Designing a beautiful environment, one that reflects how unique you are and how you feel most at home, is a deeply personal act. The summer is the perfect time to strip the layers down to their essence—fewer clothes, a brighter palette, lighter textures that dance in a soft summer breeze. It may be easier to see the magic around us in the summer, when the bright sun shines and helps clear the mind. There’s no better time to hone in on our personal witchy style.

“Life itself is magic,” says Ally Sands, author of Plant Magic for the Beginner Witch. “You work with the moon cycles, with the changing seasons, with flowers and herbs—with nature itself. Every single moment is an opportunity to celebrate the magic around us. Making tea becomes a ceremony. Taking a bath becomes a ritual. You appreciate the small things around you so that you can be one with the divine.”

All we need to do is set the scene—and then enjoy it.

Man in the Moon Lamp

Whether your favorite is a full moon, a crescent moon, or a pink moon, you’ll love this handmade Man in the Moon Lamp from the Etsy Wicked World shop in Athens, Georgia. The Man in the Moon orb is cast from resin and is perched on a separate lighted base. You may have a difficult time deciding between this and the Fortune Teller Lamp—just saying.

Here Comes the Sun

Speaking of the moon—and the stars!—these beautiful suncatchers are designed by Ectogasm on Etsy. They are made of silver, with translucent enamel for a stained-glass effect. We especially love the boho Moon Roses Stained Glass Suncatcher and the Eight-Point Star, and we carry the Bat in our Enchanted Living shop.

Witchy Vibes

Tinas This & That, a family-owned witch shop in Toms River, New Jersey, is a kindred spirit, and it even carries your favorite magazine, Enchanted Living! We are loving their candles right now, and to throw some light on the subject, the Emotional Balance Candles—studded with beautiful dried flowers and herbs—have been charged and blessed to rebalance your emotions and help you stay calm when a situation is stressful. The Hecate Spell Candles, inspired by the goddess of witchcraft, the moon, and magic, are rich-looking and perfect for any woman warrior.

Hello, Deer

Handmade in the U.K., the Jewel Wild Deer Pillow is printed on luxe velvet with a filling made from recycled PET bottles and a black cotton velvet back. The image of the wild deer in the forest is one of peace and strength and brings a bit of nature indoors. Trimmings include gold tassels and black pompoms.

The Art of Guinevere von Sneeden

You may have seen the work of Guinevere von Sneeden in these pages and coveted it. Based in Scotland, Von Sneeden lives in a valley in the hills of the Lowlands, which is where she creates beautiful, whimsical watercolors and prints featuring outdoor scenes of spirited women and nature, especially hollyhocks, roses, and larkspur. If you find you must have one of your own—and we totally understand—you can visit her Etsy shop for a lovely selection.

Crescent Moon Wreath

This delicate Summer Moon is made by The Willow and the Vine (a.k.a. Brenna), who creates each unique, one-of-a-kind piece out of a variety of metals, twisted papers, dried flora (most of which she forages and dries herself), gemstones, grapevines, dyed mosses, vintage doilies, and sari silks. She uses found and upcycled materials in her creations and is rumored to dabble in hat making and fairy-wing construction.


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