November 14th is now an official holiday at Faerie Magazine since it’s the Faerie Handbook publication day! We’re so thrilled knowing that this book is out in the world and love seeing your gorgeous images! Please send your own to so we can share those, too. (And just to be clear, The Faerie Handbook is published by HarperCollins and you can get it at the Faerie Magazine site with a signed bookplate, which is a pretty sticker designed by Steve Parke and signed by Carolyn and Grace, but also from your favorite local booksellers. For those of you outside the US, it’s usually available on your country’s Amazon or equivalent site… Email us if you want recommendations!) And if you pre-ordered the book from us, we promise it’s on the way or will be shortly!

Here’s @feralfangs on Instagram with the book (not to mention some Pendragon shoes and Fancy Fairy Wings & Things wings — both of which are featured in the book!) looking ultra glamorous:

Photo by @feralfangs
Naomi Farr @avioletlife
Naomi Farr @avioletlife
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