The Wheel of The Year is a funny thing. And quite beautiful, really. As we undulate forward into a new season of life, we embrace inevitable changes, not with fear, but with excitement coursing through our veins – for new treasures are everywhere, just waiting to be unearthed.

With this deliriously beautiful sensory overload that we call Autumn, the Witches New Year is ushered in, and what better time to light the fire beneath the future, yes? Yes! And so, it is in this sensual, spicy, jewel-toned spell that I have chosen to share a secret with you: The Beauty Witch is going on holiday! Off to mysterious destinations, she will be leaving this space for a while, her work nestled into the rich earth, lovingly covered with ruby leaves and golden Fall sunshine. Part Persephone journeying underground, part cinema queen on location, she will be slipping away to seize saucy adventures, engage in capers, relish steamy affairs, and, as usual, generally create a bit of mischief wherever she goes…But! She will return in Spring, with a very special new filmed version of The Beauty Witch column, which I cannot wait to show you!

Rest assured The Beauty Witch archives, filled with delightful potions, brews, cocktails, elixirs, musings and cosmic wisdom shall remain here at Enchanted Living, for you to reference any time you like. My quarterly features still await you each season in print, too, so keep your eyes peeled. And do visit me at my website Lair for seasonal offerings and Atelier treasures, and on Instagram (honestly, I don’t wander over to Facebook or Twitter very often, but you can, on occasion, catch me there.)  I do love a sexy visitor.

But let’s get to the gloriously glamourous month of October, shall we? I know you’ve been waiting all year for this most magical time, and she is finally here bearing gifts the moment she opens her burnished oak door. The first being when our clever and somewhat exasperating friend Mercury comes swaggering through on October 2nd, having at last decided to move forward, acting as though he has not turned every corner of your existence upside down in his scattered presence. (Yes, yes, I know, of course – the planets do not actually move backwards, but it makes for a fun story, yes?)

But, in truth, after a doozy of a retrograde that made conversations excruciating and computers just stupid, things are coming clear again in time for our beloved season. He does us one even better by entering ultra-pleasant Libra on October 10th, but we’ll get to that in a minute. Libra vibes are twirling all around right now, so enjoy every second of this easy, friendly, flirty, and downright amiable time.

LIBRA POWER CARD: Justice Balance intuition with expertise. Karmic laws are in play. Use your third eye to see clearly. From the Aquarius deck by Dawn Aquarius.
LIBRA POWER CARD: Justice Balance intuition with expertise. Karmic laws are in play. Use your third eye to see clearly. From the Aquarius deck by Dawn Aquarius.

The exciting Full Blood Moon in Aries lights the darkened sky on October 9th (4:55pm EST) promising passionate declarations. Whether of a personal relationship nature – which Libra energy suggests – or more in line with personal goals (entrepreneurial, perhaps?) you can articulate them now, and give them a push forward with great energy and enthusiasm. Whatever you have been trying to manifest over the last six months, you will have the energy available now to make headway. The stars all month, in fact, support this, so be ready. The trick here is that Aries and Libra are exactly opposite on the astrological wheel, and thus wholly opposite in their approach. Aries governs the independent, free-thinking (and freewheeling) self, while Libra needs a mate. Libra approaches interactions with diplomacy, while Aries simply does not. So, the key to balancing this Moon, and this month, really, lies in the ability to see both sides, and give them each the room they require to help us in our plans. There could be a tug-of-war between what you need, and what someone else needs. That someone is important, so consider the compromise that usually makes Aries cringe, because it will be necessary here. Now, of course, this lunar passion – and making your point, nicely – can be used in very sexy ways, which I would always recommend for resolving potential conflicts.

This Moon is inspired by the seasonal shift as much as by Aries star power. In fact, both offerings this month are attuned to the rather fickle nature of, well, nature, during the passage from one season into the next. Beauty-wise, hair needs repair after the summer has left it parched, and the cooler air rushing in only adds to its potential for fragility. Let’s celebrate the Full Moon, and our beloved Autumn by taking on the world with the kind of strengthened, fluffy, tumbling tresses that just beckon fingers to run through. Think of how glorious it will feel to have your locks fanned out on the pillow after you’ve made your, ahem, point in the boudoir.

Cheveux d’Automne

Hair masque
Conjures 1-2 treatments

½ cup pumpkin purée
1 tablespoon pumpkin seed oil
¼ teaspoon nutmeg

With the vision and feelings deep in your bones of seeing your creations harvest over these past six months, combine all three ingredients in a beautiful bowl. Stir clockwise until fully blended. Apply to clean, damp hair, massaging into the layers thoroughly. Pile your hair atop your head, secure it with a pelican clip or two, and allow it to rest for 10-20 minutes. Hold your wishes vividly all the while, perhaps sitting quietly to sink fully into this trance of creation. When you are ready, rinse well with warm water, shampoo lightly, and condition as usual. Style as usual.

Pumpkin Abundant and healing, Moon-ruled pumpkin is packed with vitamins A and C, two of the most effective anti-agers around. It promotes cellular renewal, increases collagen production, hydrates, and deeply nourishes and strengthens both skin and hair.

 Nutmeg Jupiter-ruled nutmeg is an excellent ingredient in hair potions due to its ability to feed the scalp with nutrients for growth, strength, elasticity, and shine. It is also highly valued for its ability to open up our psychic awareness.   

 Beauty Witch Secret: Pumpkin seed oil is a powerhouse beauty ally in more ways than one: taken as a supplement daily, it will feed your scalp (and thus your mane) from the inside out, encouraging strong new growth, abundant shine, and thicker strands. It also contributes to healthy heart function, contains anti-inflammatory properties, and can be beneficial post-menopause. Just, as always, check that your dosage is in line with your weight, and do not megadose – this goes for all supplements, as you can indeed have too much of a good thing.

Getting back to Mercury in Libra on the 10th, here we find all that abhorrent miscommunication we’ve had for weeks on end suddenly becoming so much softer, more polite, with a willingness to listen. Conversations turn, well, giggly, with a flirtatious vibe that blends harmoniously with the noticeable lightness in the air. Even those of us who loathe small talk find it somehow less irritating, so it is a prime time to attend those events and have those conversations that might normally have you counting the seconds, controlling your eyerolls, and making way too many trips to the bar.

And then…dark allure beckons: Our fair maiden Venus is drawn into the sultry web of Scorpio on October 23rd, the same day solar fire ignites in this most mysterious sign. Relationships turn from light and bubbly toward a deeper intensity. What you crave now is a more genuine connection, filled with meaning. It’s a bit of an adjustment for our love planet, because she tends toward the surface frivolity, but her Scorpion lover will demand meaning, depth…and perhaps even a journey into the underworld of dark erotica and occult ritual. When Venus is in Mars-ruled Scorpio, there is a polarizing affect that disallows her usual peacemaking and amicability, so that passionate, and rather dramatic emotions can erupt at the drop of a hat. This can, of course, be potent declarations of love or hate, but be aware that ferociously loyal Scorpio also holds grudges with a magnificent finality. If you are falling for someone new, or trying to revive an existing love, be aware: this could be a heated wild ride. But those can be quite pleasurable, no?

Oh, and I must tell you, mes chérs, that besides Mercury, we have Pluto and Saturn stationing direct this month. This is good news. Pluto, on the 8th, grants us some release from the overall sense we’ve had of uncertainty as to our place in the world – the bigger picture of trying to find where we fit, at least through the lens of now, and stumbling around to decide what comes next. This is a result of all the letting go that’s been happening for months astrologically. That image, and that feeling in your bones, will become crystalline as Autumn moves forward, though in this ever-changing world, I do advise that whatever you see in your crystal ball, remain fluid. This letting go of control, actually, will give you the freedom to steer your ship in exactly the direction that feels best for you.

And Saturn direct on October 23rd will feel even better, because your future plans – you know the ones – that have seen such unbearably slow progression for some time now, will get lighter, and begin to move forward at a much more likeable pace. As always, these cosmic dances work together, so get ready for those changes that have been lurking about in dark corners to finally show themselves in front of you. And be ready to do the work required to bring them out into the world.

Now, as we near October’s end, that tinge of melancholy that comes with bidding such a colorful, astoundingly beautiful month adieu must be swept aside in favor of a rousing finale:

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio and our most spellbindingly sacred Samhain.

October 25th ushers in the eclipse season with a New Moon (6:49am EST) that will feel particularly transformative. Scorpio is quite aligned with the karmic vibes of eclipses, which represent major shifts in the evolution of your path through lifetimes. Often events trigger these changes, but the more subtle, inner awareness can be just as strong, and can show you the way in just as powerful – if not as forceful – a presentation. Look back at the Spring eclipses of this year and you will find perhaps a resolution to that recurring theme, as well as the need to complete something in order to get those future plans we keep talking about to come to fruition. What come up strongly right now will develop further with next month’s Solar Eclipse.

As always, I want you to glow like the heavens above when you move forward in your life, and be absolutely filled with confidence as you craft your dreams and desires. It is in this spirit that I offer you a simply luscious beauty potion, one that sheds old skins and reveals a new you, ready to take on that which requires your significant and unique gifts to come alive.

Les Saisons Changent

Conjures 2-3 treatments

1 ½ tablespoons cranberries, fresh or frozen (defrosted)
2 tablespoons hazelnut flour
¼ cup almond milk
1 teaspoon pumpkin seed oil

*If need be, use dried cranberries (unsweetened only) and rehydrate by covering them in hot water for 15 minutes, then drain.

 In a food processor, combine the cranberries, hazelnut flour, and pumpkin seed oil, pulsing until fine. Now add the almond milk, and pulse as smoothly as possible. You may wish to add a tiny bit more liquid, and then a bit more flour then to thicken it if needed. The final texture should be that of a fairly dense paste, though it may be impossible to avoid some chunkiness.

Apply with to clean skin, first massaging in circular motions all around your face, neck, and décolleté. Next, apply a second layer. Be sure to get the eye area, including the corners where crinkles form, and the brow bone. Let it rest for 10-20 minutes. As you rest, feel the newness of possibility ahead, the refreshment of change, and know you have everything you need within yourself to create your future with grace and beauty. Remove gently with a damp, moist cloth (preferably warm), followed by a good rinse. Pat dry, and follow with your favorite hydrating and protective potions.

 Cranberry Rich in protective energy, cranberries are loaded with hydration, high levels of antioxidants, and a perfect Omega fats ratio that allows for absorption into the skin. These tart little treasures also provide lots of vitamin C, so important to skin’s regenerative process. 

Hazelnut These gifts of nature are rich in vitamin E, to promote firm, hydrated skin as you tap into the magic of higher wisdom and creativity. The combination with almond as a masque base allows for gentle, yet through exfoliation, leaving the glow of their natural oils on the skin.

 Almond Magically, almond brings wealth and protection. Ruled by air, it gives potions a lightness of energy surrounding the intellect, reminding you to ease up on the kind of worrying that wreaks havoc on your face. Nutrient dense and moisturizing, it is excellent for overall skin health and slowing the visible signs of aging.

 Beauty Witch Secret: This potion exfoliates very gently, to consider the sensitivity of skin during seasonal shifts. If you prefer a bit more grit, add a teaspoon of rice bran to the mixture, but only use it once, and gift the rest to friends in need of a little beauty ritual boost.

If you are keeping the potion as-is, it conjures enough for three treatments, so I love to use it for three days/evenings during the Dark-to-New Moon phase, as a way of sloughing off the old, then bringing forth the new, in a buildable power kind of way.

One last note on October planetary antics: On the 30th, action man Mars retrogrades in Gemini until January 12th of 2023, which will have the overall vibe and similarity of a Mercury retrograde, as the planet of communication not only governs the sign of the Twins, but also will be retrograding in late December. I know, I can hear a massive, collective groan out there – but consider the time of year. There is a natural winding down of energies, a conservation really, that happens as we close out a calendar, which can make for a particularly effective bit of stillness in the soft onset of Winter. With holidays buzzing, you may find yourself craving more of a low-key, quiet approach to festivities, preferring to stay close to home. Travel isn’t particularly advised right now anyway, nor does it have any cosmic energy behind it. The retrogrades will absolutely slow things down all around, so although this can be quite a nice break in the action, it also means we must quadruple check plans, times, dates, etc., as this spell of the year can require much of our time, and the logistics that accompany those plans. But, as always, mes amours, just work with the energies present, and you will use the time wisely.

Ah, oui! Everyone’s favorite holiday closes the month on a high note: Samhain is upon us once more, with all her shadowy sultriness and her fire ablaze. I raise my chalice, and my eternal thanks, to you beautiful readers who have been with me these many moons. Bonne année, mignonettes!

As I head underground to dance the Seven Veils – you should see the fabric – I greatly look forward to meeting you again in the first dewy rushes of Spring.

May you walk in Beauty, always.

Love and Stardust,

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