We’re super excited to share the cover of our upcoming Art Nouveau-themed summer issue, which ships in June (and will arrive to subscribers in June/July). It was photographed by Marketa Novak / Photographer and stars Lenka Regalová, with crown from IVY-Design

Isn’t it beautiful? We’ve shared Marketa’s work numerous times on our social media feeds as well as in The Faerie Handbook, and then when she heard that we were doing an Art Nouveau issue she staged this photo as an homage to her (and our) one true love Mucha. She even painted the golden moon in the background herself (recycling a print of one of her elven queen photos) and hung it in the small home just outside Prague that she shares with her parents. “I don’t have an atelier of my own!” she says. We thought the result was so luxurious and dreamy we knew we had to put it on the cover!

Enchanted Living Magazine, Art Nouveau, alphonse mucha

Anyway, we still have our subscription and single issue sale going on, through Monday night, and so if you haven’t subscribed yet and/or you want to pre-order the single issue and/or gift a subscription to someone special, you can use code EL15 for 15% off, and you can:

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Meanwhile, here’s another image Marketa shot for the issue, from Prague’s Obecní dům and its Mayor’s Hall, designed and decorated down to the smallest detail by Mucha himself! (With Hana Vagnerová, dress from Victory Salon, and jewelry by Adrianet…

Enchanted Living Magazine, Art Nouveau, alphonse mucha

And then just this weekend Cheryl Walsh did this stunning underwater Art Nouveau tribute shoot that spans 7 glorious pages in the issue. Here’s a sneak peek of Vanessa Walton:

Enchanted Living Magazine, Art Nouveau, alphonse mucha

Cheryl, of course, shot last summer’s mermaid cover (which, as it happens, starred Vanessa also!)(and which, as it happens, you can also get for 15% off):

And speaking of mermaids, here’s a pretty new blue green ocean bracelet in our enchanted shop!

And then finally, in the editor letter of our Art Nouveau issue Carolyn Turgeon explains how she realized that every one of us here at Enchanted Living has a deep love of Art Nouveau, as do many of our collaborators, and it was this realization that led to an Art Nouveau themed issue. One piece of evidence? Here’s photo editor (and former art director for Prince) and author Steve Parke back in the 90s next to an Art Nouveau style painting of the Purple One:

Steve Parke, Prince, Purple Rain, Enchanted Living Magazine, Art Nouveau

Love eternally,
Enchanted Living

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