AUG 8 | New Moon in Leo | *The spotlight is on you!*

AUG 11 | Mercury enters Virgo | *It’s all in the details*

AUG 16 | Venus enters Libra | *Art and Beauty shine*

AUG 19 | Uranus Retrogrades in Taurus | *Expect shocks*

AUG 22 | Full Moon in Aquarius | *Take a second look*

AUG 30 | Mercury enters Libra | *A breath of fresh air*


The sultry, languid month watched over by The Lion is always a time for playful romps and lolling in the last of the Summer sunshine, yes? August has a delightful way of balancing the big cat’s desire to make an enormous splash everywhere he goes with his love of sundrenched idyll as he drifts into lovely, if brief, afternoon naps. This time around, however, poses a few challenges to the king of the jungle, and though he isn’t thrilled by this display, ultimately, he will rise to meet it. And you should too.

Let me explain: this month’s stars are a bit of a pendulum, swinging back and forth, seemingly with no real rhythm – but, there is always wisdom in the cosmic forces, even when they are a little tricky to see. On one paw, there is Leo, bright as the Sun himself, radiating light and firepower for all to admire – and for those in the know to tap into. On the other, there are a few snags that range from persnickety to downright shocking, that we simply cannot avoid, nor should we.

Thankfully, we swagger into August with both the Sun and Mercury in bold, bodacious Leo, giving us the confidence we need for just about anything, waving the wand of flair and glamour everywhere we desire. The courage to speak our minds is center stage, and the fire of manifestation makes everything not only possible, but almost guaranteed. The Lion wants you to take charge!

LEO POWER CARD: Strength Express your passions with inner strength, resilience, and loving energy. Radiant warmth and vitality is the key to success. From the Aquarius tarot deck by Dawn Aquarius.
LEO POWER CARD: Strength Express your passions with inner strength, resilience, and loving energy. Radiant warmth and vitality is the key to success. From the Aquarius tarot deck by Dawn Aquarius.

Indeed, the Leo New Moon (August 8th, 9:50am EST) is daring you to be the star of your own show, and, if you play your cards right, you could see that happen within six months’ time! Tell me, how do you want to show up in the world, for all to see? In what way would you like to command attention, create on a big scale, and bring joy? Your feline friend is here to help (that means both of us!) with big-hearted generosity, loyalty, and the shove you may need to get out there and make it real. With such creatures at your back, surely you can take the leap, no??

Now, on the beauty end of things, not only do we want to look our most charming for the Lion, but…it is the absolute epitome of Summer here in the North, which can mean only one thing: temperamental skin that threatens an eruption just when we have something important to do. Even the most fastidious Witches can find themselves greeted by a bout of cranky, clogged pores upon waking, “Where did that come from? I WASHED my face!”

Oui, but these hazy days can bring on an odd oil-dryness cycle that, however brief,  nonetheless can be truly obnoxious. Never fear, mignonettes! There is a Beauty Witch solution for pretty much everything, so here we go: as a New Moon potion conjured to not only quell old annoyances, this one also brings in a great new ingredient to add to your beauty retinue. Perhaps you’ve heard of her? Though I’ve sung her praises often, I find that many people are unfamiliar with the ravishing Neroli, the sweetly scented, solar goddess who will come to your skin’s rescue every time. This sexy nectar of the bitter orange keeps the oil in skin balanced and has potent antiseptic and regenerative powers – and all skin types benefit. She also brings love, luck, and abundance.

Use this delicious mist anytime, anywhere! As a light cleanser, it will gently bring your skin’s oil into balance: you can mist and wipe away with a washable facial pad, then give it another spritz to tone skin. Throughout the day and evening, you can use it as a pick-me-up all over your face and body, for instant glow and an irresistible dash of scented magick!

Now, please, put on your absolute boldest ensemble (no, you are not too shy to wear it) and kick up some cosmic sparks! I’m thinking of donning my gold sequined 60’s Supremes minidress…but then again I would wear that to buy tomatoes.

Cosmic Balance

Beauty Mist
Conjures 1 oz

¾ oz. organic rosewater
1 teaspoon lavender flowers, dried
10 drops chamomile essential oil
6 drops neroli essential oil

At the New Moon, combine the rosewater and lavender flowers in a one-ounce colored glass spray bottle.  Add the essential oils, one at a time. As you conjure, hold your vision of success brightly in your mind’s eye, and especially feel it within your body. When you’ve really got it (you’ll know) swirl the potion thirteen times clockwise, cap, and place it in the window until the Full Moon. It will absorb the cosmic rays and grow in power with the Moon’s fullness.

Rose  Beloved to Freya and Aphrodite, exquisite rose provides potent skincare powers and an opening of psychic awareness. Her love and beauty magick includes strength that belies her delicate appearance.

Chamomile A legendary herb of calming and healing, chamomile settles agitated skin while inducing a feeling of peace. 

Lavender This treasured flower eases inflammation, cleanses, and gently clears away negativity (including blemishes) while relieving anxiety, negative feelings, and even restlessness. Its magical gifts include protection, love, and peace.

Beauty Witch Secret: Place a tiny carnelian stone into your potion for solar courage, strength, and claiming your space in the world.

You’ll find yourself needing all this Leo power to navigate the tides this month, as energy is required, and seriousness seeps in everywhere it can. Sound like someone is crashing your party? It needn’t be that way. The stars have a way of reminding us to stay in balance.

On August 11th, Mercury leaves splashy Leo for the more solemn Virgo, making communications more detailed, weighty, and careful. This is actually a good thing, because energies are swirling around that will catch us by surprise. Try to keep your humour, though, and avoid being overly critical. This is not the time for that. Use the innate sensibility of the Virgin to make the best choices you can.

In case you feel wobbly, just do your best for a few days, and give darling Venus time to sashay into one of her favorite haunts – idealistic, accommodating, beauty-loving Libra. She is quite at home here, and will inspire a maiden’s coquettish charm in all areas of your world. The tendency here will be to avoid confrontation, and instead seek harmony and balance. The catch? Beware the pitfalls of being too dependent, and be especially aware of both inconsistency and superficiality possibly popping up. A Smart Witch will tap into her creative powers here, both the artistic and the aesthetic.

This is most fortuitous, mes chers, because we have a rather forceful occurrence coming up, that will stay with us for the rest of this year. On August 19th, Uranus, the planet of sudden change, will retrograde in Taurus until January 14, 2022. Now, of course, we are currently smack in the midst of a Uranus-in-Taurus transit, which has the world itself on edge, not to mention the particulars of our own lives, on a seven-year course of shocks which effects everyone – but particularly those with Taurus in their natal chart. Uranus retrograde right now forces changes on the outside that maybe you don’t see coming (or maybe you didn’t want to) and will now insist that internal changes align. For instance, if you’ve made a transition in haste, possibly as an act of defiance, you will soon recognize where a rash decision has occurred, and will be able to tap into a higher level of consciousness moving forward. On the other hand, if you’ve wished for a shift and didn’t get it, you will see what needs to be done on the inside to manifest it in the future. The bright side? This is undoubtedly a time of excitement! There is much adventure to be had, curiosity to be satisfied, and energy present to take initiative with something bold and new. I wouldn’t let this one go, mes amours! Remember I was talking last month about inner stability? This kind of transit is exactly what will force you to find it, because the outer world is forever changing.

As if the languid (ha!) Summer’s end wasn’t interesting enough, we have what is known as a “double” Full Moon this month, on August 22nd (8:02 am EST.)This means that it is the second Full Moon in the same sign this year, this being Aquarius. What that asks is for us to pay close attention to, or give a second look at, whatever issues arose at the last Full Moon in the same sign. The Aquarian vibe focuses on a genuineness in your interaction with groups, friends, and relationships as a whole. It also shines a spotlight on self-improvement, which can’t really be avoided now, no matter where you look. As for casting spells, I would pass on this one. The Moon is void-of-course until 8:43am EST when she enters Pisces. Though, yes, you can absolutely work with Aquarian energies the night before (when the energy will be strongest,) I feel that if you can sit this one out, so to speak, and simply absorb the information that is coming to light, you will find it most helpful. As the Sun is now inhabiting Virgo, paying attention to the details, and a sense of the pragmatic will actually be enlightening. I know, not the most fun, for a Full Moon, but I have an idea…


For this Full Corn Moon, with its vibes of harvest gathering and vitality, I want to introduce you to another dear friend of mine, the potent adaptogen Rhodiola. You may have tried a tincture (possibly at my insistence?) but here I would love for you to add her into your wellness rituals regularly, particularly when bold, high energy is required – so I offer a more palatable version of her charms: a powder! Adaptogens are tonic herbs which help your body to manage stress of any kind, from a change of temperature to a nervous system upset. Unlike herbs, which are best used cyclically, they can be taken every day This one in particular is a fave of mine for boosting both immunity and energy levels, fighting depression, and improving brain function.

Note: Rhodiola is  safe to take every day, and side effects are extremely rare, however as with any new herbal supplement, please check with your holistic care professional before using.

Essence Vitale

Beauty Cocktail
Conjures two servings

1 small navel orange
1 teaspoon rosehips
1 cup spring water
3 drops wild orange essential oil food grade only
1 teaspoon rhodiola  powder

First, I like to peel and section the orange, then place the segments on a shallow dish to chill in the freezer for a few hours (or overnight.) This gives the potion an extra zing of refreshing coolness, and will thicken it slightly. While it is doing its thing, steep the rosehips in the water to create a tea. When the orange is frozen, place the segments into a bullet-style blender. Strain the rosehips, and pour the liquid into the blender also. Add the rhodiola powder, and blend on high speed until smooth. Add the wild orange essential oil, and give it a manual clockwise swirl. Taste it! It is tart, cool, refreshing and vibrant, but if you’d like to add a dash of stevia or coconut nectar, by all means enjoy it. As you concoct, feel the strength and solar power building within you as the lunar rays cast the light where it is needed. Get outside connect with the cosmos and breathe deeply. Listen. What do the stars wish to convey? Absorb the messages now and in the coming days. Resolve to make improvements everywhere you can. And, by all means, keep building your strength. This drink can be made in larger batches, chilled and employed whenever you need an infusion of magick! The powers of both rose and orange are reiterated here, as above so connect with them as often as possible!

Beauty Witch Secret: What’s a cocktail without a little kick? Though this one is quite capable on its own, it can become more social and celebratory with a splash of spirits.  My choice? A good quality gin. Though my favorite always applies – champagne!

We close the month with a rather lovely gift from the stars: our chatty friend Mercury strikes up a conversation in sociable Libra, promising a lighter, softer approach to communication. This transit is extremely pleasant, effortlessly friendly, and can do wonders to heal hurt feelings or misunderstandings should they have arisen. I think it’s a wonderful way to close out the month!

So I shall leave you with this breath of fresh air, and I cannot wait to see you in September! I have a few tricks up my sleeves to show you next month!

Love and Stardust,

Xo Alise

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