We hope you’re having a gorgeous, love-filled, hygge-ish and of course enchanted day wherever you are. We wanted to share a few thoughts on Christmas from senior editor Grace Nuth, who loves this holiday with her whole heart and possibly with yours too. Here she is hanging out with a friend she calls a “wizened old elf of the North Pole variety,” most likely discussing future issues of Enchanted Living (like for example our upcoming spring Pre-Raphaelite issue or our summer “enchanted beasts” issue!):

Here are some of Grace’s thoughts on why this holiday is so special:

More than once over the years, I’ve been asked by friends and acquaintances who notice my enthusiasm for the Christmas season why it means so much to me. Here are a few of my personal reasons why.

✨ At this time of year, adults start decorating their homes in signs with phrases like “Believe in the Magic of Christmas” and no one questions it. The daily enchantment I make a conscious effort to feel year-round becomes a widely social phenomenon, acceptable to all ages.

✨ Children are encouraged to believe in a jolly elder elf, and leave him offerings of cookies and milk. Adults, like me, who also still believe in this paternal fey are considered a little bit quirky, but are treated with tolerant bemusement.

✨ People decorate their homes in forest symbolism, adorned with fairy lights, candles, and the smells of cinnamon, sugar, and evergreen.

✨ I get to spend a couple of months planning, making, and ordering gifts for the people I love. And by extension, I get to support burgeoning artists, crafters, and makers through purchasing their items for friends and family.

✨ Christmas decorations are easily found in my favorite colors: burgundy, deep purple, forest green, gold…
• People actually get out their cards, envelopes, stamps, and send hand-written communications to each other again! I admit I’ve been remiss about this the last few years, but I cherish every card I receive.

✨ I love traditions and rituals, and I love finding out what other people do for traditions and rituals, either old ones passed down in their family, or brand new ones they decide to start among friends and loved ones.

✨ Modern society has us frazzled in the Christmas season, and yes, you’ll often see deep set frowns on faces when you’re out shopping. But sometimes, if you meet that frown with an enthusiastic smile, you can see a total transformation come across the person’s face. And it’s magical.

✨ I get to listen to beautiful ancient carols and songs I’ve heard every year since my childhood, and only get to hear at this time of year. It’s like listening to socially-acceptable lullabies as an adult.

✨ Flying reindeer. Aren’t they alone enough?

And here are a couple more images from Grace:

Aren’t those lovely?

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