippings and writings of facts, traditions and tidbits from many different times and traditions pair perfectly with your favorite snuggle spot and hot beverage.

How lovely is that? Sigh.

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