Getting in touch with extrasensory ability (which I believe everyone has to varying degrees) requires quieting the mind and entering a relaxed state. This can be done through the grounding methods previously mentioned (meditation, visualization, playing calming music, candles, incense) as well as incorporating the use of herbs applied topically via an herb-infused carrier oil or taken internally, like my “clair-sensing tea.” This herbal tea contains plant allies that I forage and grow in my gardens, and they are also readily available from reputable sellers (Mountain Rose Herbs is a favorite online venue of mine)—yarrow, rosemary, mugwort (not to be consumed if pregnant), rose petals, and lavender. The tea is a special blend of herbs whose magical properties will serve not only to relax you but also will encourage psychic awareness and provide protection and love for your divination session. Use one heaping teaspoon per cup of water. Steep for fifteen minutes and consume the tea thirty minutes prior to your cauldron scrying session.

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Susan Tuttle is a green witch living in the woods of Maine. You can visit her natural botanicals shop at and follow her on Instagram @whisper_in_the_wood.