So we hope you’re having a gorgeous Friday and we hope to make it more gorgeous with some exciting news. Those of you who subscribe to Faerie Magazine and love what we do every season know that we’re committed to celebrating real-life enchantment in all its forms, from lovely recipes to magical tutorials and beauty and fashion pieces to tips about how to make your home more dazzling, more romantic, more herb-filled and sumptuous. We profile artists and photographers, feature writers like Diana Gabaldon and Alice Hoffman and many others, celebrate poems in every issue that make us see the world through a slightly different, more enchanted lens, and promote a faerie sensibility generally.

We’ve always meant Faerie in the sense of that place in which everything is enchanted, that realm that encompasses beauty and romance, fairy tale and folklore and myth. The New York Times even described us as “It’s as though Martha Stewart Living and Edmund Spenser’s ‘‘The Faerie Queene’’ had a magazine baby.” But very often people think that Faerie Magazine is a magazine exclusively about fairies, and those of you who read us every quarter know this is not the case; we love everyday magic of all types!

So we’re changing our name to something that aligns a bit better with the vision we’ve always had and continue to have for the magazine. Starting with our special winter celestial-themed issue, we’ll be called Enchanted LivingOur content, our dedication to loveliness in all its forms, and even our love for those winged creatures that glimmer in the forests, will stay exactly the same. We just hope that this naming will bring even more people into our faerie fold as we continue to spread enchantment in all its forms.

Here’s a little sneak peek at our next cover, at least the top of it:

Enchanted Living  Faerie Magazine

What do you think? (We can’t wait to show you the rest of this stunning cover by Steve Parke, by the way!)

Our calendar remains the same, as we plan this issue full of starry delights and look forward to our spring Into the Forest issue, our summer Art Nouveau issue, and another witch issue next autumn! And we will slowly change the name of our website, our social media feeds, and so on, over the next months.

If you’d like to advertise in this special issue that inaugurates the next era of Faerie Magazine, please email us at advertising@faeriemag.com. And/or if you have any feedback or ideas for us, or just want to express your undying love, please feel free to reach out to info@faeriemag.com!


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