This is a love story. Perhaps you’re familiar with it: It is one that has inspired for centuries and continues to thrive despite obstacles, with nary a care for the opinions of those who would seek to dispute its legitimacy. Herbalism and beauty, you see, are storybook lovers, twin souls entwined by fate and enchanted by time—in a modern world, the power couple. Formed of the fervent love between plants and witches that began so many moons ago, a great healing art was unleashed into the world. Plant medicine is indeed highly potent and cannot be taken lightly nor for granted. Within this timeless bond also lies the ingredients for that of any fertile, undying union: respect, honor, and an endless ability to see things as if for the first time.

Wise women have always possessed sacrosanct knowledge of herbs and flowers for healing and, of course, have aligned with their magic for some very effective spell crafting throughout the ages. Naturally, such gifts of the earth would also invite the sorceress to employ plant magic for beauty, both in the literal and energetic sense, conjuring head-to-toe “remedies” for every possible need. They are empowering and effective, and they release us from the dubious world of advertising and hype, thus allowing us to take our beauty, quite literally, into our own hands. To connect with verdant spirits for enhancing our own bewitching beauty is both an honor and a privilege—and, oh, how lovely they are! Wild herbs and flowers native to each soil bring their unique abilities to your potions and carry a vibration that intoxicates.

Though plant medicine should be practiced only by experienced herbalists, anyone can create magical beauty potions with the help of nature. There is an entire plant universe out there just waiting to assist you in being your most beautiful, confident, and strong. Organic, sustainable herbs and flowers can be obtained fairly easily, and they can certainly be grown on your own windowsill and made into potions that increase your charms—now that is practical magic!

While our beloved, traditional European witches’ herbs are undeniably effective, when it comes to beauty potions they often benefit from a little power boost by way of treasures from faraway lands, those of even older magical practices. I’ve been conjuring skin, hair, and body care (alongside healing and spell work potions) for more than thirty years, and I can tell you that adding a sprinkle of something you might not initially consider in the cauldron is most fruitful.

For glorious autumn, this spellbound season so fleeting and so incredibly powerful, I have whipped up three offerings to you, darling readers and magic makers: a simple, valuable facial treatment for each major skin type, infused with deliciously sensual ingredients. Now, of course, skin issues must be dealt with as a whole, with attention paid to diet and lifestyle, but these topical treatments are a lifesaver on the spot and invaluable for kick-starting a commitment to well-being. They can be used in rotation as our skin tends to fluctuate with the changing seasons, along with the inevitable stress and environmental factors that so annoyingly accompany them. Oh, and did I mention hormonal shifts? Fun. So you see, we need an arsenal of concoctions we can prepare at a moment’s notice to ease whatever might be ailing our fair faces. For this, I give you the magic three: the triple goddess of fall facial beauty. Wear them well, mes amours, in this season of the witch. May all her wisdom be with you, always.

Remember to always ask permission of the plant when seeking its magic. Whisper to it. Listen. Know the power it possesses. And give sincere thanks.

Maiden Masque

For oily skin, clogged pores, bouts of acne, hormonal breakouts, or anytime you desire a good strong cleansing. This is particularly potent during a waning moon.

1 capsule of activated charcoal
1 teaspoon Moroccan red clay
1 teaspoon aloe vera extract
1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice
8 drops lavender essential oil
3 drops melaleuca (tea tree) essential oil
1 small piece of onyx

To begin, break open a capsule of activated charcoal into a small bowl. Add the red clay and mix together. Then add the aloe extract and lemon juice. You can also use aloe vera gel—it will create a slightly thicker masque—but make sure you find a pure one, as many commercial aloe gels contain additives. If you happen to have a plant, by all means use some of the fresh gel! Next, drop in the essential oils, one at a time, and stir clockwise while envisioning clear, beautiful skin, with all the impurities being purged from it. Feel how good it is to be rid of those toxic little beasts!

Drop a piece of onyx into the potion, and let it rest in a sacred space for a few moments. Apply to freshly cleansed skin, then allow it to rest for 10 to 15 minutes while you recharge, keeping that vision and feeling strong within you. Remove the masque carefully, by first pressing a warm, damp washcloth to your face to soften the clay. Then gently wipe the rest away, and finish with a final rinse.

This blend delivers clean, tightened pores and a polished glow that sparkles! The combination of Moroccan red clay and activated charcoal draws impurities from your skin, while adding a stabilizing earth energy. Lunar aloe vera gently cleanses and soothes as it brings protective magic along with a dash of good luck. Lemon adds to the clarifying benefits with a skin-brightening lift of love and happiness.

Lavender naturally banishes blemishes in its gentle manner, its magic upping the love and happiness even more.

Melaleuca is a strong antibacterial and antifungal oil that will help keep skin clear. Dark and mysterious onyx delivers the final touch for purifying the skin and absorbing negative energy while supporting you in times of stress.

Mother Masque

This potion is goddess-sent when your sensitive skin needs rescue from inflammation, redness, and other decidedly unsexy irritations. Be sure to brew yourself a cup of chamomile tea while concocting, and sip as your skin rests. Whatever it is, it shall pass.

1 teaspoon almond flour
½ teaspoon ground turmeric
1 teaspoon aloe vera extract
1 teaspoon unsweetened almond milk
½ teaspoon vitamin E
8 drops geranium essential oil
8 drops calendula essential oil
1 small piece of sapphire

Mix the almond flour and turmeric in a small bowl. Next, add the aloe and almond milk until a creamy paste is formed. (You can always add more flour or milk to achieve a consistency you like). Add the vitamin E, and then each essential oil. Give it a good clockwise stir—it will be slightly sticky. Place the sapphire in the potion and let it rest a few moments in a sacred space. When you’re ready, apply a thin layer to a freshly washed face and follow it up with a second coat. Be sure to apply the masque gently, pressing the mixture onto your skin rather than rubbing. Then get quiet.

What is troubling you? What emotions are pent up? What needs to be released or channeled into something positive? Sip your brew and breathe. Allow the space for healing to occur—the answers may come later. When you’re feeling calm, remove the masque with a warm, damp washcloth. Give your skin a final cool rinse and gently pat dry. Mist with a spritz of lavender or chamomile water, and apply your favorite crème. If you aren’t going anywhere and desire extra healing, place three drops of lavender oil into a quarter-size dollop of vitamin E, mix together, and massage into your skin. If it is too thick to easily distribute, spray some floral water into it to thin the mixture. Massage and press lightly into your skin. Let it absorb fully into your skin, even resting there overnight.

Almond is a soothing, nutritive base for masques that softens and heals skin with natural vitamin E, which has the ability to regenerate cells and repair damaged skin. It also carries the magic of healing energy.

Turmeric is a revered ancient Ayurvedic anti-inflammatory that soothes irritated skin and contains purification magic.

Aloe vera appears again to soothe and relieve irritation, adding protection and luck magic along the way.

Geranium oil is fantastic for calming skin, including redness, and is well-loved for her Venusian gifts of love, protection, and creative magic.

Calendula is kind and soothing but carries strong protection magic. Regal sapphire is a water-ruled gem that restores and heals skin as it brings peace of mind.

Beauty Witch Secret: Gemstones and crystals are fabulous additions to your beauty potions. Their vibrations will enhance your concoctions both physically and energetically and are especially strong when they sit for a period of time in a blend, such as a body or facial oil. Small stones can be obtained inexpensively and can fit into bottles with ease—just be sure to check sourcing, as always. I find rough-hewn stones to be the most potent, though if you are laying them on your body, choose the smooth, polished variety.


Crone Masque

Whether you have perpetually dry skin or just need a moisture boost now and then, this potion delivers on a grand scale. It is heaven for mature skin and an excellent addition to your “aging well” beauty rituals at any point in your life. It’s never too early to care for your face.

1 teaspoon besan (chickpea flour)
1 teaspoon coconut flour
1 tablespoon meadowfoam seed oil
1 teaspoon rosehip oil
6 drops jasmine essential oil
3 drops sandalwood essential oil
1 small piece of emerald

In a small bowl, blend together the besan and the coconut flour until well mixed. Add in the meadowfoam and rosehip oils, then the essential oils one at a time. Stir well in a clockwise direction while holding the feeling of smooth, soft, hydrated skin close. Visualize and feel the confidence of sporting truly radiant, youthful skin—the kind that always looks well-nourished and glowing. Place the emerald into the potion and allow it to sit in a sacred space. When you are ready, massage the masque onto a clean face in circular motions to activate exfoliation.

This one really lifts those dead cells! Then apply a second layer of masque and allow it to sit for 10 to 20 minutes. As it works its magic, feel the nutrients infusing your body energetically as well as on the surface, and make a pact with yourself to always feed your beauty by feeding your body with clean plant food, your mind with things that stimulate the intellect, your spirit with nature and lightness of being. This will keep you vibrant with life force throughout your entire life. Remove the masque by first pressing a warm, damp washcloth on your face to soften the flour, then giving it a good rinse. Pat dry, then apply your favorite serum or crème.

Besan and coconut flour blend together to bring the best of both their superpowers, delivering supreme moisture and nutrition to the skin alongside protective and psychic magic.

Meadowfoam is made of 98 percent essential fatty acids for deeply hydrated skin that retains elasticity.

Rosehip is rich in antioxidants, minimizes fine lines, prevents new ones, and firms the skin while bringing forth love and beauty magic.

Sensual jasmine is a lunar love flower that tones skin while moisturizing and promoting new collagen production.

Sandalwood also helps reduce wrinkles and lighten age spots, with the added benefit of healing and love magic. The dynamic emerald is a power gem for skin smoothness and elasticity, but it is also a fabulous talisman for bringing harmony, love, and wisdom to every area of your life.

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Alise Marie is the author of The Beauty Witch's Secrets: Recipes and Rituals For The The Modern Goddess, contributor at Enchanted Living, and creative director at The Beauty Witch®. Visit her at for eco-luxe potions, planetary readings, and seasonal offerings, and on Instagram @thebeautywitchofficial.