When the lonely heart of snow and ice,
heavy and insular with thoughts of days passed
and restless for days to come,
is led by the hand of Venus along the pink dusky clouds
the wild heart of Spring begins to open

Once again, little snowflakes, we find ourselves deep in the hollow of wintertide, the frost gathering on our lashes as we reluctantly venture out, cloaked in the heavy velvets of the dark season. Though the days grow steadily longer, we have yet to really see the evidence of it in any calculable way, making even the most vivacious spirits appear a bit withered. It seems to require more and more effort to retain the most basic sense of balance, let alone anything more.

And yet, in the thick of it all, we have a wonderful little glimmer of brightness: the witches sabbat of Imbolc. On February 1st, this most welcome holiday holds the candle for light returning, earth awakening, and the rebirth of Spring.  Traditionally a festival in honor of the beloved triple goddess Brigid – now in her guise as the Maiden – it is also a celebration honoring the return of the Sun, with the very first of the early Spring seedlings busting from the frozen earth, as new life begins to stir all around. The name itself Imbolc means “in the womb,” symbolizing the impending birth of the new season and new beginnings, so if you are getting restless, it’s no wonder. You can vibe with this auspicious time by lighting candles all throughout your home, eating and decorating with seeds, and saying a big hello to Brigid by way of nibbling blackberries and sipping blackberry tea (one of her faves!)

Right on the high heels of Brigid’s day is a very communicative New Moon in cerebral Aquarius, on February 4th at 4:04 pm EST. My Loves, I am so excited to share this with you, because this particular moon is incredibly effective, and I really want you to reap its benefits! At the stroke of the New Moon – make sure you calculate your local time – you will have the opportunity to receive valuable information pertaining to a creative, innovative idea that has the ability to take flight and succeed. Aquarius is the sign of the humanitarian, and one who connects with others as a group, so be tuned in for a lightbulb to go off in the direction of something that can help others while increasing your finances. This isn’t just about you, but something you can share to benefit the greater whole. With Mercury and Jupiter on your side right now, communication will be very positive with regard to your ideas, and you will find as things are ready to be presented, they will be received well! The trick is to be able to hear what the wind is whispering to you. Can you steal away for a bit and get some quiet time? Because the moon moves quickly, and its placement now, you have a good hour to receive the cosmic download. Try to escape for a bit and still the mind. If you can meditate, perfect. If not, just find a private spot, breathe, and tune everything else out. Ask to receive what it is you need to know. And be open to how the stars respond. Remember that new Moons take six months to come to fruition, when the Full Moon is in that same sign, so let this be a project that develops, and during this process do not let your inner ego voice tell you it cannot be done. It absolutely can.

The very next day, on February 5th, we welcome in the Lunar New Year of the Pig. This year resides in the element of earth, and with it the vibration of good fortune, sociability, and happiness. The Pig also represents great support from others, and favorable outcomes. A coincidence right after our New Moon? Not a chance.

February isn’t looking so dreary after all, now is it? Keep the momentum going mid-month, as you embrace Venus on February 14th. Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day, with all its forced romance since even pre-Christian times, but why not make it about something entirely natural: show your gorgeous witch self some love through beauty rituals and adornment. Even though it falls on a workday, make plans to treat yourself to allover beauty by indulging in a few petite rituals, and keep a rose quartz close to you all day and night. You can absolutely fit a little spa into your morning shower routine by applying a masque before you step in, allowing the steam to activate your treatment, then rinsing off after you’ve exfoliated with a fabulous body scrub. During the workday, be sure to claim a few beauty breaks by disappearing into the powder room, taking several deep breaths, spritzing your face with rose water or a magic mist, then anointing yourself with a hydrating serum. Give your mane a good shake, adjust your posture, and saunter on back into the day. You’ll feel like a force of nature, and look like one.

Back at the lair, conjure a decadent pleasure for you alone, or to share, in the form of a madly delicious dessert that’s actually a potent beauty food. This one is so simple you will want to make it all the time – just a few ingredients and a few minutes –  but so rich in magic and skin-loving nutrients that it’s actually quite powerful. The timing so near the Full Moon also aligns it harmoniously with the heavenly cycle, so you will reap the benefits even more!

Love Magic Mousse
Beauty Food
Serves two

1 large, or 2 small ripe avocadoes
¼ cup raw unsweetened cacao powder
¼ cup almond milk
2 tablespoons pure maple syrup
½ teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract, or seeds of one vanilla bean

Combine all ingredients in a food processor and pulse until it has a very smooth, velvety texture. As you concoct, open up to love in all its forms. See and feel yourself as a radiant creature, worthy of fulfilling relationships, and entirely adored.  With each bite, take that energy into every cell of your being. You are beautiful.

Cacao Ruled by fire, cacao is a magical food of love and riches. It is incredibly high in antioxidants (which prevent cell and tissue damage,) iron, magnesium, and calcium –  all of which make it a superior beauty food blessed with the enchantments of a mood-elevating aphrodisiac.

Avocado This succulent fruit of the love goddess is ripe with beautifying fats that feed your skin from the inside out while keeping you full without bloating. Not surprisingly, it is also a magically powerful love and beauty attractor.

Almond Healing almonds communicate that energy to cells thanks to their ruler, Mercury. Almonds are rich in skin-loving vitamin E, beauty fats and minerals, and have the ability to boost brain power, stabilize blood sugar, and protect your heart. They also carry money magic.

Maple Plentiful Jupiter brings us this sweet nectar of the sacred maple tree, and with it the magic of love, abundance, wisdom and longevity. Antioxidant-rich and anti-inflammatory, maple syrup is a natural sugar fairly low on the glycemic index with a taste that pairs sublimely with cacao.

Cinnamon Solar powered cinnamon is an ancient beautifier and bringer of love magic. Warming, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and high in antioxidants, it stabilizes blood sugar while heightening psychic awareness and bringing forth abundance.

Vanilla Another gift of Venus, lush vanilla is heavy on the love and sexual magic. It’s heady aroma and flavor intoxicates, and its aphrodisiac powers are legendary. Vanilla is also rich in copper, which helps to promote collagen and elastic production.

Beauty Witch Secret:  Spice it up with a dash of fire-ruled chili pepper to increase circulation to the skin for a radiant glow. Witchy perk? Chili bears the magic of love and fidelity.

As the month continues to unfold, we bask in the light of the Full Ice Moon on Februaru19th at 10:54am EST in attentive Virgo. The vibration now is that of energy within working toward the surface, and that of healing. Aided by the zodiac’s earth mother, you can truly take hold of your wellness by making a cosmic agreement to deal with what’s ailing you, both physically and emotionally. The Full Moon may reveal a habit or health concern that you either weren’t aware of, or were attempting to ignore, so pay close attention to what her light reflects, and take it seriously.

To lend you a little support, I’ve conjured a delightful beauty bath to immerse in on this Full Moon:  a happy blend of relaxation, sensuality and love, it balances the tendency to over-analyze. It also has formidable immune-boosting properties to keep a potential inner-hypochondriac from spoiling the celebration!

Blissful Moon
Bath Soak
Per bath

1 tablespoon dried lavender
1 tablespoon dried passionflower
8 drops vetiver essential oil

You can enjoy this either by brewing a bath tea or a making a sachet. For the tea, either steep the herbs in room temperature spring water for a minimum of one hour, or heat the water on the stove – but take care to not boil it – and sprinkle in the herbs, allowing them to steep for 3-5 minutes. Fill your bathtub with warm water, strain the brew, then pour in. If you like a sachet, simply place the herbs in a small piece of cheesecloth or muslin tea bag, douse with the oil, tie with string, and drop it into the filled bathtub. (Both ways are lovely.)

Lavender Ruled by air, lavender lightens the spirit while soothing and calming both the skin and the emotions. Magically, it grants love, peace, happiness, and protection.

Passion Flower This love herb of Venus also provides stress reduction and relaxation, easing the entire body (including the face!)

Vetiver Also brought to us by Venus, vetiver brings love, luck, and abundance laced with a sensual, musky scent that disguises its ability to strengthen the immune system.

Beauty Witch Secret: You can use the sachet during your bath as a natural sponge, gliding gorgeous scent and herb magic all along your skin for an even more delightful bath!

Thank you, my Darlings, for joining me here each month – it’s officially been one year since this column began! If you are new to these pages, welcome! And do browse the Beauty Witch Archives for potions, elixirs, and brews to enhance your spellbinding self all year long.

Joyeux Anniversaire!

Love and Stardust,


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Alise Marie is the author of The Beauty Witch's Secrets: Recipes and Rituals For The The Modern Goddess, contributor at Enchanted Living, and creative director at The Beauty Witch®. Visit her at thebeautywitch.com for eco-luxe potions, planetary readings, and seasonal offerings, and on Instagram @thebeautywitchofficial.


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