Karen is a magical beauty expert who spent years working as a model, a stylist and a brow expert in Beverly Hills before embarking on a more spiritual journey and eventually developing her enchanted hair care products, like these below, which you can find on her website https://hairintelligence.info/ along with many additional wonders:

We recently asked Karen some penetrating questions about hair and (of course) the stars and enchantment generally:

Can you tell us why hair is so important? What does it mean to you?
I was inspired to grow my hair as long as I could years ago and in that process I recognized that my hair was energy and that it was giving me more energy. And as it grew down to my knees, I saw that hair has intelligence too. It was actually speaking to me. Then when it grew down to my ankles it felt like another being, like a magical part of my higher self or something. This may sound strange but I learned about hair from my own hair and then did extensive background research in earth science biology and a bit of chemistry.

Once I realized that hair was alive I got really excited; I knew then that it reacts so therefore it can be repaired. And because it’s alive you can work energetically with your hair too! I’ve always been excited by life. When I was a child I remember lying in the grass for hours just imagining all the life forms that live down in the dirt. I’ve always been scientific by nature and had a love and passion for life, animals, trees, etc. I would climb trees and breathe with the trees to regenerate and heal any negative energies. To this day I still sit in trees and I’m 56 years old! ha ha

How did you start doing the work you do?
I started working in a salon and began mastering brows and teaching clients about brows. There, women would come in for treatments every two months or so and pay around $175 each time, and I remember thinking wow. I’ve always wanted more people to be able to get these kinds of treatments, so that helped motivate me.

Also, once I decided to grow my hair long I realized that there was nothing much out there that suited my needs. I wasn’t able to use anything that wasn’t natural on my own hair. I wasn’t able to use chemical products or the higher end products anymore and some of the natural products just weren’t rich enough to really give my hair what it needed. So I decided to make my own products.

Can you tell us about the products you’ve created and how/why you did?
When I began in the early 90s, I’d just start off with one ingredient and make friends with it for like a year. And I did that for about ten years! I tested each ingredient on my hair as I was growing it and ended up using all the ingredients that I felt connected to energetically. So what I developed was really a channeled formula that came through as I made friends with these ingredients. I realized what they were actually doing for me and how I felt energetically. After ten years I was mixing this formula together for my own use and my brow clients kept asking me what I was using on my hair! I started giving clients samples of my formula and they were loving it and they wanted more and more.

As I started fine-tuning my formula, my father passed away. And then I felt him guiding me with this whole process and I started to paint. Suddenly I painted this woman with a blue rose in her hair looking up at this butterfly, which signifies my father, and I decided that I loved the image for the hair treatments. It all made sense to me, since my father was guiding me through the whole process. It was quite a beautiful, spiritual experience actually.

I use all organic vegan biodynamic ingredients because nature and the earth hold the keys to our healing–in our follicles, in our hair, and in our entire body in fact. So you don’t need anything chemical to bring people’s follicles back to life. I chose each and every ingredient for that aliveness and that power to absorb and truly transform people’s hair and the follicles.

How does astrology work with hair, etc?
Over the years as I was meeting with clients and giving them protocols and regimens, I realized I had the ability to read their energy to see what was really going on. I was doing astrology as well. I realized that the planets were channeling through me and I began to actually have relationships with the planets. I got to know them and understand that some of the planets represent our nervous system, our hair, and even some of the soul of the hair. I started adding astrology in for my health and hair clients because different houses in astrology contain whole different keys to our understanding of ourselves. In this way I began helping clients reprogram some of the old stories about their hair and some traumas as well.

Do you have any advice for our readers?
My advice is to love your hair. If you love your hair, your hair will love you back. We are alive beings; only put living things on your hair, only put natural ingredients on your hair.

How do you stay enchanted in your everyday life?
Every day I feel enchanted by meditation and opening up to the collective and the earth and the stars and planets. I still spend a lot of time in nature, communicating with animals and all of life. That is everything for me. Every day I feel lucky to be living on such a beautiful earth! 💙

I do want people to know that I have these amazing products on my website and that I’m experienced at doing hair consults. I can read people and offer real solutions along with products and regimens for health and hair. In this way I can assist with hair growth and help people achieve their hair goals through the lens of astrology, the magic of live organic ingredients, and the deeper truth of hair intelligence. I believe everyone should have this knowledge so they can really understand their hair and what it means for them personally. 💙💙

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