Feb 1  Venus enters Aquarius *Seek and allow independence*

Feb 2  Imbolc *Celebrate new life*

Feb 11 New Moon in Aquarius  *Cosmic collaborations*

Feb 20  Mercury direct *Communication gets clearer*

Feb 27 Full Moon in Virgo  *Internal growth and organization*

February always finds us settling into the new calendar year, and too often by way of a certain, familiar heaviness in the air – “dreary” seems to best sum it up. And yet, for a time of year that nurtures internal growth, this is actually a superficial sentiment. Yes, yes. It is insufferably gray, cold, and damp in the Northern Hemisphere (southern globe friends, take note for when it’s your turn) but that’s on the surface. Just like whom, mes amis? Our mother earth. And she is no fool. She carefully, warmly incubates her most precious gifts with great affection, so that when they are ready to spring forth from her belly, they are absolutely glowing with the promise of new life. It took me many Moons to align with her cycle, simply because no one disliked mid-Winter more than I. And then, I started to realize that although part of the quiet, restful season’s purpose is just that, it is also the time to nurture what shall be. Taking supreme care of yourself is a big part of that. After all, Mama needs to be strong! So, whether you are sitting on many creative eggs or just a single giant one, you are now being given cosmic space (and time) to feed those babes who will hatch before long, and, frankly, will need you at your strongest to weather their infancy and growth.

February opens her door with our divine Venus striding confidently into Aquarius. When she visits the sign of the Water Bearer, her attention focuses on being independent in those areas that she governs: love and money. Invite unconventional approaches, expect the unusual, and be prepared to allow for emotional freedom by allowing your amour(s) the room to just be themselves, even if this causes you to tilt your head quizzically. What you want to avoid here is neediness, be it emotional, financial, or even physical. Venus allows for growth around self-reliance right now, showing you the path that leads away from dependence and clinging, to reveal the freedom of autonomy. Now that, mignonettes, is a very sexy thing. Once you master independence, you can bring that into a healthy love relationship – not to mention a healthy bank account. It takes time, yes, but use this opportunity to get a solid beginning. Oh, and what better time to take your beauty and wellbeing into your own hands?! This is a fabulous time to try potion-making, so read on.

Alise Marie Beauty Witch February 2021 Enchanted Living Magazine Tarot The Star
AQUARIUS POWER CARD, THE STAR: Renewed hope and faith. Inspiration. Listen to your inner wisdom. From the Aquarius Tarot deck by Dawn Aquarius.

Aligning with Venus, on February 2nd, is the witches Sabbat of Imbolc, celebrating the very first beginnings of Spring – she’s on her way! This festival of Brigid marks the days that gradually grow longer, and the first of the baby animals to be born (is there anything cuter?) giving us reassurance that the light will, in fact, return. To symbolize the first births, dairy has been long associated with Imbolc – but you know I’m going to upgrade that. I’ve conjured two luscious potions for you this month featuring creamy oat milk, for is superior moisturizing prowess, gentle exfoliation, anti-inflammatory and healing gifts, alongside Venusian magick of beauty and abundance. These offerings also feature a less-familiar star: the mysterious maqui berry. Maqui berries are little raisin-esque charmers hailing from South America that are loaded with antioxidants to delay the signs of aging, but also can lower inflammation in the body, stabilize blood sugar, and promote ocular health. Maqui berries are a deep, dark purple, almost black, which gives you an even better idea of how potent they are. My first potion this month for you captures the spirit of the moment: bringing forth all that is new and beautiful!

3 Maqui Drink Recipe Alise Marie Beauty Witch February 2021 Enchanted Living Magazine

Nouvelle Vie

Facial Exfoliant and Masque
Yields 2-3treatments

½ cup oat flour
¼ cup oat milk
1 teaspoon maqui berry powder

Oui! A three-ingredient powerhouse! Oat flour is usually found in the baking section of your health food store, but if you cannot procure it, you can pulse oats in a food processor until they are (reasonably) powdered. The oats won’t be as finely ground, but they will still work well. Then, in a small bowl, simply mix the oat and maqui powders together in a clockwise direction. Keep stirring while you add the oat milk, all the while opening up to the abundance of what you are creating. Apply to a clean face, massaging skin in a circular motion to activate exfoliation. Then, carefully apply a second layer and allow it to sit for 10-15 minutes while you relax. Close your eyes and visualize the plans you are hatching in Spring, seeing them grow strong and powerful. Feel it in your body! When you are ready, gently remove the masque with a warm, damp cloth, followed by a good rinse. Pat dry, and before you apply your favorite serum or crème, notice how pretty your skin looks! Glowy and smooth, hydrated and soothed, you’ll feel rejuvenated and supremely cared for – I wouldn’t want you to feel any other way.

This recipe makes a good amount of masque, and I love using a gentle treatment like this several days in a row– just add a little water or more oat milk when using for a second or third time, as it tends to thicken.

Beauty Witch Secret: A piece of amethyst works wonders during your ritual, or even placed in your potion bowl before using the maque to infuse it with Aquarian magick. This gorgeous crystal both stimulates and soothes the mind.

And what of our New Moon? There is a lot going on in the sky! On February 11 (2:06pm EST) the Silver Lady reaches fullness in Aquarius, but, unfortunately, is void-of-course. A good way to harness these vibrations would be to work with the Dark Moon the evening before, to quietly let go of what needs release while she is firmly settled in Aquarian energy. This particular Moon attunes well with group activities, friendships, and unconventional thinking. Perhaps consider letting go of what is necessary with a broad-minded viewpoint, and the doors it can open.

On the very next day, we also have the Lunar New Year! The Year of The Ox begins, bringing with it strength and much needed abundance after a tumultuous (to say the least) twelve-month spell. It is considered a favorable year, in harmony with stability and nourishment, so enter it with optimism, cheris! But, the most interesting cosmic soirée right now is a six-planet stellium in Aquarius: this is notable not only as a launch point for potentially great cultural and social change, but also growth in the area of technology, charged with signature Aquarian intellect, rationale, and conceptual focus. This stellium is similar to that which graced the skies in 1962 – another kickoff to enormous social change. We won’t truly know its effects for quite some time, but, as with all revolutionary shifts, there is darkness as well as light, so it is crucial for us all to hold the highest vibration possible. Of course we will! We are Smart Witches, after all.

Just as the Sun makes his way into dreamy Pisces on February 18th, we wind down the Mercury retrograde vibes. Though the messenger planet stations direct on February 2oth, and there is always a little residual dust in his wake, the effects will begin to ease. Communications, particularly, will become less confusing and strained – hopefully with lessons learned during the retrograde on how to better relate with both loved ones and groups alike. Getting into the flow of Pisces will feel so good now!

This icy month comes to an icy close with – you guessed it – the Full Ice Moon in earthy Virgo on February 27th (3:17am EST.) As the focus remains on internal growth and healing, the sense of things to come is in the air, and it cannot be denied. Think of life beneath the glass of icy waters, not quite ready to crack the surface…but almost. Use this time that remains of Winter’s chill to take care of yourself, your loved ones, and your home, in any way you can. The Virgin’s inherent meticulousness, combined with the power of the Full Moon, will give you the push you need to get organized – take advantage of it! Once Spring arrives you’ll want to have your planner laid out, your space arranged, and your tools at the ready. If you’ve been slacking on health, this would be a fortuitous time to take action, as Full Moons tend to manifest energy very quickly.

Calling in our delightful plant friends from earlier in the month, I’ve concocted a delicious, sustaining sip for you – one that beautifies royally while supporting ease of Virgo-ruled digestion, which can be irritable with the lunar intensity right now. But you’d never know! This potion goes down like dessert. Enjoy it, mes amours.

Maqui Drink Recipe Alise Marie Beauty Witch February 2021 Enchanted Living Magazine

Lune de Glace

Per serving

1 cup oat milk
1 tablespoon maqui berry powder
1 teaspoon fresh ginger, grated
2 dates, pitted and finely chopped

Another exquisitely simple potion! In a blender, combine all the ingredients and blend until completely smooth – pay special attention to the dates, as they can take a minute to liquefy. Focus on the energy needed to organize and create a sense of order so that all areas of life may work more efficiently, including your body. Pour into a stunning goblet and savor this sweet, creamy confection that offers just enough of a bite to keep things interesting.

In cahoots with our oat milk and maqui berry are feisty ginger and sweet, rich dates, to empower your potion with warmth, solar vitality, fire power, love, abundance, and airy wisdom. Revel in the antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins while you feed your beauty form the inside out.

Beauty Witch Secret: This is delicious cold, too…though I can’t imagine my Northern loves would want to drink anything chilled at the moment. Southern loves, though, can take full advantage!

And with that, I bid you adieu! I can’t wait to hear and see what you’ve been up to when we meet again next month…

Love and Stardust,

Xo Alise

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