Falling Through Time by Sherry Ross

This collection of poetry is a tribute to time and consciousness. Together the poems encompass everything: all of the past, present and future, telling all our stories and histories simultaneously. They’re also about a small piece of time and consciousness: mine. I hope they will resonate with you.

Numinous Press Tarot Deck

Rendered in luminous watercolor and inks, the Numinous Tarot shows the beauty of diversity in the world—from body type, ability, race, to gender identity and expression. Created to help you heal and find joy in life during difficult times, it comes with a full guidebook and works for both beginner and advanced Tarot readers.

Firelight Fables Candles

Immerse yourself in tales of the Greek underworld with the seasonal candle collection, “Eternal Spring.” Experience the Fields of Elysium, the House of Hades, Persephone’s Spring, Hekate, Immortal Nectar, and the River Lethe—all through scents that transport you. Perfect for all lovers of Greek mythology and lore.

Mythologie Candles

As dreary winter melts away, the sun rises over blooming gardens and round, brightly painted doors. Transport yourself with the lush scents of the Spring in the Shire collection—and walk through rolling hillsides where you’ll be surrounded by the fragrances of fresh gardens, joyous festivities, and secret meetings with wise wizards.

A&M Art / Passion Behind Every Piece

These signature “Trees of Light” sculptures are imaginatively and passionately made. A&M Art believes it is preserving the life of these magnificent slabs of wood by turning them into unique masterpieces. They’re embedded with gorgeous stones and equipped with LED lighting that changes colors—and gives off a magical glow both day and night.

Liquid Fae Studios – The Art of Erin Ewer

These adorable pill boxes by Liquid Fae Studios are available with owls, moths, mushrooms, and more! Each box has three compartments, a pushbutton closure, and a mirror on the inside lid. At 1.75 inches wide they fit conveniently into a purse or pocket bag and make your everyday necessities a bit more beautiful. Find these and so much more!

Arda Wigs

Magical, fantasy tresses for when you want to get your faerie queen on in the moonlit wood. Whether you fancy blue/green, pink, silver grey, full-on shimmering rainbow, and/or any other ultra-glam, faerie-friendly hue, you’ll find it here. High-quality wigs from your one-stop cosplay and synthetic wig shop!

The Obscuriosity Shop

These gorgeous historical reproductions of scientific devices and forgotten wonders of the past are sure to delight curious minds of all ages. From catapults to astrolabes, everything is fully functional and each item is not only decorative but an inspiring tool of discovery and learning!

Fern Wire Earrings

These gorgeous fern earrings with green patinated leaves are one of several natural, fairy-friendly offerings in this enchanted shop. Also find strawberries, oranges, blueberries and raspberries luscious enough to eat and bedeck yourself in nature’s jewels!

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