“And all at once, summer collapsed into fall,” said Oscar Wilde, and, as usual, he was right. The sudden transition from beachy splendor to autumn harvest does seem to happen in a heartbeat. As temperatures drop and our thoughts turn to descriptors like “cozy,” we’re drawn to deepening color palettes, and an extra layer of lavishness tends to seep into our decor. In addition to traditional autumn harvest tones like pumpkin, cranberry, concord grape, and gold, the added richness brought about by textural materials—velvets, frosted glass, woven tapestries—feels just right.

Rich Indulgence

The cornucopia of lush silk velvet pumpkins, pictured above, from Hot Skwash is artisan-made by hand in Oregon. Hand-cut and made to order, each piece features a natural stem and is signed by the crafter. A selection of colors is available, and the pieces come in sets of three, though single pumpkins are also available. hotskwash.com

Inspired by Nature

The works of Raphael Bordalo Pinheiro, a renowned 19th century Portuguese ceramic artist, and the brand he inspired are collected throughout the world. The Bordalo Pinheiro autumnal nature pieces—“cabbage” bowls, and “eggplant” and “pumpkin” terrines—are fantastic, and incredibly detailed, with new collections debuting regularly. A Bordalo Pinheiro piece is a fantastic gift for yourself, or someone you love. bordalopinheiroofficial.com

Let There Be Light

Every year, Mythologie Candles launches its Mystical Autumn collection, which you do not want to miss! Mystical Autumn features seven heavenly scents—with names like Samhain Harvest and Stonehenge at Dusk—inspired by seasonal folklore and mythology. Crafted with vegan coconut-blend wax and natural phthalate-free fragrances that are pet friendly, these lovely flickering beacons of light also come in two sizes: a two-ounce sample size (sold individually or in a six-pack box set) or eight-ounce full size. mythologiecandles.com

All the Best Beasts

Timorous Beasties is a design studio founded in Glasgow by two friends who met while studying textile design at Glasgow School of Art. Their home designs, especially the broadly patterned wall coverings, are absolutely gorgeous, representing a cornucopia of themes from nature—forests, birds, thistle, dragonflies, butterflies—that are nothing short of transportive. timorousbeasties.com

Found and Foraged

Our selection of rustic flour sack towels are soft and beautiful, made from 100 percent flour sack cotton and screen-printed with eco-friendly inks. The Happiness theme is inspired by the flowers that were used to convey secret messages in the Victorian era, with daisies, golden trumpets, and more. Found and Foraged features horsetail shoots, wild leeks, and sweet clover—all of which can be gathered in the forest. enchantedlivingmag.com

Tra Lala

Designed by textile artist Molly Fitzpatrick, the Lala Throw Blanket is named after Fitzpatrick’s daughter, who was named after Malala Yousafzai, the young Nobel Prize laureate whose mission is to educate and empower young girls. The abstract landscape with a glowing sun is inspired by Yousafzai’s Swat Valley home in Pakistan. Made in the U.S. from 80 percent recycled cotton.

Top Table Top

The new place-mat collection by Chilewich features a range of warm autumnal tones with names like Pomegranate, Pimento, and Paprika. Made with Terrastrand yarns with 25% renewable vegetable content and totally phthalate-free, they are durable, beautiful, and eco-friendly. chilewich.com

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