Before I recognized the importance of my personal power and claimed it, there was a time when abundance to me meant designer clothes, expensive jewelry, and dining in fancy New York City restaurants.

At this point in my life, my definition of abundance has changed dramatically. I now perceive good health, loving family and friends, my time, and the financial freedom to do what I want when I want as abundance. Gone are the designer clothes and fancy dinners—in fact, I’d rather eat at home, wearing my expensive jewelry, because that hasn’t gone away!

Here’s the thing: Whatever stage in your life you are in, your definition of abundance is valid. In fact, your version of abundance today may just lead to a more definitive version of abundance tomorrow.


I’ll share my 4 Keys to Abundant Living based on my experiences over the past forty years. I’ll also offer a sweet little spell that packs a wallop of magic!

1. Stop Comparing: Comparing yourself to those who make you feel jealous places your attention and energy on lack and want. Remember, whatever you focus on grows. Feelings of lack cannot be your focus.

2. Indulge in Your Abundance Trigger: Abundance triggers are the simple things in life that support your feelings of abundance. For whatever reason, my upbringing allowed me to equate facial tissue, paper towels, and lemons with abundance. I always make sure I have these three things in my home. What makes you feel abundant? A well-stocked pantry? A stash of cash? A candy jar? Identify what your abundance triggers are and always have them available
to you.

3. Charity: There is no better way to feel abundant than freely giving to those less fortunate than you. Whether you adopt an animal, give your leftovers away, or donate your time at a food kitchen, your heart must be in your charity.

4. Gratitude: When we are truly grateful for what we already have, the universe conspires to provide more of that which supports that feeling. Each day, upon awakening, name ten things you are grateful for before getting out of bed. They can be large or small and you can even repeat yourself, as long as you are sincere. For example, I usually include my kids, my pets, my house, and my store in my gratitude list, but my plants, crystals, rainy days, and expensive sheets also make my list.

You can also create an Abundance Magnet Mojo Bag to be a natural magnet for abundance.

You’ll need a small green bag, three bay leaves, lodestone, citrine, green aventurine, and something that represents your primary abundance trigger (for me, it’s lemon seeds). On a Thursday (Jupiter’s day of expansion), as the sun rises, combine your ingredients into your bag. Feel, sense, and imagine all the aspects of an abundant life you can, then blow into your bag. Always carry your Abundance Mojo with you, and never tell anyone the contents. In all you do, remember that you are already abundant. Focus on that!

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