Mother Nature’s magical wheel turns ever so slowly. Listen closely and pay mind to the slight shifts and changes happening every day or they may pass you by. I personally make a conscious effort to take notice and appreciate the seasonal earthly offerings that present themselves every moment. For me, as winter sets in, I give myself permission to unplug and retreat into a quieter hibernation mode intended for the season.

Allow yourself to move over for a bit from the fast-paced lane. You deserve it. Daydream of what brings you to that cozy, content, lighter feeling in your soul. Dig out that recipe you have been wanting to try, and yes, cook it or bake it. Rewatch your favorite movie while wrapped in a comfy blanket as you sip your favorite beverage. Begin writing on the blank pages of your journal or continue some of the passages you have already begun. Start turning the pages of that book patiently waiting on your nightstand. Open up an old photo album or organize the little keepsake piles you have been meaning to get to.

Bundle up and take a walk to explore the precious miracles right outside your door. Search for that fulfillment as you embrace each day as a gift and use it to discover or rediscover your joy. Make a pact with yourself to nourish your mind, body, and soul. It’s okay to harness the time to recharge your sacred light inside your very special being. May the season bless you with bountiful gifts filled with joy.

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