Give an enchanting gift to share your love….

Fantasy and Nature by Liquid Fae Studios

Beautiful faery, spirit, and nature gifts such as keepsake Boxes, personalized mugs, fantasy art prints and more! All designed and handmade by Artist Erin Ewer.

Handmade Gifts

Bring a little magic into your mom’s life to thank her for all she does for you with a unique handmade gift from The Fairy Stitch Factory!

FAE Floral Fragrance

A magical combination of high frequency floral essential oils of Rose, Melissa, Jasmine, Magnolia, Frangipani, Ylang and Baltic Amber creates a natural floral essence that is sure to be remembered.

Secret Language of Flowers

This charming deck was inspired by the Secret Language of Flowers, which Victorians used to convey romantic feelings and intentions.  Gift set includes guidebook, flower meanings, and 44 botanical cards.

Miruvor Long Hair Herbal Tea by NightBlooming

A cuppa for an elven princess! Miruvor is a loose-leaf blend of herbs and blossoms that encourages the growth of real-life faerie tale hair. Appearing in The Lord of the Rings, miruvor is a warm and fragrant cordial of the Elves. Gluten Free, vegan, organic, and naturally sweetened, Miruvor tastes of flowers and cinnamon. See this and other natural long hair gifts at:

Winged Beauty, A Very Faerie Coloring Book

We at Enchanted Living are excited to present the work of five faerie artists who open portals into other, more magical worlds. Stunning fae artwork from Renae Taylor, Cory Godbey, Stephanie Law, Ruth Sanderson and Charles Vess.


An ultra-romantic gift box filled with swoony Pre-Raphaelite-inspired treasures, including a John William Waterhouse pendant, some enchanting 19th century rose hair oil, smelling salts moonflower earrings, and more!

Unicorn Gift Collection

To fulfill all your unicorn needs, this sweet collection includes unicorn soap, a unicorn pendant, a unicorn lollipop, a lavender sachet, and unicorn wish paper.

Crystal Garden Resin Bracelet

This wide slip on style bangle is made with wild mushroom, forest moss, flowers and crystals. These magical items have been embedded into resin and shaped into a one-of-a-kind wearable garden.

Woodland Enchanted Body Powder

Imagine yourself meandering through an enchanted ancient forest. You step under the canopy, and your senses come alive, smelling the damp soil, and earthy foliage mixed with cedarwood, oakmoss, cypress, fir balsam, pine needles. You breathe deep and take in hints of dark musk, vetiver, amber, rose petals, lilacs, lilies, and violets.

Pink Garden Fairy In The Flowers Soap

Relax in a bath with this adorable fairy inspired soap and let the enchanted secent of cherry blossom take you way to a beautiful spring day in the garden.

Blooming Roses Resin Bracelet

This beautiful slip on style bangle by ModernFlowerChild is made with genuine pressed red roses and green leaves embedded into crystal clear resin. Natural and organic, this bangle is perfect for any flower or nature lover.

Amethyst Geode Bath Bomb

Infused with pure grade lavender and frankincense essential oil, this bath bomb will make your relaxation luxurious–and blingy!

Gift The Gift of Enchantment

A subscription to Enchanted Living (formerly Faerie Magazine) makes the perfect gift—send your loved ones a year’s worth (or two years’ worth) of enchantment today! And with our new gift option, they’ll receive their first issue right away, along with a lovely card telling them what the gift is and who has (lovingly and magically) given it to them.

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