Things We Love: Summer

Indulge in a magical summer with enchanting offerings that ignite your senses and transport you to otherworldly realms. 

Enchanted Jewelry and Oils from Lilly Rose

Unveil the essence of metamorphosis with this unique sterling silver jewelry cast from real twigs and embodying nature’s spirit. Experience exclusive binding runes that heal and connect, and elevate your senses with oil blends that honor ancient gods, goddesses, and your ancestors!

Otherworldly Scents from Mythologie Candles

Mythologie Candles are perfect for fantasy lovers! Have you ever wished you could step into a magical world where fairies and elves dwell? Of course you have—and now you can with this new “Celtic Folklore” summer candle collection, featuring nine enchanting and unique scents!

Perfumes for Scent Fiends by Black Phoneix Alchemy

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab has an extensive catalog of cruelty-free perfumes, allowing scent fiends to get as specific as they please. Browse their general catalogue, LE seasonal releases, activism fundraisers, and licensed collections—and fulfill all of your fragrance desires!

Magical Card Decks from Laurence King Publishing

Find peace, focus, mindfulness, and connection to nature this summer with Color Your Own Tarot and Wild Alchemy Lab. These card decks are the perfect gifts for lovers of living spiritually and beautifully, in harmony with the natural world. 

Seasonal Tomes from Three Sister Apothecary

Three Sisters Apothecary® Seasonal Tomes are the ultimate gift experience. Turn the page to indulge with the Three Sisters Apothecary treasures within each sumptuous volume. Bask in the light with this Summer Seasonal Tome available in four seductive, aromatic scents.

The Art of Erin Ewer at Liquid Fae Studios

Visit this treasure trove to find art prints, gifts, and more for fantasy and nature lovers alike. From owls and moths to mushrooms and fairies, you’re sure to find something to brighten up your own magical spaces—and make every day a bit more beautiful!

Find Your Sacred Arts Archetype with Briana Saussy

Magician, Witch, Initiate, Healer, High Priestess, Hierophant, Empress, or Emperor … when you know your sacred arts archetype, it all falls into place. Discover your type and LIVE your magic!

Magical Tresses from Arda Wigs

Enjoy your summer with Arda’s high-quality synthetic wigs that’ll transform you into your most magical, sun-loving self. Browse the full line, perfect for garden parties, playful summer evenings, elven getaways, and whatever other magical adventures you’ve got up your sleeve!

Hand-Made Treasures for the Home from Fair Folk Trade

Fair Folk Trade is eco-friendly fae furniture + fantasy/faerie-themed antiques and home goods shop full of bewitching pieces. They hunt down the one-of-a-kind treasures that were made during the days when people (more openly) believed in magic. Come join them!

Faery Ball Celebrates Love/Wedding

Do you feel the call of the faeries? Do you long to celebrate your LOVE in a truly magical way? Experience the enchantment in Biloxi, Mississippi this September, when you can hold your wedding, handfasting, vow renewal, or bachelorette party at the Court of the Faery Queen!

Spells, Rituals, and Correspondences for 150+ Flowers

Embrace real flower power with dozens of spells, blessings, and recipes for every purpose from health to wealth. Featuring more than 150 flowers organized by color, this book from Llewellyn Worldwide is both a quick-reference guide and beginner-friendly resource!

Faery Ball Masquerade

Immerse in the magic of a costumed ball! Make plans for a once-in-a-lifetime faery weekend getaway at the 4th annual Faery Court Masquerade Ball: Court of Atlantis in Biloxi, Mississippi, on September 16th. And it’s a fundraiser for wildlife rehabilitation. Tickets are available now!

Wearable Art from Acid Queen Jewelry

Acid Queen Jewelry is wearable art that brings beauty, magic, and confidence to those who wear it. From everyday staples to statement pieces that wow, this jewelry becomes a proclamation of your strength and self-expression. Start your collection today!

W.I.T.C.H Oracle Deck from US Games Systems Inc.

You were born sovereign—and it’s time to take back the throne! Become mistress of your own power with the wisdom of this stunning oracle deck from the Witchery Academy. Deluxe set includes 44 gilded-edged cards, an organza pouch, and a 216-page lushly illustrated guidebook

Enchanted Chocolates by Marvin’s Confections

These handcrafted small-batch chocolates have an old-world sensibility, and are made from scratch with fresh, high-quality ingredients. You can even get chocolates printed with your favorite fairy art, like Edward Robert Hughes’s Midsummer Eve!

An Intoxicating Read: Dirty Lying Dragons

You can’t run from a dragon… From Sabrina Blackburry, author of last year’s darkly magical Dirty Lying Faeries, comes the next intoxicating installment in the Enchanted Fates series—Dirty Lying Dragons, on sale August 8th!

Perfect Witchy Tools from The Witches Moon

The Witches Moon® provides the supplies necessary to enhance your craft. We pride ourselves on curating the perfect tools to ensure that you are able to manifest your desires, magnify your intention, and master the powers within.

Enchanted Living Gift Subscription

Start with the chock-full-of-midsummer-magic summer witch issue and give the gift of enchantment all year long with a gift subscription to your favorite magazine! This will include next spring’s Book-themed issue, perfect for witchy bookworms!

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