We wanted to tell you about Brazilian authoress Marcia Soligo’s stunning The Portals of Tartae saga. First is The Land with the Two Moons, which was released in 2019 and sold thousands of copies worldwide. The second, The Language of Trees, was just released and has become a bestseller, too. You can read (very very lovely) sample pages from both books at https://www.marciasoligo.com/books.

Here is a little description:

Olivia lives in the small city of Leve, a place with kind people and unnecessary fences where nothing really interesting ever happens. She is unaware of the mysteries of the world and dreams about a life of adventure.

Until she falls into one.

Olivia falls into another land, a place with magic and two moons gleaming in the sky. A world of warriors, sorcery, and secrets that she needs to uncover.

Once in Tartae, where old magic is still very much alive, Olivia learns more about who she really is: a witch and warrior. She embarks on a dangerous journey through enchanted forests and sinister castle ruins, but fortunately, she has the help of powerful witches, wizards, mythical creatures and the ancient Clan that vowed to protect the Portals.

Now Olivia’s mission is to reconnect with the mighty Portals so she can destroy them and reestablish balance in all the worlds. Should she fail, evil will spread as never before, nature will perish, and the world will change forever.

We feel we can relate. And look how pretty these books are:

Author Tamara Rokicki says about The Land with the Two Moons, “This novel is full of magic and adventure with a Lord of The Rings vibe, yet its approach is more modern and relatable.” Of The Language of TreesThe Biased Bibliophile says, “Once again Marcia wrote a poetic and beautifully composed story. That is one of my favorite aspects of these books, that the writing is profound and fluid. For this reason, among others, I truly thing these books could, and should, become modern portal fantasy classics. While I liked The Chronicles of Narnia, C.S. Lewis has nothing on Marcia Soligo!”

Take a look and let us know what you think!

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