We wanted to tell you about the 2nd Annual Fairy and Human Relations Global Congress, an online event taking place from January 14-16, 2022. A ticket to said Congress makes a great (and safe!) gift, either for one’s self or someone else. Nab them at https://www.fairycongress.com/.

The Congress features ten workshops with leading voices in the field of Nature Communication, along with circle time, small group breakout sessions, ritual and music. There’s also an option to join the online community to continue learning and connecting with ongoing workshops and sharing throughout the year. It’s a beautiful way to connect and find your people.

Here’s some more about this unique and possibly life-changing event:

* Instead of talking ABOUT fairies and nature spirits, the emphasis is on communicating and co-creating WITH the Fae. When participants tap into the joy and bliss that fairies love to share
, they have a more consistent experience of magic in their everyday lives.

* Participants feel the support and inspiration of a joyful community in which they can deepen their experiences.

* People who come to Congress meet new allies, both humans and fairies, to enhance and benefit their lives and the world.

* The creators’ 22 years of experience holding an in-person event have created a powerful foundation of connection across the veil.

* The Congress features leading authors and teachers in the field of nature communication.

* Participants can acquire techniques and insight to deepen their relationship with the world of Nature

* This is where you can find your tribe! Never feel alone again, nourished by the connections forged between the realms.

And here are a few pics of what you might expect:

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