Mihaela Prižmić, a.k.a. @red.fox.child, is a twenty-six-year-old artist who lives in the Croatian countryside, close to the lush woodlands that are a never-ending source of inspiration for her creations. At school she studied botanical illustration and environmental science, and she feels a kinship with artists of old who “preserved a spirit of particular time in our history.” She hopes that in a world that’s “experiencing such a fast change nowadays,” she can “preserve every possible piece of it through art in hope it might give a certain kind of meaning to someone someday.”

For years, she says, she’s been working on creating a coherence between the style of her art and her green-witch lifestyle. Green witchery is something she’s been drawn to since she was a child, crafting mud potions in her garden and making sketches of the various ingredients. And the beginning of spring always brings magic as well as new inspiration to her life: “When flowers, tiny plants, and leaflets finally start to appear all around, my mind also gets overgrown with new ideas for my crafts—surely green magic at its finest.”

We imagine her in the forest even as we speak, searching for plants and mushroom specimens, observing all manner of creature—including the sweet frog above—in fine green-witch artiste fashion.

Find more of Mihaela Prižmić’s work on Instagram @red.fox.child.


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