The Beauty Witch: MAY

A short summary of the the video:

“May is a month of sensuality, fertility, and creation. Alise Marie, also known as The Beauty Witch, welcomes us to this lusty month. The energy of May is accompanied by the Sabbath of Beltane, which falls on May 1st.

Although Taurus is not known for its fire, spring is a potent time for new growth. See this season as a gorgeous tryst between earth and fire, action and lusciousness. Alise advises readers to use the energies of May wisely and enjoy the beauty of the month.

As May comes to a close, the Alise bids farewell and looks forward to seeing readers again in June.”

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0:00 Beltane
Taurus Vibes
Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse
04:21 Raw Cacao Magic
04:09 Sacred Spring Exfoliant
06:23 Venus Enters Cancer
07:41 Taurus New Moon
Cacao God Elixir
09:47 Mars in Leo
10:33 Sun in Gemini

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