Linus & Co.
Handmade, One of a Kind Crystal Artwork

Award-winning one-of-a-kind crystal creations and unique, custom, quality gifts handcrafted with love and intention. Bringing more magic to your space with each piece!

The Forest Parlour
Natural Healing, Green Magic, Divination

Tarot readings are wonderful when needing answers or divine confirmation. Join energy healer Jennifer Page in an enchanting woodland setting for a personal online divination experience. Together you’ll pull back the mystical veil for a deep dive into life’s meanings and cosmic truths.

Froud’s Creatures Hardcover Journal

This luxurious, fairy-friendly journal features a scene from Brian Froud’s World of Faerie. There’s a matching pencil case too, for all your fairy-friendly writing needs.

Firelight Fables Candles
Fantasy Inspired Mythical Creature Candles

Topped with gorgeous gemstones, these wood-wick non-toxic candles capture the essence of four of mythical creatures: the whimsical Unicorn, the captivating Mermaid, the breath-taking Golden Dragon, and the fiery Phoenix. Use code ENCHANTED15 for 15% off your purchase.

Vermont Magickal Maple Syrup

Summer is here and WytchWood’s celebrating with their newest infused Vermont magickal maple syrup—strawberry, represented by the Norse goddess, Frigg! Click the link to learn more about this delicious libation!

Andrew Lang Fairy Journals

These captivating images come from the first editions of Scottish poet and anthropologist Andrew Lang’s olive and violet fairy books. In three sizes, both lined and unlined—perfect for recording secret spells and potions!

Liquid Fae
Pins and Pendants by Liquid Fae Studios

These magical moth enamel pins and pendants are perfect for every moon-lover. Click the link to find these and all manner of fantasy art and treasures by artist Erin Ewer at Liquid Fae Studios to make everyday life more enchanting.

Amanita Muscaria Socks

These mystical and ultra-stylish socks feature our favorite legendary, dangerous, magical fungus! You’ll be batting the fairies away.

Unicorn Micro Sculpture in White Bronze
by Silver Bramble Jewelry

This true bronze micro-sculpture is less than an inch long! This unicorn features tiny cloven hooves and a lion’s tail, all cast in shining white bronze for maximum dazzle. Made by sculptor Katherine Helm and meant to last for generations.

Nui Cobalt Designs
Magical Oils for Fae Folk & Other Worldlies

Explore this enchanted array of pure perfume oils that honor the world’s liminal creatures, like Feu Follet, Hobgoblin, Lampade, and Kitsune, just to name a few. Each scent tells a timeless story.

The Hedgewitch’s Little Book of Spells, Charms, & Brews by Tudorbeth

 Explore old-world magic and contemporary charms with this brilliant book of enchantments, and discover more than one hundred spells, charms, and recipes for love, money, health, family, career, and more. Author Tudorbeth has selected the best traditional workings along with contemporary spells that can be done with readily available ingredients.

Solstice Pencil Terrariums

These glass pencil terrariums were designed to make the packaging as functional as the pencils inside. This set includes five solstice patterned pencils. Turn the glass tube into a dreamy tiny terrarium, encapsulate nature, and/or use as a vase or for propagating your own favorites!

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