In very different but no less enticing news we wanted to tell you about the new book from Damien Echols whom you may or may not know but can read about at and whose new book is called Angels and Archangels: A Magician’s Guide.

“The ultimate goal of working with angels is to become one ourselves,” Damien says. “That’s what people actually are―unconscious angels.”

Damien explains that angels do not belong to any one single religion, system, or dogma. They are almost pure energy―the very substance the cosmos is made of. They’re also incredibly willing to work with us if asked.

His new book is a resource for understanding what angels are, how they make themselves available, and magickal practices to invoke their power to transform your life.

The massive statue Damien is standing next to is a lamassu (featured on the cover of his book). It bears a human head, bull’s body, and wings, and is how archangels were depicted in ancient Mesopotamia.

There are many ways to learn to call on the divine assistance of angelic forces. One is through invoking the names and qualities of individual angels and archangels.

Here’s the sigil for archangel Raphael (whose name means “the healing of God”), who is correlated with victory, success, and prosperity. We can call upon Raphael for safe passage, for healing of any sort, and for assistance with meditation and mental clarity.

Another way to work with angels is through the Zodiac. As an example, the archangel who presides over Leo is Verchiel. Verchiel is an archangel of victory and success, and therefore can be called upon in any instance where we want to tip the odds in our favor.

The Tree of Life can be seen as a metaphor for the human nervous system that corresponds with three levels of existence: the branches that reach into the heavens are the brain’s neural pathways, the roots in the underworld correlate to the nerves emanating from the spinal column, and the worldly trunk is the spine. Invoking the energies of the archangels of The Tree of Life is a powerful practice.

Like the Zodiac and The Tree of Life, the Tarot provides a doorway into working with angels. In the Tarot, one of the cards Raphael is associated with is The Fool. This card can be used to banish anxiety and worry, or to undertake a journey.

When working with angels and archangels, Damien realized that they don’t carry out the tasks we charge them with just because we ask them to―they do it because they perceive the divine within us. His book is filled with specific meditations and practices to get you connected to these divine energies.

You can learn more about Damien and his book Angels & Archangels on Instagram and on his website

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