June 2 Venus enters Cancer *home is where the heart is*
June 10 New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini *clever communications*
June 11 Mars in Leo *fire in the sky*
June 20 Midsummer *for your pleasure*
June 22 Mercury direct *back to work!*
June 24 Full Moon in Capricorn *let go to move forward*


Ahh, the freedom of June! No matter where we are, or what we are doing, this late-Spring-into-Summer fling always has this delicious feel of wild abandon, no? With bare limbs kissed by sunshine and fragrant breezes that just demand we arch our backs in a langorous cat stretch, this month welcomes the embrace of all things light, bright, and liberating. And such a time, too, for dizzying cosmic displays! There is much to know about June, so let’s dive right in, shall we?

June opens her doors to find Venus standing there, wanting in. She has just entered Cancer, you see, and is craving some time at home, away from the bustle of the social whirl that’s been rekindled of late. If you’re feeling sentimental, particularly where family and loved ones are concerned, that’s the goddess herself guiding you. Expect a need for privacy, and a focus on home life, as well as your inner self. And by all means, take this opportunity, because at month’s end Venus is on to Leo, and her domain will be directed outwards once again.

Now, bien sûr, June is the month where Gemini claims the Sun, so the pull here is a bit conflicting: home and socializing can be a balancing act. The Twins bring an excited, fluttering energy to all interactions, and like to get out there and flirt! They also possess sharp minds, quick wits, and adore chat, so hiding out at home is really not on their agenda. What to do? Some of both, I think. Take some time to be quiet and nurturing to yourself and those nearest and dearest, but make sure to get out and mingle a bit, as well. You’ll feel whole. The potential Gemini disconnect is the duality, but also the need to hop around to different things – kind of like a bee pollenating a multitude of flowers – so if you keep it interesting, you will make the most of now. Just avoid falling into the scattered energy that can come about.

GEMINI POWER CARD: The Lovers Soul connections. Choices. Balancing of opposites to create wholeness. Honest communication. From the Crowley Thoth Deck.
GEMINI POWER CARD: The Lovers Soul connections. Choices. Balancing of opposites to create wholeness. Honest communication. From the Crowley Thoth Deck.

In the midst of it all, we have a clever New Moon Solar Eclipse on June 10th (6:53am EST,) also in Gemini. This is an excellent time for new studies, new areas of interest, and new communications, but there are a few snags. The Moon goes void-of-course (at 1:38pm EST) so there isn’t much time to capitalize on the vibration. Also bear in mind we are still in a retrograde Mercury position, so the very things Gemini holds dear can get frazzled. Take advantage of this strong lunation, but keep all your retrograde checks and balances in full force, mes amies. Let’s say you are wanting to begin a new class, or initiate a series of  emails with a potential new client. I would lay the groundwork, hit the research, even initiate things, but wait to really begin until our communications master settles back into his direct motion once again.

I feel like we need a focused restart here. Let’s begin a new cycle with something fabulous, yes? Something that clears away the old energies, but also brings in the magick of new possibilities. New habits, mes amours.  A New Moon is such a splendid time to refocus on your health, and doing things that not only make you feel better, but put you back in control. Gorgeousness will be a given if you take a few steps here and there to raise your own vibration. Begin with a beauty elixir designed to reset your wellbeing, improve your skin, and bring forth all good things.

Crème de Lune

Per serving

½ cup unsweetened coconut milk
½ cup coconut water
1/3 cup honeydew melon, cubed
1” piece of fresh aloe gel
Juice of 1 lime
1 teaspoon vanilla
¼ teaspoon ground nutmeg
Raw coconut nectar to taste

It is ideal here to use fresh aloe leaf. You can find them in the “exotic” fruit area of your local market – you know, where the papayas and mangoes live. Of course, you can always harvest fresh from a plant, but bear in mind that you have to grow quite a bit of aloe if you want to continually harvest for home use. Aloe is goddess-sent for anyone who has digestive disorders, so incorporating the gel regularly into your green drinks, smoothies, etc., is an excellent idea, but you may want to start growing a ton before planning to abandon the market! To get at the gel, you want to “filet” the leaf: with a sharp knife, carefully slice off the spikey edges lengthwise. Then – also very carefully – slice the top layer away to reveal the clear gel. Finish by then slicing the gel away from the underside of the skin. You can do the whole leaf at once and store the gel, but a better way to keep it fresh would be to cut the size you need from the leaf, filet, then keep the rest refrigerated. The trick here is to slice the gel clean from the leaf, because the gel itself is entirely tasteless (and therefore so easy to add to things) but the leaf is madly bitter. Undrinkably so. Keep that in mind before you add the gel to your blender.

And yes, into the blender with it all! Add a bit of coconut nectar as you like to sweeten. As you prepare your elixir, strongly hold the vision and feeling of letting go, so that everything you desire can come toward you. What might that be? My guess is that a bit of making connections, or study, may be needed to achieve it. So allow those thoughts and feelings in, too. Blend it all together at high speed until completely smooth, and see it as a spell. Drink it down, absorbing the magick.

*Please note: if fresh aloe leaf is unavailable, you can find drinkable liquid aloe gel in your local health food shop or online.

 Coconut Lunar-ruled coconut heightens your intuition and psychic abilities as it hydrates your skin both inside and out with superior beauty fats.

Honeydew Rich in beautifying vitamin C, honeydew hydrates and keeps your belly happy while strengthening bones.  Ruled by the Moon, it brings healing and purification.

Aloe This lovely plant gel cools, soothes, and relieves irritation, bringing forth protection and luck magic.

Lime Fiery, solar lime brings love and protection while helping skin rejuvenate with vitamin C and antioxidants.

Vanilla A gorgeous, lusty vine rich in copper to promote collagen and elastin production.

Nutmeg  Jupiter-ruled nutmeg is an excellent anti-inflammatory for skin that can have a reaction to the changing seasons. It is also highly valued for its ability to open up our psychic awareness. 

Beauty Witch Secret: This makes a delicious base for chia pudding or overnight oats! Just add 1/4 -1/3 cup chia seeds or oats (depending on how thick you like them) whisk a few times, then let them set. Bring your magick to work with you!

The very next day, on June 11th, the fire returns to the sky! Our friend Mars enters Leo, and this union can only produce one thing: passion! After a brief respite, expect sparks to fly again in every possible way, alongside generous dash of drama, and a cauldron-full of confidence. This can go either way, chéris, so keep it beneficial. Stay in your heart, not your ego. These two embody both, so keep it on the high-vibration side of things. Whatever happens now, it will not be dull. When fire unites this way, the mood will be lively, to say the least.

And what would June be without her crown of jewels? On June 20th, as the Sun enters Cancer, ravishing Midsummer is here, once again, to beguile and seduce. Summer Solstice invites us to revel in the voluptuousness of the season, basking in the glow of all we have created. It is the peak of solar power, and all the vitality that comes with it, so enjoy the fullness of now, every scent, every taste! Later this month becomes a bit more serious, and Mercury will once again be direct, so delight in dawdling! There will be plenty of time to get back to work before long.

Because, you see, June is truly a month of duality. As our witchy Litha engulfs us in her pleasures, our favorite party guest Jupiter goes retrograde – on the very same day, no less. As with all retrogrades, no panic is required, nor appreciated. Rather, it’s the “re-“ time: revise, revisit, repair, etc. When expansive, luck-bringing Jupiter retrogrades, it’s not that all prosperity is out the window, but a chance to reassess things so that you are ready when the winds are at your back again – in this case, October. I’ll give you an example: I am launching something dear to me this coming Fall, and, as cosmic wisdom would have it, I do indeed need to revise a few major details before that launch. And I thank the stars I have the time and means to do it! Most of all, I am thankful that I could see what needed revising before I charged ahead.  This is what I’m always going on about, mignonettes: tapping into the wisdom of the stars, and using the energy available. With the focus on Pisces, it will be wise to reconnect with your innermost self right now, too, with an emphasis on something you may be avoiding. Sit with that a minute. What have you been avoiding?

As promised, June 24th brings us a rather serious Full Mead Moon in Capricorn (2:40pm EST) Though this Moon traditionally symbolizes a robust, yet gentle energy of strength, it also has a protective vibe. Think of it as keeping watch over your baby – your creations you have worked so hard, and so lovingly for. You have so much invested, and they are so incredibly important to you, that you are hell bent on keeping them away from both harm and unnecessary stressors. Yes, there is celebration, but Capricorn is here to remind you that the work has, in a way, only just begun. Resting on our laurels is not an option. There is also a feeling here of understanding that continued growth cannot happen if we are clinging to the old. If you are willing to wrap up the past, you can go forward. I would see this in the context of the entire month, as I feel it connects to all the planetary energies mentioned here. Maybe jot it all down in a journal or notebook, and see how the dots connect. A little bit of time on this will help you not only to see it all clearly, but to chart your course forward.

How does beauty tie in here? Well, with sticky temperatures in the north, and potential internal stressing, skin is going to need some rescuing, no?  (For my southern hemisphere loves, keep this in your cauldron for your Winter months.) I’ve conjured a fantastically firming, gel-based moisturizer for the steamy season, oily or acne-prone skin, sensitivity, hormonal surges, stress flare-ups, or for anytime you feel you need something a bit lighter than a crème moisturizer. You will love this!

Moon Flower
Facial Moisturizer

Conjures approximately a 3 month supply

¼ cup aloe gel
1 tablespoon jojoba oil
10 drops lavender essential oil
8 drops neroli essential oil

Now for this potion, I would actually suggest buying the aloe gel that comes in a jar, as opposed to the fresh leaf, only because it will be easy to keep on hand and store for future potions. Just be sure to buy the thick gel, not the liquid, because it will make a difference in the texture and application of your moisturizer. Simply spoon the gel into a bowl, add in your oils, and stir until the mixture takes on a slightly creamy, clouded appearance. Then you can spoon it into an airtight little jar and use in the morning, evening, and whenever you need a little lift! Play with the oils, too. If you have drier skin,  by all means, increase the jojoba oil, or even add a splash of a heavier oil (such as avocado) if you find that suits you better. If you dislike the scent of lavender or neroli (what??!!) you can try ylang ylang or chamomile, edelweiss if you can find it, or rosemary.  A little will go a long way, so this will last. You can even store the extra in the refrigerator for a cool kiss to your face.

Now, you know I tend toward concocting on a New Moon, however here I do like the idea of harnessing this particular Full Moon power, and using it immediately. It is up to you. Certainly, it will work well and be full of its own magick either way.

In addition to our magnificent aloe, we have a few friends here to assist our magick.

Jojoba Similar to the skin’s natural sebum, jojoba balances its production and absorbs quickly as it provides long-lasting hydration.

Lavender “Elf Leaf” naturally banishes blemishes in its gentle manner, with love, longevity, and happiness magick to spare. 

Neroli Sweetly scented, solar neroli keeps the oil in skin balanced (whatever your skin type) and has potent antiseptic and regenerative powers. It brings love, luck, and abundance. 

Beauty Witch Secret: This joyous potion makes a potent spa treatment, too! Mix in one tablespoon of Moroccan red clay, or French green clay, to draw out impurities as it tightens and firms. Just allow it to rest on a clean face and neck for 10-15 minutes, then remove with a warm, damp facial cloth. Rinse well, and pat dry. Follow with a light application of Moon Flower for megawatt glow!

And there we have it, mes beautés! I wish you the most gorgeous June, so full of potential and pleasure, and I know you will make all the very best choices. Smart Witches always do.

Love and Stardust,

Xo Alise

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