In the dream of a woman as a flower, she is nestled deep within.
Embraced by silken petals she sleeps
infused with scent, cloaked in the dew of youth
eternally kissed by its beauty.
She awakens as her petals unfurl, revealing to all the world
a most exquisite bloom.

All women possess the bewitching beauty of flowers. In the wild meadows and the cultivated gardens, myriad varieties blossom endlessly, each its own work of art. The vibrant colors, intoxicating fragrances, and sheer variety mirror the vast splendor of women. Though we are pressured to think differently, the truth is this: Whether maiden, mother, or crone, that beauty need not fade. It will evolve, yes—but diminish? Never. The light of the heavens and the gifts of the earth are on our side.

Wherever we are, whoever we are, our unique beauty is here to be embraced—adored even!—never to be hidden behind a locked gate. Just as the virtuosos of Art Nouveau lovingly devoted endless offerings to the grandeur of the female altar, so should you: Treat your face as if it were gently crafted of the finest silk, your body the richest velvet, your hair the plumage of the rarest bird, and your lips the sweetest petals imaginable. Because it is truth.

The ritual of beauty begins with honoring ourselves. The precious moments we capture for anointing and adorning are sacred, my loves—do not let them slip through your delicate fingers. Aided by a bit of orchestration from the Goddesses of Beauty, I’ve conjured three magic potions to assist and inspire you to conduct this hallowed rite in a manner that cherishes the beloved creature that is you, each blessed with their magic and the lush fullness of summer.

Art Nouveau, Enchanted Living Magazine, Alphonse Mucha, Prague, Czech

All these potions should be concocted during a new to full moon, with the intention of bringing love, beauty, abundance, and creativity to you. Visualize that ripeness, and feel the voluptuous power of the feminine divine coursing through your body from head to toe. The flowers used here can either be fresh or dried, but must always be organic. If you are wild foraging, be sure not to pick anything from near a roadside, where toxicity can alter the integrity of your harvest. As always, ask the plant first. Take care not to gather too much, and give sincere thanks.

The triple goddesses of rose, hibiscus, and jasmine are in the full moon spotlight for their marvelous magic (they will keep your skin and hair gorgeous throughout your entire life!) and for the dark romance of their sorcery. They are each immensely potent, but as a trio they are simply unstoppable, for they are witchcraft at its finest.

Rose Long revered as a sacred beauty flower, rose is highly active yet soothing. It targets fine lines and wrinkles with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and has a unique ability to soften, smooth, and feed both skin and hair. Rosehips (the fruit of the rose) contain a natural form of retinol, building new tissue and supporting firmness. They also have high levels of vitamin C, which repairs and stimulates new collagen.

Hibiscus Revered by the ancient Egyptians for its hydrating prowess, hibiscus is also immensely effective for keeping skin firm and increasing elasticity. It contains inhibitors that protect skin from the breaking down of elastin—a key factor in keeping skin lifted. It is also rich in vitamin C, an essential nutrient in boosting collagen, which is beneficial to both skin and hair.

Jasmine Known as “the queen of the night,” sensual jasmine is an intoxicating aphrodisiac that knows a thing about beauty. A brilliant oil for reducing fine lines and strengthening skin’s elasticity, jasmine also helps fade scars and hyperpigmentation. It strengthens the scalp and roots for healthy new growth, while imparting a gloriously protective shine to the length of your tresses.

Mane of Flowers Hair Masque
Mane of Flowers Hair Masque

Mane of Flowers Hair Masque
Per treatment

4 tablespoons canned coconut milk, full fat
1 teaspoon rosehip oil
8 drops jasmine essential oil
8 drops rose attar

In a small bowl, spoon out the coconut cream from the top of the can. (If there isn’t a layer of cream on top, pop it in the freezer for about 10 minutes and a layer will form.) Drop in the essential oils, and then the rose attar last. Blend well.

It is important to make this potion just before using, as the cream can harden if made ahead and stored in the refrigerator.

Mist your hair and scalp liberally with water, then begin to apply using either a hair-coloring paintbrush or your fingers. Massage well into the scalp, then move onto the rest of the hair, paying close attention to the ends. Pile atop your head and secure with clips.

Let the potion sit for at least 20 minutes (you can leave it on for an hour if your hair is particularly dry or damaged), and then rinse it very well in the shower. Follow with a shampoo and a dab of your daily conditioner on the lower three-quarters section of hair. This seals it and makes for easy combing.

Style as usual, and toss your mane around at will. The alluring scent will linger in your tresses, and your powder room will smell fantastic!
*Note: You can also add hibiscus tea or oil to the masque, but it may stain your hair, so it is best for darker shades … or perhaps it’s time to try a subtle rose gold tint?

Coconut milk Lunar-ruled coconut is loaded with beautifying fats that deeply condition and fortify, infusing your head with both nutrients and the magic of psychic awareness.

Beauty Witch Secret: Depending on your hair length, you may have leftover masque. Use it as a moisturizing facial treatment to amp up your glow before a Midsummer’s Eve fête!

Roseé du Matin Facial Serum and Pétale Tonique Elixir
Roseé du Matin Facial Serum and Pétale Tonique Elixir

Roseé du Matin Facial Serum
Approx. 3 oz.

1 oz. grape-seed oil
1 oz. sweet almond oil
1 tablespoon rosehip oil
1 tablespoon hibiscus flowers

1 tablespoon rose petals
8 drops jasmine essential oil
6 drops neroli essential oil

On the new moon, combine the grape-seed and sweet almond oils in a 3 oz. glass bottle (preferably one with a dropper). Next, add the rosehip oil. Sprinkle in the petals, then add the essential oils one at a time. Whisper your prayers into the potion, then let it rest in a cool, dark place until the full moon. Set it out to charge in her glow, and leave it out overnight to receive the first light of morning. Strain the potion into another vessel, then pour it back into the glass bottle. You are ready to reap its substantial rewards. Use daily throughout summer, or alternate with other serums as you like, now and throughout the year, whenever you need an exuberant infusion of floral magic.

Grape-seed High in antioxidants, grape-seed oil tightens and firms skin as it moisturizes without heaviness. It contains both vitamins C and E, making it an excellent age fighter. Magically, its lunar powers promote lucid dreams, prosperity, and creativity.

Sweet Almond Another excellent moisturizer, sweet almond oil is high in salient vitamin E, which expertly repairs damaged skin. It also prevents moisture loss (this is important!), lightens dark spots and circles, and draws forth the energy of abundance.

Neroli Sexy neroli balances skin, hydrating and fighting the signs of aging while simultaneously calming and clearing irritated skin. Add in her delicious scent and major beauty magic, and you have one very fabulous oil.

Beauty Witch Secret: You can make larger batches of the rose-hibiscus oil and use it as a powerful base for many of your facial- and body-care potions.

Pétale Tonique Elixir
Makes 3 to 4 servings

1 tablespoon rose petals
1 tablespoon jasmine flowers
1 tablespoon hibiscus flowers
3 cups spring water
6 drops Wild Rose flower essence, per serving

You’re going to love how simple and delectable this is! In a 24 oz. glass jar, combine all the flowers, then pour spring water over the top, filling the jar. Cap tightly, and let it steep for a minimum of one hour. Strain and add in the Wild Rose flower essence just before serving. Add a little stevia or coconut nectar if you like, but it is pure pleasure all on its own. Did I mention that it also makes a fetching little cocktail mixer?

Wild Rose flower essence Flower essences are homeopathic wonders that treat emotional imbalances. They were used in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome for spiritual and physical healing according to the characteristics of each flower. Wild Rose carries the love and beauty vibration of its namesake, and helps awaken excitement, enthusiasm, and a state of joie de vivre.

*Note: Flower essences are made with grain alcohol, so if you cannot consume it, omit from the recipe. And not to worry—the flowers alone will bring you great joy.

Have a beautiful summer, my darlings, filled with euphoric adventures of love and light!

Art Nouveau, Enchanted Living Magazine, Alphonse Mucha, Prague, Czech

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