We’ve told you before about glamorous perfumer Cat Marx of Deep Midnight Perfumes, which is now celebrating its ten-year anniversary of conjuring all manner of intoxicating scents with a brand-new website, a sale, and an irresistible goody bag: https://www.deepmidnightperfumes.com/

Here is Cat enjoying some tea. Is that Cinnamon just beyond the frame? How suspicious.

And then here she is doing some of said conjuring:

Below, we ask Cat a few penetrating questions:

Can you tell us what you’ve been up to? I know you’ve made some changes recently!
We have moved to a lovely new website! https://www.deepmidnightperfumes.com/ We have been in business online since June of 2010 and moving there is part of our 10th Anniversary Celebration.

Congratulations on your ten-year anniversary! How are you celebrating?
Thank you very much! We are very excited to have made it to this milestone. Our new website is part of our celebration along with our 10th Anniversary Sale that will be held exclusively on the new site. Everything will be 20% off from June 3 to June 6. We’re also offering free goody bags to the first 60 people (we only have 60 of these amazing bags) who order $100 or more in products after sale prices are accounted for and before shipping and tax are added. The goody bags are quite wonderful this year. All of our customers know about our annual Black Friday sale and goody bags and this celebration is even better. Read and Wonder™ has designed a Limited Edition Collectors Enamel Pin for Deep Midnight Perfumes that will be in the goody bag, along with a random full size roll-on bottle of one of the four new 10th Anniversary Perfumes, a beautiful set of mermaid scale bobby pins made by yours truly, a lovely mineral eye shadow in a dusky rose summer hue that compliments all skin tones (also made by yours truly), and a sweet little silver-plated unicorn charm in one of four random designs. These wonderful goody bags are worth $55 in products. We are so happy to be able to share them. We’ll also be donating to an animal charity that has captured my heart here in Minnesota: The Bitty Kitty Brigade. They’re a registered charity that works saving the life of neo-natal kittens. I truly admire them.

What are some of your new scents you’re excited about?
There are four new special edition perfumes that were created for the celebration. They are Midnight in the Grove™Ten Past Midnight™Midnight on the Midway™, and Midnight by Candlelight™. All are very different, from sensual floriental notes, to fruity florals, to incense warmed woods, to delicious gourmand notes. They reflect some of my favorite scents that I personally enjoy smelling. A mini set can also be purchased in the shop. Midnight Madness™ Perfume Sampler Set contains a 1 ml sample vial of each scent.

You’ve created so many scents over the years — can you tell us about some of your favorites?
Yes, we are just over 300 right now! The creation process never gets dull or boring; I just love it! Choosing favorites is hard. I often think of the first 22 original scents that were sold back in 2010. Some are still long-time customer favorites even after ten years. Deep Midnight™ was created as the signature scent for the shop. Samhain Night™Gardens and Graves™Time Machine™Vixen Venom™ are also some of our personal favorites from the originals. I feel very nostalgic myself when I wear one of these. Current favorites change for me according to moods and seasons, but I always have loved Seven Veils™Tenebrae™, and Cinderheart™. And of course I do love all my Halloween and Winter creations, they are always my darlings and I love smelling them year round. Some of my favorite themed sets have been Creepy Carniville™Celestial Chocolate™, and Gothic Love™ Samplers.

How do you stay inspired, especially right now?
We are all thinking of family, loved ones, neighbors and people all over the globe. One thing that I have been doing to inspire myself and keep me focused on life and good things is working on scrapbook journals and archiving family photos. It connects me to cherished people and events. That connection inspires me to keep on creating and being a part of this world. I try to remember and think on what good there is in the world and I am grateful for the love of family and friends. I am grateful for the customers I have known over these ten years and how some of them have shared their stories with me. I am grateful for the creative artists, photographers, and models I have had the chance to work with. The spirit of everyday people inspires me. My family and my extended family inspire me. Part of being inspired is always cultivating a grateful heart.

And how do you stay enchanted in your everyday life?
I tend to look for enchantment in nature, simple pleasures, and crafting. I love the tiny world of nature: rocks, flowers, acorns, leaves. I also enjoy the comforts and enchantments of home: my fur babies, a good cup of tea, a special book. I love to follow my artist friends on Instagram and Facebook. I look forward to receiving Enchanted Living magazine for its exquisite photos and magical stories. I also have to thank my friend Kris in Oregon who sent me on both a magical journey of journaling and a special woodland scavenger hunt that opened my eyes to nature again after a long winter. Magical and enchanting things are everywhere if we but look.

I would like to thank all my wonderful customers for their love and support over these past ten years. And thank you to Enchanted Living magazine for adding to the magic of the world in so many delightful ways.
Wishing peace for the world, Love, Cat XO

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