• Embroider a few of your autumnal sweaters with golden leaves at the cuffs.
  • Collect and press the biggest, brightest leaves you can find for a leaf mobile to hang from your ceiling—and fill your room with autumn magic until winter.
  • Make your own spell book out of a simple notebook with twigs, leaves, and moss glued to the cover. Write your own personal spells in it—rituals that calm you, recipes that comfort you. Put them into rhyme and see how quickly something so simple—like a lavender bath to relax or your favorite soup when you’re sick—can be turned into magic.
  • Sculpt a little cauldron out of black self-drying clay to hold sacred findings on your autumnal walks: an acorn that appears at your feet, a pebble shining in the light just so, petals from a flower you watched slowly shed seed into the wind. Little things that fill you with a bit of magic.
  • Thrift some old frames. Paint them a glittering gold and fill them with photos of friends and family to display for the season.
  • Make a wreath for your door out of leaves, dried flowers, brambles, and berries.
  • Fashion an autumnal crown and adorn it with tiny antlers, acorns, and leaves. Apply gold leaf to a few of them to feel like an October queen.
  • Forage for branches and leaves and create a garland for your home to adorn your mantle or hang across a doorway.
  • Sponge-paint some paper lanterns the colors of an October forest. Rest and look up at the orange, red, and yellow glowing on your walls. Find flickering lightbulbs to add to the ambience.
  • Craft an autumnal doll set with your children. Paint acorns into little gnomes and elves and dry a big head of a sunflower as their bed, with red maple leaf bedding and milkweed cotton pillows.
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