Outlander: Falling Through Time – Autumn Cover Reveal

We hope you’ve had a luminous week! If you follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter, or if you’re a subscriber, you’ve probably already seen this … but we’re super excited to share with you our autumn Outlander cover shot by Steve Parke in Baltimore’s Emerson Bromo-Seltzer Tower! The model is Sarah Bentman and she’s wearing a thistle/tartan gown from Baltimore designer Justina A. Prince (the thistles were hand painted by artist Tim Kelly!). The hair/makeup was from Nikki Verdecchia of NV Salon Collective in Hampden (Nikki also tells us how to do the perfect mermaid eye, and get enviable mermaid locks, in The Mermaid Handbook!)

(If you haven’t yet, don’t forget to subscribe and/or order single copies of this issue for you and your Outlander-loving friends at https://www.faeriemag.com/collections/outlander-inspired.) This issue will ship in September and arrive to subscribers later in the month (or possibly October, depending on how much the mail loves us/you).

Here are some behind-the-scenes images from our early July morning shoot up in this glassy tower (yes, it was hot). Sarah was a trooper — here she is standing in a clock face in her 18th century style gown as Justina and Nikki adjust the hem:

Falling Through Time Outlander Faerie Magazine

And here’s Steve shooting while Nikki does double duty as a fan-projector:

Falling Through Time Outlander Faerie Magazine

Look at this space!

Falling Through Time Outlander Faerie Magazine

Here’s Justina doing gowny things:

Falling Through Time Outlander Faerie Magazine

And more of the endless glamour:

Falling Through Time Outlander Faerie Magazine Falling Through Time Outlander Faerie Magazine

And a dramatically chiaroscuro shot of your tireless Faerie Magazine photo editor (whose Picturing Prince book is still on sale, as it happens!) with our Claire-esque model:

Falling Through Time Outlander Faerie Magazine

We’re so excited to get this new issue into your hands (did we mention there are 16 extra pages??) and we’ll be adding more and more to our Outlander collection in coming weeks (but check it out now)!

That’s all for today! Have the best weekend ever and, until next week, stay enchanted … and be careful around standing stones!

With love through time and space,
Faerie Magazine

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