Via Entis From Italian Dark Gothic Masters DISMAL

In other news, we want to tell you about the 8th album from Italian Dark Gothic Masters DISMAL, whom you can read all about at

Via Entis will be released on January 27th and is a mix of magical and theatrical atmospheres; a concept album in the form of musical and our favorite, gothic fairy tales. (!) The band has released a new taste of their upcoming opus with a single and the animated video “All Is One.” Watch the video below and at this link.

Isn’t it striking? We love the imagery!

And if you don’t know them, here is a cool bio:

DISMAL is an Italian artistic and musical project that was formed in 1995. Their debut demo Our Sad Saga was printed on CD the following year and considered a great novelty in the European underground scene. Our Sad Saga contained doom and black metal sounds, approaching the nascent gothic metal genre.

The band’s first full-length album was released by Pagan Moon Records in 1998, the elaborately titled Fiaba Lacrimevole – Like A Red Bleeding Rose In A Glacial Desert. It was an immediate success and soon became a top selling album for the label. In 2002 DISMAL signed a long-term deal with Dreamcell11, a division of Aural Music Group, to promote the band artistically and commercially. By the end of 2002 the band entered the Gulp Studio by Marco Calliari (sound engineering of Subsonica) to record their second CD titled Rubino Liquido –Three Scarlet Drops… using a 12-element orchestra.

Their third album, Miele Dal Salice, was released in 2006; it’s full of bizarre and intense tones and characterized by gothic-bohemian and neofolk shades.

After a long break, the band recorded Giostra di Vapore in 2013, creating a new sound dimension that fuses electronic sound with classical music, modern and antique meeting together for a sound inspired by steampunk and the industrial revolution. The lyrics of Giostra di Vapore focus on topics like social psychology, alchemy and more spiritual themes.

In 2019 DISMAL recorded their fifth concept-album Quinta Essentia, in which the band combined all their previous work, keeping their signature gothic and theatrical sound.

Now DISMAL presents their latest album, Via Entis, which is a return to the past, where they join to relive the path of the beginnings….

Via Entis represents the new parallel path, made with a higher musical and cultural awareness, starting precisely from the Middle Ages and its atmospheres …

How can you resist?

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