Mar 3 | Mars in Gemini
*Restless mind, but ease of speech*

Mar 13 | New Moon in Pisces
*Creativity is heightened*

Mar 20  | Ostara
 *The season of rebirth arrives*

Mar 21 | Venus in Aries
*Passion and fire ignite*

Mar 28  |  Full Moon in Libra
*Manifest harmony*

Ostara. The name alone conjures a shiver of sensuality. As much of a tease as March can be, taunting with highly unpredictable weather and the seemingly false arrival of our long lost Spring, she, nonetheless, is the keeper of the Spring Equinox – and for this, she holds my heart. I’ll grant you, March is notoriously fickle: one minute you’re devouring the sunshine and swooning over the return of nature, the next wrapping yourself in faux furs and hibernating indoors. And, by month’s end, this becomes exasperating, especially this year. But the wheel of the turns, with or without us, and Smart Witches seize every moment.

With gauzy, watercolor Piscean vibrations all around to twirl us into a new month, every sensation becomes a poem. Revel in that. What better time to get re-acquainted with your sensuality, your artistic self, the sheer romance of existence? It may not be ideal just yet for every carefree romp you’d like, but I say capture it when, and where, you can. Though the equinox comes a bit later in the month, she’s whispering in your ear. Are you listening?

Pisces Power Card: The Moon Your intuition will lead you through your fears and uncertainty. Beware of illusion. Tap into the power of the lunar cycles. From le Tarot de Marseilles deck.
Pisces Power Card: The Moon Your intuition will lead you through your fears and uncertainty. Beware of illusion. Tap into the power of the lunar cycles. From le Tarot de Marseilles deck.

The restlessness that so often accompanies changing seasons is amplified as powerhouse Mars enters Gemini on March 3rd. Our goal-oriented warrior becomes irritable, impatient with the indecisiveness of the Twins. However, his need for action is enhanced by airy intellect, making mental challenges easy to tackle, and his interest is piqued by Gemini’s versatility. It may be more difficult right now to ease your anxiety around what seems to not be moving fast enough, but, it is a spectacular time to delve into that which requires a quick mind. With fiery momentum, you’ll find that you can finish that assignment, ace that test, or tackle that research quite well now.

The New Moon in Pisces kisses us on March 13th (5:21am EST) with watery, romantic vibes. Your dreams and visions will be especially creative now, with heightened intuition showing you things you may never have imagined before. Though la lune’s spell in the sign of the Fish is brief (she goes void-of-course at 11:38 am EST) she will be strong. If you can work your New Moon magick in the morning, by all means, do. You’ll have cosmic assistance addressing any vulnerable spots you’re afraid of falling into.

Pairing misty water spirits with the lushness that Ostara rekindles, I have conjured a sensual pleasure for you! Take to the waters for a luxuriant soak to begin your day as a goddess: a beautifying bath that leaves your skin and your spirit renewed, alive, and ready to create! Gently cleansing, deeply moisturizing, and skin-loving, this rapturous bath will transform your weary spirit.

Bain de Fleurs

Per soak

2-3 cups fresh or dried flowers
2 cups coconut milk, room temperature
8 drops star anise essential oil
6 drops lavender essential oil

This is so much fun! Gather a lavish bunch of whatever flowers you love, the ones that call to you, the ones that inspire. They can be dried, but if possible use whole buds as opposed to crushed petals. If you can manage fresh flowers, do! The idea here is to have as much life, color, and texture possible. The full flowers (each will have its own magick) will represent abundance and fullness on its way to you, while lunar coconut milk, ruled by water, heightens your intuition and psychic abilities as it hydrates your skin in creamy softness. Star anise is ruled by Jupiter, bringing the power of love and luck as it softens wrinkles and helps to prevent new ones. Our old favorite lavender joins the party, with its gifts of peace happiness, love, longevity, and protection. And the scent pairing is divine!

Gather your ingredients together on a beautiful tray. Run a warm bath. When it is ready, pour in the coconut milk slowly, tracing a pattern in the water. Take your time creating your bath. Add the essential oils, one at a time. Then, sprinkle the flowers in gracefully. Ease into the fragrant waters, and breathe deeply. Look at this beauty all around you! What do you see in the hypnotic water? What do the flowers tell you? Open up to the visions. And carry them with you.

Beauty Witch Secret: Have a bright, happy citrine stone near you as you bathe. Citrine brings joy and abundance by opening the solar plexus chakra. Its message? Follow your pleasure to find wealth and contentment, trust yourself, and pay absolutely no mind to anyone’s criticism.  I love it.

As Ostara dances us into Spring on March 20th, the Sun moves into Aries, and the energies turn from internal to external. We leave behind the veil of late Winter and now prepare to burst forth into a new cycle, in tune with Venus entering Aries on March 21st. Vitality, enthusiasm, and unbridled passion are all around! Sex heats up, and you may find that special someone especially charming right now – of course, they find you irresistible too! Love of the self is predominant, which you can use to your advantage to build confidence, begin or enhance your beauty rituals, and…maybe even spend a little extra on a bombshell wardrobe addition? The thing to watch out for now is slipping into ego, self-importance, or ignoring that special creature we were just seducing. Better to use the pure dynamism and spontaneity available in all matters of amour.

This month leaves us with yet another gift of riches: a lovely Full Storm Moon in Libra on March 28th (2:48pm EST) which promises harmony and the celebration of beauty. If all the cosmic treasures of late haven’t shaken those Winter doldrums, this bright Moon surely will – don’t let the “storm” bit scare you, this Moon brings the energies of growth and prosperity. Balance is the key to a Libra lunation, so use this time to manifest a gorgeous equilibrium between, for instance, work and pleasure. So many people took the forced isolation of this past year to slow down and find ways to add more joy to their everyday lives. Simple pleasures, beauty and wellness rituals, and more time with loved ones would be a gorgeous path to presence, yes?

For this Moon, I have a simple little surprise for you: a sweet, unabashedly sensual beauty bite that is a breeze to concoct, and positively voluptuous in its glamour. Did I mention healthy? Ah, oui.

Confiture de Rose

Beauty Bite
Makes approximately 10 servings

1 cup strawberries
2 tablespoons chia seeds
2-3 tablespoons rose water
1 teaspoon bourbon vanilla extract
1 teaspoon raw coconut nectar

As you concoct this pleasure bite, mes cheris, I want you to truly be in the moment. Feel the joy coursing through you, that rush of sweetness that happens when you are living for life itself. When it all just comes together. When you have what you need, and much of what you want. And life is easy. Pour that energy into your conjuring, and you will have unlocked the key to something much bigger.

Begin by mashing the strawberries in a bowl, using either a potato masher or a fork, until they become soft and mixable. Add the rosewater and chia seeds, and give it a good stir.  Let it set for about 10 minutes, then add the remaining ingredients, and stir again – always clockwise to bring it towards you. Spoon into a glass jar with an airtight lid, and store it in the refrigerator. I love it best when it has been allowed to get to room temperature before eating. Spoon it on anything! It’s delightful and bright, with sexy berry notes and an underlying perfume of rose. And, of course, it is magnifying your beauty with every bite.

Joining our darling coconut, is the Queen herself – rose. Her Venusian gifts target fine lines and wrinkles with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and has a unique ability to soften, smooth, and feed skin. Paired with sensuous vanilla, love and sexual magic heat up with this aphrodisiac, so rich in copper, that also helps to promote collagen and elastin production from within. Bombshell strawberry joins the fête, bringing you glowing skin by nourishing and fortifying with abundant vitamin C alongside the love and beauty magic they are known for. Hydrating chia adds a punch with significant, complete plant-powered protein, Easily digested, chia is rich in omega fatty acids, fiber, and minerals.

Beauty Witch Secret: This beautiful confection makes for very provocative gifts. Conjure some for those you love, presented in gorgeous glass jars and adorned with a bit of sexy ornament.

That is all for now, mes amours! I will see you again in April, when fires burn bright…

Love and Stardust,

Xo Alise

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