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It should come as no surprise that astrology can give us greater insight into our children and that it can support us in caring for them, educating them, and fully supporting their interests. We have consulted the stars for inspiration, knowledge, and self-development for millennia—ever since we first noticed them in that velvety sky. From kings and queens to financial brokers and even US presidents, humans have long sought out the insights that astrology provides and have worked with it as a supportive tool in navigating daily challenges and successes.

Who are these precious children of ours? Who are they, really? How are we raising and guiding them? Astrology can give us flexible, playful, more profound information than other schematics and typologies, and it can support parents, guardians, and family members with immediate new insights into their children. And it’s not just something for adults: the children themselves can get into their astrology—and participate in it—by connecting with the stories and mythological figures of the signs and with the wonder that the stars inspire.

The Leo Child
To celebrate the transition into the season of Leo, enjoy insights and rituals from Briana Saussy’s new book, Star Child: Joyful Parenting Through Astrology (Chapter 8: The Leo Child).

Wherever the Leo child happens to be, everyone feels richer, happier, and more blessed. The Sun is the Planet that rules the sign of Leo, and Leo children exhibit so many qualities of their Ruling Planet that when we encounter them we can feel like we are standing in the presence of the Sun, too.

These children are fun, first and foremost. They like to have fun, and they like to do it with other people. Leo children take things lightly for the most part. They love jokes and laughter and thrilling adventures, and they love to play. They prioritize having fun in their own lives, and they have a knack for drawing those around them into fun play as well.

Leo children like to travel in groups just like their Lion counterparts do in nature. And, like a male Lion, the Leo child often wants to be seen as the leader of the pride. These children are friendly and sociable, chatty and generous, and they want to have a good time, but they also want to make sure everyone else is having a good time too. It is possible for Leo children to be shy (any child of any sign can be shy or loud or, most usually, a fascinating combination of both), but even shy Leo children still like to have fun and would still rather not be alone. They may prefer the company of their dog or cat to that of other children, but an entourage is a must for these little Lions.

In astrology Leo has a bad reputation for being selfish. While this can be a quality of their character, it is, in my opinion, too emphasized, just as Gemini’s unreliability is over-remarked upon. Less discussed is Leo’s incredible generosity. He is never alone because he is fun and also because he is free with his favors and his encouragement. Leo children are often wonderful advocates for children who have a harder time socially; they are usually not interested in excluding those who are different from them.

Leo children enjoy difference, and they love helping draw others out and into the spotlight. That spotlight showcases the Leo child’s own creative abilities—usually in the performing arts and athletics—and also allows the Leo child to get creative in making space for other children to share their own creative natures. For the Leo child anything creative is fun, and anything fun should be creative. They are fine with rules as long as they can put their own signature flourish on them.

Leo children love the finer things in life and are especially drawn to shiny objects, jewelry, sparkles, and the color gold. They like luxury, but what luxury means will be different for each Leo child. They also like to share their little luxuries with other children and family members. Again, these children like full participation from everyone.

The little Lion is a natural performer, and so they are also naturally dramatic. Although the Leo child’s penchant for drama is usually interpreted as a negative quality, it can actually be quite positive in the right situations. Leo children have wonderful facial expressions and often speak with their faces and their bodies as well as their actual words. In turn, they are able to pick up on what other people are really thinking and feeling based on expression and physical movement, making Leo children much more introspective and intelligent than they are sometimes given credit for being.

When the Leo child does not get her way, she can quickly become sullen, pouty, and angry. She will make unreasonable demands that she knows are unreasonable, and she will behave selfishly even with her closest friends. The Leo child can also be a bit on the vain side—wanting to be surrounded by the most beautiful or popular kids or wanting a specific item purely for the status it invokes. Supporting the Leo child’s innate kindness, generosity, and warmth is the best way to counter these less fun attributes.

Leo Ascendant
The child with Leo ascending has fabulous hair, a sparkling personality, and exudes confidence. They are drawn to bright, shiny objects, and events seem to be more dramatic when they show up. Part of the work of these children is to exude love and generosity, warming up everyone who comes into their path and reminding us that we are all worthy of the spotlight.

Leo Moon
Children with Leo Moon are comfortable in creative, expressive, and dramatic situations. They thrive in the setting of a play or orchestra. They are at ease with the public eye, public speaking, and social engagements. They are much less at home when they are alone or low on creative resources.

Ritual for the Inner Leo Child: Taking Center Stage
“Get out of the way!” is a phrase that adults honoring their inner Leo child often heard again and again in different forms. They always seem to be right at center stage, sometimes through their own devising but other times through simple happenstance. Leo children are meant to occupy the spotlight; it is part of the medicine that they have to share with the world.

So, for adults who are tending to their inner Leo child, the hurdle to cross is the choice to deliberately not get out of the way—to stay put and to take up space. The ritual for this is simple. The next time you are in a social situation and you feel the desire to shrink back and become a proverbial wallflower, instead try standing center stage. Talk, laugh, be your charming self, and don’t move an inch. Take up that spotlight. It will encourage others to do the same.

Adapted from Star Child: Joyful Parenting Through Astrology by Briana Saussy.

Learn more about Briana and her new book at https://brianasaussy.com/star-child.

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