What could be more fun than combining two of our most beloved treasures, tea and fairy tales, into a lovely party? Setting teapots and beautiful china laden with sweet treats among vignettes from our favorite childhood fairy stories sets a wonderfully whimsical and magical mood. All ages will enjoy figuring out the clues and delight in sharing memories of their favorite tales over a cuppa.

As with all parties I create, lighting plays a very important role. When outside, drape twinkle lights in the trees and bushes or over fences. They sparkle and delight as well as cast a gentle and magical glow. If you’re inside, consider dimming or turning off all bright lamps or chandeliers and then basking in the glow of twinkle lights strung on the walls or draped on plants or existing lighting fixtures. Line the top of your walls with them, hang them like curtains, trim your furniture with them. However you choose to set them up, the light they cast is worth the effort. I even love to weave battery-operated twinkle lights into the table display. It continues the same ambiance and is especially good when candles may not be an option. Though, as a fan of abundance, I think that twinkle lights and candles together truly create the perfect mood.

Another element of my table displays and indeed any lovely tableau is to create differing heights within the decor. Whether for a buffet or a formal sit-down dinner, arranging your decor on different levels with nooks and crannies will add interest and depth to your table. Cake stands and pedestals work well, or in this instance, beautiful old books—particularly fairy tales—are a wonderful option. The books can help set the theme. If you don’t happen to have stacks of beautiful old books lying about, an easy and affordable option is to go to a local thrift store and buy hardcover books. These are usually no more than a dollar or two each. Take the covers off and use them stacked with the spines turned away from the viewer so the title is not readable. They add height as well as ambiance, and who knows? You might even get lucky and find some fairy tales among the castoffs.

Once you have your table laid out and your levels set, all that’s left is to add your vignettes. Think of the stories you love and the images that stand out in your mind. Make lists of all the things that you can think of for each story and then go on a treasure hunt for everything. You could even make a game of it with your family by rewatching and rereading the stories leading up to the party day. Then go on a scavenger hunt together looking for the items you need for your table.

Once all your decor is set, scatter about the table all the beautiful treats and decadent offerings for your guests.

You, the weaver of magic, have truly created a tale that ends with happily ever after!


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Tricia Saroya
Tricia Saroya is an event designer and artist who’ll travel anywhere with her band of faeries to create a magical event just for you. She just launched a series of DVDs to teach you how to create beautiful professional floral arrangements. Visit Triciafountaine.com and Triciafountaine.blogspot.com.