There is absolutely nothing subtle about the gothic. It’s a look that screams dark, dramatic, and exquisitely detailed.

Heralding back—way back—to the 12th century in Europe, gothic design has resurrected itself again and again over the centuries. Splendid examples of Gothic architecture include the Rouen and Chartres cathedrals, with their characteristic pointed arches, crazily elaborate and colorful stained glass, and enormous vaulted ceilings.

Its more modern incarnation incorporates ornate carvings, rich textures (embroidered, embellished, overlaid), dark wood, and saturated color or lots of black. It always makes a strong statement—perfect for any drama queen!

Literal Cathouse

The custom-made Gothic Cathouse, pictured, from House of Narcisse on Etsy, is a veritable cat castle. Handmade from oak, it is adorned with wood appliqués, hand-painted windows, and a weathervane. It can be attached to a table (preferably antique) or set down in one of kitty’s favorite haunts. Everything about this made-to-order stunner is customizable.

Cathedral Bed

Emily Dickinson could have been describing the vibe of this Corsican Gothic Canopy Bed from Lavender and Company when she wrote: “Ample make this Bed / Make this Bed with Awe / In it wait till Judgment break / Excellent and Fair / Be its Mattress straight / Be its Pillow round / Let no Sunrise’ yellow noise / Interrupt this Ground.” Made from wrought-iron metal, with cast-on matrimonial finials and pointed cathedral arches, it is simply awe-inspiring. (And you can see it in art director Lisa Gill’s gothic lair) 

Tabletop Treasures

Drunk Parrot Craft’s Handcrafted Vintage Heavy Duty Cast-Iron Candelabras Gothic Style are made from strong and sturdy iron and will grace any table for any occasion. These will become heirlooms, pieces you can cherish for years to come.

Gothic Garden

The Gothic Garden Church Mirror Single Trefoil Lancet Vintage mirror is a beautiful accent for indoors or out in the garden. Made with reinforced cement, it is not only fully weatherproof, it has the solidity and look of stone. Handmade to order by Brighton Roc Gothic Mirrors, it features a pointed-arch top with a semicircle design in the interior.

Curious for Curios

This curio cabinet from Alchemist Storage is as gothic as it gets! Also known as a witch’s secretary or gothic secretaire, it has fully functional doors that will hide away anything your heart desires: precious herbs, vintage journals, secret potions, or favorite wardrobe pieces.

Going Batty

Our very own Enchanted Living Freakin’ Bats collection is hard  to resist, from the Teeny Tiny Bat necklace to the Hanging Bat Soap and the Purple Stained Glass Bat Suncatcher! We never knew that bats could be so beautiful, but indeed, they can!

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