Estelle’s Spells

What is a custom magical candle? It’s a completely custom candle made just for you and what you desire! It also makes a wonderful gift. Simply answer the questionnaire and Estelle will get to work brewing your perfect candle.

Element Botanicals

A bewitching line of natural potions that will enchant everyone on your witchlist! (And so reasonably priced so you can try it too.) From shockingly effective deodorant and sublime aromatherapy to effective skin care, there’s something for everyone! 

Rise of the Witch | Llewellyn Worldwide

Claim your magical power and build a practice that is wholly yours—one that spiritually fulfills you and reveals your purpose. Packed with guidance on the elements, tarot, intuition, and more, this book helps you fully embrace your unique brand of magick.

Spirit Nest

Time to stir up your kitchen magick with these high-quality and eco-friendly bamboo spoons. The laser-etched original designs add some character for decor and presentation, plus the spoons are functional, lightweight, and extremely durable. Also available on Amazon.

Fiber Magick | Llewellyn Worldwide

With more than 60 craft projects, bring the “craft” into your Witchcraft with this guide to the magickal power of crochet, knotwork, and needlework. Witch and crochet expert Opal Luna shows you how to move magical intention from your mind into your hands.

Three Sisters Apothecary

Bathe in Peace Bar Soap & Body Butter gift sets by Three Sisters Apothecary are the ultimate in gothic decadence. Adorned with exotic, carnivorous plants, each set is an indulgence and comes in an array of tempting scents.

A Mystical Practical Guide to Magic | Llewellyn Worldwide

This colorfully illustrated book is a roadmap, with dozens of exercises and practices you can use. Find fun and accessible introductions to tarot, astrology, spirit communication, and magic, with plenty of hands-on tips for putting it all together and creating a spiritual practice that works for you.

Arda Wigs

Cast a spell this spooky season with Arda’s high-quality, synthetic wigs. Browse the special Enchanted Living Magazine collection, perfect for any Samhain festival, or our full line for more mystical options! The veil is thinning. Join us!

Evercrumbly & Witch

Make your coven mates green with envy with your new Evercrumbly & Witch hat. Crafted by hand in Massachusetts by professional milliners with heirloom-quality materials—and a touch of magick. Check out their selection of one-of-a-kind pieces, and like and follow them on Facebook and Instagram!

Nui Cobalt Designs

Nui Cobalt’s seasonal scents are handcrafted with love and magic. Autumn Part I is its newest collection of magical perfume oils—and an ode to early sunsets and darkening days.

Enchanted Botanicals

It’s time to gather and give thanks for the many blessings offered from the earth. Light this Celebrate Abundance candle from Enchanted Botanicals, breathe deeply, and feel your energy exchange with the universe. Crisp apple blends with rose while emerald and zinnia lend their magic.

US Games Inc.

Tabula Mortem offers a new approach for establishing contact with the spirit realm, through elemental energy and a system of ancient symbolic cave runes. This set includes a board, a unique planchette that can also be used as a pendulum, and a guidebook.

Petra Pavlíková

Visit this enchanted shop for art inspired by the whispers of the deepest forest. Created by Baba Yaga’s apprentice, these t-shirts, pillows, stickers and more draw from—and enchant with—the oldest tales we carry inside us.

Grimsby Hollow Meadery

Magical, mystical mead! Discover the joys of this ancient alcoholic beverage from Grimsby Hollow Meadery. Raven Heart features wickedly delectable black and red currants, while The Legend of Grimsby Hollow embodies autumn with smoked pumpkin and mulling spices.

Crow Tarot Shop

Crows bond, mourn, understand justice (too well for some), and display a sense of humor at times. In many ways, they are like us. The Urban Crow Oracle offers you a tool to connect and learn from these amazing creatures.

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