Mar 2 New Moon in Pisces * Lucky You!*

Mar 6 Venus and Mars enter Aquarius  * Connect with kindred spirits*

Mar 10 Mercury enters Pisces * Open your mind, watch your speech*

Mar 18  Full Moon in Virgo * What’s missing?*

Mar 20 Vernal Equinox/Ostara * A new season of sexiness! *


By the time you are reading this, the yearning desire for Spring to appear has already been stirring in the cauldron of our collective spirit forever, it seems, though in actual time, it has been a few solid weeks of being close enough to really feel, yes? Though the last traces of official Winter are still with us, both mentally and weather-wise, the rustle of new life cannot, and should not, be ignored. March always has that feel to it: we have that mad urge to run outdoors, twirl about, get things moving, and play! Yet, more often than not, we feel content to just gaze at the newly-budding landscape through the window from our velvet nests draped in faux fur. This is Pisces season, mignonettes, and there is no coincidence. As the last sign of the zodiac, and therefore the ending of the astrological year, Pisces asks us to slow down a little – ok, sometimes a lot – after a flurry of socializing and plotting the months ahead, to reflect upon all that has happened within the last star year. If you’re feeling introspective, even slightly woozy, you are not alone. Neptune has us right now, and staying in present time will be key. The nostalgia of the past is to be observed, you see, not sunken into. And, even though the future is around the corner, and we are making plans, it isn’t here just yet. This is the pause before the fire of the new begins to blaze when Aries hits the ground running later this month. And this is incredibly valuable. When you’re feeling a teensy bit languid, and none too motivated for action in this early part of March, remember that it is your power time (yes, there is power in stillness!) for tuning into your senses, being contemplative, and using your intuition to really see what this past year has brought you. What worked? What absolutely did not? What were the lessons? How can you use this knowledge, these experiences, to move forward? What needs to be let go of? What do you need to bring forth? A lot of questions, yes, but no need to assault yourself with them. Remember, this is a gentle energy. It is an excellent time to journal it all so you can see it in front of you, and yes, you may do it from the coziness of your bed. With tea. And a handkerchief. Because with all the inherently watery, emotional vibes out there right now, comes the clearing for beautiful, gauzy, paint strokes that only the Fish can create.

Pisces Power Card: The Moon Your intuition will lead you through your fears and uncertainty. Beware of illusion. Tap into the power of the lunar cycles. From the Astrological Oracle deck.
Pisces Power Card: The Moon Your intuition will lead you through your fears and uncertainty. Beware of illusion. Tap into the power of the lunar cycles. From the Astrological Oracle deck.

Our New Moon in Pisces occurs right away, on March 2nd (12:35pm EST) and, guess what? This is an amazing Moon! The Silver Lady is beautifully aligned to none other than lucky Jupiter, opening us up to significant good fortune! This is the time to plant the seeds for the coming months, and be assured that you will love how they grow – particularly in the areas of promoting, media, and getting something you hold dear out into the world. Besides the glorious expansiveness of Jupiter, he also brings a bright enthusiasm which will help you to see it all through. Indeed, we have a nice Mercury-Saturn alignment right now which ensures a very focused energy, which will be needed. I adore it even more than the obvious here, because this Moon sets up that brilliant star gift of building on it as we get these desires off the ground in April, then solidify what works in May. How phenomenal is Spring?! C’est incroyable!

The thing, too, about Jupiter, is that he is also very protective. We forget that. But please know that your wishes and plans are having an extra sprinkling of cosmic dust, to safely guard you through it all. Pisces shadow can be highly doubtful, and prone to limited thinking alongside too high of expectations, so you want to watch out for a tendency to wander into those dark corners, as well. Honestly, we have such fortuitous stars here, these is absolutely no reason to fear. When you do feel it coming on, get some rest. Pisces encourages this, and let’s face it, we’ll need to entirely refreshed to be ready for Aries season.

My offering to you on this New Moon is one that will appeal to our aquatic senses right now, cleanse away the old year, and set the tone for all good things to come – all immersed in scented delicacy, and softly, but powerfully, laced with plant magick.

Lavage de Printemps

Facial & Body Wash
Conjures approximately 3oz.

1.5 oz pure water
½ oz aloe vera liquid extract
½ oz pure Castile soap
8 drops lavender essential oil
2 drops vetivert essential oil
Dried lavender flowers (optional)

In a 3 oz. glass bottle or jar (one with a pouring cap is ideal), and using a small culinary funnel or pipette, pour the water, aloe extract, and Castile soap in, swirling the vessel clockwise, vigorously, to combine. Drop in each essential oil, and flowers if you are using (adding the lavender flowers enhances the scent over time, and looks lovely in the glass.) As you concoct, hold the visual and the feeling strongly within you of great luck coming your way. You are clearing away any cobwebs still in the corners, so to speak, of the old, and making a fresh beginning. New, bright, abundant energies are right here now, waiting to assist you – don’t waste them for a minute! Give the finished potion another good swirl, and you are ready to use on your face and entire body. With each use, recall your original New Moon intention, building the momentum over the days, weeks, and months. Rinse well. This is a light, gentle, and thoroughly effective way to treat your skin well. Follow with your rituals for toning, treating, and moisturizing.

Aloe This lovely “medicine plant” gel cools, soothes, and relieves irritation, bringing forth protection and luck magic.

Lavender This treasured flower eases inflammation, cleanses, and gently clears away negativity (including blemishes) while relieving anxiety, negative feelings, and even restlessness. Its magical gifts include protection, love, and peace. 

Vetivert  A time-tested Witches herb, vetivert brings luck and abundance, and protects that considerable wealth (in all its forms) you are amassing. It’s earthy, lushly wooded aroma calls in the green spirits.

*Note: Castile soap is a very gentle, plant-based cleanser, usually a blend of olive oil with other oils and water to create a light, non-greasy liquid soap suitable for all skin types. It is easily found in the skin and body care section of your natural foods shop. Liquid aloe extract can also usually be found there, but can also be found online. I like Aubrey Organics brand. Just be sure to get the pure aloe liquid extract as sometimes they are blends intended for digestive help, and aren’t suited as well to this potion.

Beauty Witch Secret: Add an aquamarine to your potion bottle to infuse it with Piscean vibrations that align beautifully with Spring.


There’s more!  Just after the New Moon, on March 6th, the cosmic lovers dance into Aquarius as only Mars and Venus can: relationships formed now can be of immense value going forward, particularly when you align with groups. This means romantically, yes, but also in terms of your family of friends, your network of business allies, and like-minded associations for what you are passionate about. Keep your eye on new groups forming – this is truly a time for banding together with kindred spirits.

Then, when Mercury enters Pisces on March 10th, expect lucid dreaming, open-mindedness, and creative thinking to come to the forefront. This gives a wonderfully enchanted feel to all your communications, but be careful of a certain fuzziness to creep in – it can be hard to articulate verbally all your fantastical ideas! Writing, however, will be a brilliant way to channel your mind, as will fine art of any kind. Watch out for blurred communication, tendencies for forgetfulness, and losing track of time.

Our month picks up momentum as we float towards a Full Storm Moon in Virgo in the wee hours of March 18th (3:18am EST.) Now, once more we have a void-of-course Moon, so not only is it best to work your magick the night before, but what is meant to be illuminated may in fact be revealed somewhat ahead of your plans. In fact, you could be jostled from your daydreaming by a sudden awareness of something missing from your life, or perhaps something you couldn’t see before in your conscious mind. Whatever it is, it will make more sense in the coming weeks. Right now, you will be in a good space to express the emotion attached to it, which will clear the way for release. The stars will be striving right now for you to find a balance between the day-to-day details that Virgo loves, and the spiritual needs of Pisces. Mes amours, I think this is a challenge we all have been faced with for quite some time now, and here we have a golden (make that silver!) opportunity to figure it out. Health matters will be in the forefront, too, as again, the balance is needed between the spiritual and the physical. Virgo needs order and routine, while Pisces prefers fluidity and, in truth, can tend toward disorder. These opposite vibrations need to somehow merge harmoniously for you to be at your best, but, fear not – there is ample energy available to find solutions.

Our Moon will favor the fussy, but what better time to reveal an offering that appeals to the discriminating tastes of the Virgin entwined with a bit of, dare we? Decadence! We can be well-ordered and have a little fun too, no? This plant-powered version of a classic pot du crème will have you coming back for more. With rich, beautifying nutrients, major magick, and a decidedly grown-up taste of Spring, it will feel fabulous to splurge a little while staying true to your body’s needs.

Crème Sensuelle

Beauty Bite
Conjures 2 servings

1 cup light coconut milk (or full fat)
1 cup unsweetened cashew milk
2 tablespoons cashew butter
½ tablespoon dried lavender flowers
3 tablespoons arrowroot powder
2 tablespoons Bourbon vanilla extract
1/2” thick piece ginger root, grated
3 packets stevia
Pinch of sea salt

*Note: If you have a tree nut allergy, feel free to swap the milk (hemp, oat) and the cashew butter (sunflower seed butter) to work in your favor. You can skip the nut/seed butter altogether, but it does add thickness and creaminess to the potion.

In a saucepan, whisk together the coconut milk, cashew milk, and lavender flowers until they are well blended. This will be the flavor and magick base of your beauty bite. Set the tone by raising your vibration to attune with the ingredients and their properties, as you visualize and feel yourself as strong, sensual, and entirely in your power. You can handle all of life’s surprises, be healthy and beautiful, and enjoy the richness of your every experience. I want this to feed you on every level, knowing that you deserve happiness and confidence, and giving yourself permission to infuse your everyday everything with glamour.

Now add the remaining ingredients, and whisk until completely smooth, and the arrowroot is dissolved. Heat the mixture on a medium flame until it comes to a boil,, continuing to whisk frequently so the blend stays smooth. Once it boils, continue to whisk 2-3 minutes as it thickens. Remove the saucepan from the heat, and pour into beautiful vessels (if you are using glass, wait to transfer until the custard cools.) You can taste it first, to adjust anything to your preferences, but be aware that the resting time will deepen the flavors.

The lavender can be a bit strong, mes amies, so if you are like me and love the intensity of biting into the flowers, leave them in. If you prefer a milder floral note, strain the mixture before pouring into vessels. In addition to this witchy fave, a few more important guests are arriving at your soirée:

Coconut Ruled by the moon and water, coconut heightens your intuition and psychic abilities as it provides beauty fats for supple skin.

Cashew Guided by the Sun’s fire, creamy cashews bring forth money magick. High in beauty fats, cashews are also rich in nutrients, protein, minerals, and vitamin E – a highly effective oil which repairs skin, including wrinkles. They are a good natural source of selenium, an antioxidant which helps to protect cells from damage, thereby preventing accelerated ageing in skin.

Arrowroot This finely powdered tuber acts as a thickening agent, and a nutritive alternative to cornstarch. It is high in dietary fiber, calcium, minerals, and even protein for a root vegetable. It is a gluten free immune booster that brings forth grounded earth magick.

Vanilla This gorgeous, lusty vine is rich in copper to promote collagen and elastin production and has noted aphrodisiac powers.

Ginger This magic root calls upon the fire of Mars for his force of will, circulating the blood for fresh skin cells and a fresh energy.

Sea Salt Mineral-rich and detoxifying, sea salt (Celtic is the best choice) conjures both sea and earth magick, with an extra dose of clearing and protection.

Beauty Witch Secret: You can easily, and blissfully, change the flavorings of this basic recipe to suit the seasons, and use as a layer for parfaits, breakfast bowls, and desserts.

Try these:

Summer: Lime zest + fresh pineapple on top
Autumn: Pumpkin spice blend + chopped apples + walnuts
Winter: 1 teaspoon of cacao + a pinch each of cardamom + chile pepper


And, before you even know it, there She is: Spring! Yes, la dame du printemps will arrive on March 20th, just as the glorious Sun shines brightly in vibrant Aries. This very sexy day is heightened by the Moon in smoldering Scorpio, promising a passionately charged start to the season. Perhaps make another pot of Crème Sensuelle in celebration? You know what I’m going to say. “Enjoy it beneath the covers, naked, and with a very special friend.” Oh, you do make me proud!

The Vernal Equinox, the sublime sabbat of Ostara, is always a joyous manifestation of new beginnings, and so much potential. Embrace the new cycle of growth with a child’s heart full of love and light – let your imagination soar, your eyes see beauty, and your spirit be free!

Love and Stardust,

Xo Alise

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