We hope you’ve had a gorgeous week and are getting ready for an even gorgeouser weekend! To celebrate summer being almost here, not to mention our special mermaid summer issue that’s swimming its way to subscribers as we speak AND The Mermaid Handbook, which is available in the Faerie shop as well as in bookstores across the US (and soon outside the US as well), not to mention mermaids and summer and beaches generally… we’re doing a fabulous JUNE giveaway! To qualify? You need to subscribe to Faerie Magazine in June, or renew your subscription in June, or purchase a gift subscription in June for a fellow mermaid, OR purchase The Mermaid Handbook (from us) in June. So many mermaidly options!!

And what does one lucky winner get at the end of the month?

Many, many wonders!

First, from Victorian Trading Company, this mermaid treasure pack that includes a Mermaid Tail Blanket, a Washed Ashore Towel, a Mermaid Wall Hook, an Among the Mermaids book, and Mermaid Manila Folders (Set of 6)! Here are a few of the prizes on a page from their beauteous and ultra romantic catalogue:

And then, from Moon & Moth Magic, a Mermaid Potion Kit for little mermaids and mermen that celebrates the magic of the sea with ingredients like “Kelp Extract,” “Elixir of Atlantis,” and “Mermaid Breath”! Potion makers receive instructions and tools to mix a potion for attracting mermaids, crafting spells to overcome a fear of deep water and the history of Tridents in mythology.

And then this lovely pair of Lawrence sandals in seafoam by Oka B… As they say, “the crystal embellished leaf on the Lawrence sandal adds a touch of sophistication to this style with breezy straps and a cushioned foot bed. Oka-B sandals are handcrafted in Georgia and mermaid (eco) -friendly.”

And then this magical anti-aging Treasure Collection from LaSirene that will hasten your transformation to mer….

“La Sirène Beauty Collagen is a dietary supplement, sustainably sourced from the Pacific Ocean, where the collagen itself is derived from the scales of Wild Caught Tilapia and converted into powder form that can be mixed with water, tea, juice, or your morning fave, coffee! Made in Japan, the brand is committed to changing the game with their approach to anti-aging and preventative skincare. Within a few uses, you’ll quickly notice smoother, more radiant skin, lustrous + healthier locks and a noticeable difference of fine lines, wrinkles and cellulite. While collagen is beneficial for your everyday beauty routine, it also strengthens your immune system and detoxifies your body.”

And then finally, two glamorous and ultra-enchanting (and recyclable and cruelty free!) palettes from HoneyBee Gardens: Earth & Ocean and Moon & Stars:

That is quite a mermaid-friendly haul, we believe! And we’ll throw in an extra The Mermaid Handbook, with a bookplate signed by author Carolyn Turgeon, too!

The Mermaid Handbook Carolyn Turgeon

So to get that slew of prizes (with a value of $500 smackers!), just order one of the items below during the month of June and you’ll be automatically entered!

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