Step into the enchanting world of autumnal tablescaping with captivating ideas. Drawing inspiration from 19th-century dark poetry, use vintage photos as place cards, bask in candlelight, and toast to ancestry. Craft fragrant pomander balls and add vibrant hues like orange pumpkins or red roses to your palette. For a comprehensive guide, read ‘A Table to Celebrate Your Autumn Inner Witch.’ Let’s explore the art of autumnal table decor!

• Write out your favorite 19th century dark or thought-provoking poetry, by such authors as Poe, Keats, or Shelley. Scroll them up and seal with red or black sealing wax.

• As place cards, use a photo of a direct ancestor of your guest (black-and-white photos are best). Ask as part of the activities for the guest to share a story about this ancestor.

• Use candlelight the way you would expect to find it in a Victorian parlor.

• Toast your ancestors with mead or deep red wine in silver goblets.

• Make your guests pomander balls of oranges studded with cloves. Place them in a large bowl in the center of your table as part of your decorations.

• Consider adding orange pumpkins for more color. A black-and-white palette with the pop of a bright color like the orange of pumpkins or the red of roses is beautiful and dramatic.

• You can also bring in touches of nature with moss, ferns, and lichen-covered sticks for a more nature-witch feeling. The colors of black, white, and green could be quite unusual and beautiful.


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