Imagine you’re on a journey through Mirkwood Forest, and you and your companions stumble across a small clearing and find this magical, mossy scene … Here you might take a moment to reflect on the smaller things before continuing on your way.

This table, laid by The Wondersmith, an artist from the Pacific Northwest, evokes that sort of Tolkienesque magic. The Wondersmith creates surprise, curiosity-fueled dinners (or unexpected parties) for unsuspecting guests: strangers that stumble upon invitations in out-of-the-way places. Each meal is full of wild flavors and local ingredients. At the dinner seen here, she highlighted the art of moss-gazing—and had her guests make a point to notice the minute and the tiny, the dramatic landscapes found within the soft carpet of moss underfoot and the diversity of flavors hidden under a decaying log. Everything they dined on (and dined out of) was inspired by the delicate wonders of the forest floor, transformed through the poetry of manipulated ingredients and silica. Just remember, she says, if you’re having trouble seeing the big picture, just look closer.

Learn more about The Wondersmith at thewondersmith.com.

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Miss Wondersmith highlights the beauty of her Pacific Northwest home through her handcrafted glass and ceramic artwork, recipes featuring foraged foods, and carefully curated experiences for strangers (which she gifts through invites hidden in public places!). Visit her online at thewondersmith.com.