We wanted to share with you the new Underworld Carnival collection from Firelight Fables and tell you about its lovely owner Kasey Cleary, who makes these treasures by hand.


How did you get into candle-making?

My first experience with candle-making was a few years ago! Coming from working in the health and wellness industry, I personally didn’t buy many store-bought candles due to the toxic ingredients that can be used in fragrances. I still wanted to use candles in my home, so I made my own with healthy wax and oils. It was just over one year ago that I decided I wanted to start making them for my business. I’ve always loved all things fantasy, and one of my favorite pastimes is playing Dungeons and Dragons. I was preparing to run a game for some friends. The setting of our game took place in a dark, misty woodland. I thought to myself, “What if it actually SMELLED like the haunting forest their characters will be in?” Having made candles before, I knew I could totally make some scents to go with different environments in not only our games but also to set the scene for my favorite fantasy books, movies, etc. And thus, Firelight Fables was born!

What is your favorite part of running your own business?

I think there are two. One is the people I get to interact with. I have been able to connect with so many of my customers through social media, the cards I handwrite to them, email, and more. It’s so fun recognizing the names of returning customers, having them leave me notes and being able to spoil them with extra goodies. I love being able to connect with them! Second, I love that I get to exercise my creativity. As I am now releasing a new collection every season, it is so fun to be able to continue developing new candles, scents, labels, product photos, etc., and create a whole vibe around a collection.

Can you tell us about your new collection?

When I was thinking about what I wanted to do for fall, I wanted the new collection to have something to do with our favorite haunting creatures of the night—vampires, werewolves, dark fey, etc. I also love carnival vibes for autumn, so I thought, “Why not put the two together?” I thought about what it might be like to attend a moonlit circus with these dark creatures—what festivities they might participate in or where you might find them. I wanted to bring about a dark and mystical feel. So that is how the Underworld Carnival collection came to be! Whether you want to transport yourself to the woods hunting with the wolves, getting your fortune told in an oracle’s tent, feasting with the faeries or attending their night circus, there is a candle to do just that!

What inspired you to create it and what continues to inspire you?

What inspired me to create this collection was wanting to transport people to a fantasy world they’ve never been to. To make them FEEL like they are in those places celebrating, or to set the scene for books and movies that feature these creatures of the night. I am continually inspired by all fantasy storytelling experiences, whether it is a book, a story you help build in a D&D game, a movie or an art piece one is creating. I want to help bring your adventures to life! 

How do you imagine people using your candles?

As I mentioned before, these candles were created to immerse you in fantasy storytelling experiences—from books to D&D to videogames to movies—but they are also often used by my customers for inspiration while writing, drawing, working on preparing for an RPG game, doing yoga, making costumes, painting miniatures etc. And many people love simply burning them because they make their house smell great and they know the ingredients are the best of the best!

Our autumn theme is abundance. What does this mean to you?

To me, this theme is about cultivating a large amount of the good things in your life this fall. For me, that means cultivating an abundance of community, delicious food creativity, generosity, joy, thankfulness, kindness and fun!

How do you stay enchanted?

I feel most enchanted when I get to express my creativity! I stay enchanted by creating candles, painting fantasy-themed minis for our D&D games, creating beautiful, fun events that I host for friends and family, and immersing myself in fantasy tales through books and film.

Faerie Feast

Cunning, captivating fey-folk gather to celebrate a moonlit festival. Lengthy, candle lit tables are decorated with honey cakes, roasted squash, enchanted wine and cursed fruit. Notes of toasted pumpkin, cinnamon and smoked vanilla.

Oracle's Fortune

Sapphire tapestries and dried herbs drape the walls of a dimly lit tent. The glow of a crystal ball dusts the face of a mystifying woman offering fortunes spoken in riddles. Notes of silver oak, bayberry and dried herbs.

Lycan Hunt

A chorus of howls erupts as misty clouds separate to reveal a full moon. Padded feet begin to prowl in the nearby woods as the hunt for their prey begins. Notes of oakmoss, warm amber and sage.

Night Circus

Creatures of the night gather to witness fanciful feats. Spellbinding magicians and prancing dark fey captivate the audience as the ringmaster rides atop a haunting beast. Notes of red currant, black pepper and blood orange.

Haunted Tales

Sweet, warm liquid brews over the embers of a shared fire. Mysterious creatures recount eerie legends while inhaling bonfire smoke. Notes of smoked wood, maple bourbon and crisp apple.

Vampiric Kiss

Under a twilight sky, eternal beauty is promised for only just a bite. The dark curse looms as enticing, cold lips brush a warm neck. Notes of black cherry, red wine and dark plum.

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