The timeless, eternally beautiful sorceress slowly removes her dramatic ruby choker, placing it with intention upon a table. Turning away, she walks gingerly to her bed and begins to undergo an extraordinary transformation. The vibrant rouge mane turns to snow white, the supple body changes shape, and the luminous eyes cloud as the exquisite face acquires a new texture. As she lies down with great effort, her true self is revealed: She is, in fact, a very old woman.

But we see her quite differently. Is the magic in the necklace? Perhaps. She is, after all, a very powerful witch. With ancient lineage and skills honed for decades, she is quite capable of enchanting an object through many moons. Or is it her? Does her own inner fire burn so brightly as to alter our perception?

Many cultures claim the origin of glamoury, a form of witchcraft that prompts the world to see the sorceress as she desires to be seen, with reality firmly hidden in shadow. From the old Norse, to the French, Greek, and eventually Celtic, the term has meant “illusion,” “spoken words,” and “enchantment.” It is actually a mélange of all these things, coming together to form a familiar ritual—a spell just like any other, with focus as its ignition, visualization and senses creating form, and passion amplified by cosmic waves raising energy.

One thing ancient witches could all agree upon is that the success of glamour magic depends upon the personal allure or magnetism of the witch performing it. Charisma, from the Greek word meaning “the grace of the gods,” is a mysterious quality that some seem to just naturally possess, but it can really be defined quite simply: Life force. Chi. Vitality. The more energy that is invested in your own wellness, health, and balance, the stronger all your magic will be.

Mind you, glamours aren’t actual physical changes but rather controlled or directed projections. It is a way to put forth certain traits or features that you wish to be seen as dominant, noticeable, so that they become part of the first and lasting impression. Remember that what we focus on gathers strength, so if you are always staring in your mirror obsessing about the size or shape of a feature you don’t like, that feature will become more pronounced to the outside world. By contrast, focusing on what you do like also becomes dominant. It’s up to you. What is it you want others to perceive in you? How do you want others to feel in your company? Glamour is transcendent.

More commonly, we have the practical glamour magic that comes in the form of luscious adornment. Like the sweet fairy godmother who bedecks, bejewels, and beautifies Cinderella in finery, our everyday consorts of makeup, wardrobe, and beauty potions carry considerable sorcery in the confidence-boosting department. They allow us to become a heightened version of ourselves, stepping into character, if you will. The finishing touch of adding mystical bling—our amulets and talismans—certainly can help us feel protected, empowered, and at one with our magical selves, and as such, glamours are often traditionally placed into an object of jewelry. The ritual art of dressing and preparing has a profound effect on how we approach the world around us, and neglecting it can have an equally forceful result, one in which we are dragged down into an abyss of low vibrations.

And, of course, enhancement comes in many forms. In this modern world, all kinds of actual modifications are available, from the relatively tame visits to your colorist to the more drastic measures of a dermatologist or surgeon. Whichever road you choose, it all comes down to this: What makes you feel beautiful, desirable, powerful? How the world perceives you is really in your graceful hands.

Because what, my loves, really gives the witch her magic? Her own strength. How she lives is how she casts her spells. Which brings us inward once again. A healthy, balanced witch wields a million times the firepower of one who is fatigued, filled with stress, and has barely the will to get dressed, let alone raise energy. Of course, we all go there sometimes—but the real magic lies in pulling yourself back up.

I want you to try something. Each morning, reserve five minutes for yourself. (Yes, you have five minutes—steal it from the time you might otherwise be glued to your phone.) After you’ve washed your face, sit down in front of your mirror. If you usually get ready in the bathroom, change it up: Grab a fluffy pillow and settle down in front of a floor mirror, or employ a chair in front of a mirror hanging on the wall. Get into this petite ritual from the new moon to the full moon and see what happens.


You will need:
3-ounce bottle of organic flower water (rose, jasmine, or lavender)
3-ounce colored glass bottle, with cap or cork
2½ ounces pumpkinseed oil
½ ounce pure vitamin E
Rose quartz facial roller

A simple concoction of two oils is delivered deeply into your skin to provide a gorgeous, supple luminosity. Pumpkinseed oil, with its powers of renewing the ravages of summer, is a delightful way to greet autumn: It brilliantly lightens sunspots, increases collagen production, encourages cellular turnover, and deeply nourishes your delicate skin. Vitamin E heals damaged skin, including fine lines and wrinkles, making it one of the most effective oils to add to any potion—and it won’t stress your wallet.

Beauty Witch Secret:If you have never used a crystal facial roller before, prepare for a truly pleasurable ritual! Most rollers are made with jade, which of course has its own invaluable magic, but I particularly like the rose quartz. It has a certain energetic lightness that increases the magic here, as well as the bright, heart-opening love it brings.

Prepare the Potion
Pour the pumpkinseed oil into the empty glass bottle, then carefully add the vitamin E. Swirl it gently eight times clockwise, bringing in the energy of the new moon, the stirring air of autumn, the magic of the witches’ season, and pure love.

Anoint Yourself
Lightly mist your face and neck with the flower water. Pour a small amount of potion—about the size of a quarter—onto your fingertips, rubbing them together to create a warming effect. Lightly apply to your face and neck using a combination of circular and upward strokes to conjure gentle massaging motions. (Don’t forget your earlobes!) Really get into it and enjoy how it feels: Close your eyes and see everyone you meet taking notice of your radiance. This not only feels amazing and begins your day on a beautiful note, but it actually raises the energy needed to get your glamour going.

Conjure Glamour
Look at your face in the mirror. Take three deep breaths and begin to chant:

Everyone see, the light in me

Keep chanting as you take the larger end of the rose quartz roller and, beginning at the base of your neck, roll it in upward strokes to your jawline. Then move upward along your face, rolling each section all the way to the top of your forehead. Use the smaller end of the quartz roller for around your eyes (be gentle!), your nose, above your top lip, and other sensitive areas.

Be Gracious
When you have finished, ground the energy with three more breaths. Take a good look in the mirror and give thanks for your unique beauty, inside and out. Smile. Now there’s a gorgeous witch!

Beauty Witch Secret: Storing the rose quartz facial roller in the freezer amplifies its ability to help de-puff and firm your skin, and it feels fabulous.

You will find that a similar ritual does wonders for the entire body. You can do it as you apply your body oil or as you are getting dressed. And before the mere idea of this exhausts
you, remember that there is no need for pom-poms or loud cheers. A soft, even voice states fact. Should you feel inclined to whisper sweet nothings to yourself, all the better! But if not, just approach your mirror, and your body, with certainty. To amp your wattage even higher, I’ve conjured a few more delights as magical helpers to your glamour workings. One promotes beauty and glow from the inside; the other expertly polishes your outer layer. Both are endowed with the riches of treasured autumnal offerings. Though they fare quite well by themselves, I do recommend enjoying this pair together, beneath the glow of the full moon, as a celebratory and sensual way to top off the glamoury ritual you have just aced!

An age-old witches’ flower of protection, this fall favorite is also a beauty powerhouse. It expertly smooths wrinkles and reduces puffiness while lightening discoloration and redness. Its vitamin A and antioxidant content works both internally and topically, and is found to soothe and calm fears.

Fiery clove protects, brings love, increases abundance, and has been known to banish negativity. It firms, reduces redness, and keeps skin clear with a deliciously spicy scent while internally fighting off illness and increasing circulation.

Velvety sage brings health and longevity, along with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. It strengthens both the immune system and the skeletal structure, and fights the visible signs of aging when used on the skin.

Star Anise
The potent compounds of star anise help reduce fine lines by repairing the skin, firming, and keeping breakouts at bay. Magically, star anise protects, purifies, and restores youth—no necklace needed.

Another autumnal star, the apple is sacred to Freya and Venus, and revered for its ability to give perpetual youth to the ancient gods. Filled with love and beauty magic, apples cleanse and nourish with abundant fiber, vitamins, and minerals, and have natural alpha hydroxy acids that exfoliate both mature and acne-prone skin with aplomb.


Facial Exfoliant and Masque
Per treatment

2 tablespoons ground flaxseed meal
3 tablespoons The Fire Within elixir
3 drops clove essential oil

Adding to the beautifying sorcery of our elixir, flaxseed is a skin-loving delight. Rich in nutrients and good fats, it makes a wonderful gentle exfoliant and feeds vitamins to the skin, leaving it soft, dewy, revitalized, and entirely glowing.

In a small bowl, combine the elixir slowly with the flaxseed meal, stirring clockwise until it becomes a smooth, thin paste. Add in the clove oil, all the while keeping the vision and feel of your inner beauty radiating outward for all to see. Holding that energy, apply a layer of masque to a clean face. Massage gently in circular motions. Now apply a second layer carefully—it will be a little messy—and relax for 10 to 15 minutes. (You can even repeat your chant if you like while the potion absorbs into your skin.) To remove, first soak a washcloth in warm water. Wring it out and apply to your face, allowing the heat to soften the potion. Remove most of the masque with the cloth, then rinse well with cool water. Pat your face dry, and follow with a toning mist and serum or crème.

Now, my loves, pour the elixir into a fetching vessel and toast your unstoppable charisma! Beauty rituals and potions have a cumulative effect, just as any focused, repetitive magic will. Time spent building your confidence, tending your beauty, and harnessing your own strength is invaluable and necessary for a wise witch. And much like Melisandre’s necklace, it holds a power that the world can see. Claim it. It is yours.


4 servings

32 ounces pure spring water
1 cup organic or wild chrysanthemum flowers
1 tablespoon whole cloves
5 whole star anise
8 leaves sage
1 red apple, finely chopped

Begin by preparing a tea infusion. In a mortar, slightly crush the star anise pods to release the oils in the seeds. Next, fill a large glass bottle or decanter with spring water, then drop in each of the herbs and flowers, one at a time. As you do so, connect to them, feeling their magic create the essence of your potion. Cap or cork the bottle, and let it rest for several hours. Then strain the liquid into a high-speed blender, reserving three tablespoons of tea for use with the companion potion. Add the chopped apples and pulse until smooth. Add stevia or coconut nectar if you like, and set aside while you create its sexy companion.

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Alise Marie is the author of The Beauty Witch's Secrets: Recipes and Rituals For The The Modern Goddess, contributor at Enchanted Living, and creative director at The Beauty Witch®. Visit her at for eco-luxe potions, planetary readings, and seasonal offerings, and on Instagram @thebeautywitchofficial.