The warmth of the Sun’s rays pulse,
so virile in his glorious blaze
that silent steps
into shadow
go quietly undetected.
The moment to bask in the light
is now.

Oooh, Darlings! How torrid and wild these late days of Summer can be! Literally, we are at the peak of solar heat, seeking to quench our perpetual thirst as souvenir fans are untethered, cueing us to stay cool in every possible way. Last month’s eclipses have made their presence known, and by now have presented an opportunity – perhaps disguised as a condundrum – to either heal a situation, or allow the space for others to do the necessary karmic work. If the latter applies, know with all your heart, my Loves, that sometimes it is only up to you to create the space; someone else must step into it. The key to your sanity is then detaching from the outcome. Easier said than done, yes, but vital for your own garden to grow.

But, oh the luck! We arrive this month on the back of the Great Lion himself, bounding in with so much knockout presence and charisma to spare that you’ll have to hold on tight, especially if you aren’t used to the spotlight blaring on you. The New Moon in Leo that ended July brings bright, center stage vibes to all, and though that can be disconcerting to more reserved creatures, it will actually be of great service, like a lightning bolt of courage and self-confidence hitting you straight on. If you’ve been hesitant to take action as demanded by the eclipses, you have the Lion’s valor right there with you to lend the strength needed. Leo rules the heart, so as you take the lead, you will do so with kindness and empathy balancing what may be perceived as a boldness uncharacteristic of you.  Our messenger friend Mercury is now direct, and though in shadow the first five days of this month, you will feel the ease of communication all around you. Best of all, the classic feline promise of fun is in the air, so make sure you allow for plenty of playful sojourns as a reward for all your bravery. I know, we are all pining for the witchy vibes of Autumn, but do grab Summer in a big squeeze before its gone!

LEO POWER CARDS: Strength and The Sun. Express your passions with inner strength, resilience, and loving energy. Radiant warmth and vitality is the key to success.

Speaking of witchy vibes, this month begins with the first of…the harvest festivals. Oh yes. It’s getting closer. On August 1st, we celebrate the sabbat Lughnasadh, the agricultural fête named for the Celtic solar god Lugh who symbolically “dies” in the wheat fields as the still-powerful Sun gradually loses strength. The reaping of grain, thus our achievements, is honored with great cheer. Our bodies will have nourishment throughout Winter, but equally important is that we can see what we have created during the growing season. Goals have been reached, projects have come to fruition, and basking in the glory is simply what must be done! Though Lugh is best known as a Sun deity, he is also the patron of poets, musicians, and crafty artisans. Harness this energy for the sheer joy of it, or pour it into your art and ask Leo to help you get it out into the world in a big way.

As many of you know, I am a mad catwoman – aligned with both jungle feline and house beast alike – with my spirit animal taking the majestically lovable form of the Lion. So, in endless appreciation, I present to you two mane-shaking, roaringly fabulous potions this month, for beauty and wellness galore, and a cauldron-full of magick!

My first offering is for your playful side: a frozen treat for big cats. Somewhere between a smoothie bowl and “nice cream,” this conjures much-needed cooling, yet with sparkly energizing magick to quench your thirst for both adventure and cold, creamy delights in these most heated days of Summer. Lightly, satisfyingly adult-sweet, with a tart finish and a hint of something mysteriously spicy, topped with a delightful crunch. An exuberant lunch for two, or a sophisticated dessert for four, this potion hits all the notes – you’ll find yourself craving it, adding to your Summer repertoire with glee.

And though I tend toward adult-only hijinks (ahem) by all means, if you have little ones, start them now on healthy nibbles. This one stars non-stop solar powered vitality, major beauty benefits, and good health for every cell of your gorgeous being.

Jungle Heat
Beauty Bite
Serves 2-4

1 cup pineapple
1/2 cup grapefruit
1/2 cup orange
6 dates, pitted and chopped
Pinch saffron threads
1/3 cup sunflower seeds
1 scoop organic protein powder (optional)

The night before you plan to enjoy this happy concoction, peel and chop the pineapple, grapefruit, and orange, then put them in an airtight container and pop them in the freezer. The next day (or eve) take them out, and pour them into a food processor. This is important, my Loves, because even the best blender falls short when it comes to frozen treats. You simply must use a food processor to get the right consistency. Now add your chopped dates, and a nice pinch of saffron threads. If you want to super-charge the potion, add in a scoop of organic, sugar-free protein powder. I steer clear of soy, whey, and anything else bloaty – my fave is Garden of Life, but use what you like as long as it won’t negatively alter the taste (you can always add a bit of stevia or more dates if needed.) Give it all a good blast until it’s smooth and creamy, as the frozen fruit will give the blend a gelato-like texture. You may find a few bits of dates dotted in there, but it’s actually great that way. Top with sunflower seeds, scoop into something gorgeous, and enjoy. One note: these types of concoctions don’t re-freeze well, so make sure you devour all of it. No, really, I insist.

Pineapple, Grapefruit, & Orange Ruled by the Sun, this fiery trio bring the magick of strength, love, protection, and prosperity, with an unexpected dash of intuitive water sorcery. They each contain high levels of vitamin C and antioxidants, boosting immunity to ward off both Summer colds (such a drag!) and more intense illnesses. They also ease digestion and stabilize blood sugar – which helps you to feel full and evenly energized while keeping bloat at bay – and provide lots of hydration. Your skin is also in good hands, with the added perk of repairing and preventing UV damage from the inside.

Dates More solar love comes in with sweet, nutrient-rich dates. Bursting with beautifying vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, dates are a fantastic, low-glycemic alternative to skin sapping sugar. An ancient celebratory food in the Middle East, they are prized for their magick of spiritual awareness and strength.

Saffron Sunny, sensual saffron is revered as an ancient sacred flower. A bringer of happiness and spirituality, saffron is a powerful antioxidant with myriad health benefits: it wards off illness, lifts a heavy mood, curbs appetite, and is wonderfully effective for easing monthly woes. Did I mention this softly scented beauty is also an aphrodisiac? Mmm-hmm.

Sunflower One of the most joyous energies imaginable, sunflowers are remarkable for their uplifting energy as well as their superior gifts of health. Their tiny seeds carry unbeatable vitamins and minerals (including those elusive B’s) alongside serious plant protein, making them a stellar beauty food to boot.  Magickally, they bring good health (no surprise), creativity, abundance, and wisdom. Oh, and they grant wishes too.

Beauty Witch Secret: It is known to witches that sleeping with a sunflower beneath the bed will show you the truth of any situation.

My second offering this month, kittens, is for the adornment of your crowning glory, and it couldn’t be simpler. Lusty Summer days are tough on our manes, but then, we have sorcery on our sides, yes? Conjure this, and you will protect your tresses from heat, dryness, and the dreaded frizzies while you secretly seduce your follicles into spellbinding growth. Puissance du lion!

Lion Power
Mane Mist
Yields approx.3 oz.

3oz. pure water
8 drops lavender essential oil
1/2 teaspoon Abyssinian oil

In a colored glass bottle with a spray top, pour in the water. As you add the lavender oil, then the Abyssinian oil, strongly visualize your hair growing strong, healthy, shining.  Run your fingers through your new hair; it is manageable, soft, full of life. Shake your head joyously. Do you feel it? Good.

Now swirl it all together in a clockwise direction thirteen times. You will have to experiment with the amount of Abyssinian oil that works best for your hair length and texture, adding more as desired, or adding additional water if you want less. Mist hair lightly – wet or dry – and allow it to absorb fully.

Lavender Besides the endless magick of lavender bringing forth love, protection, happiness, peace, longevity and healing, this witchy favorite also encourages healthy hair growth. All that and a lovely, calming scent to catch the Summer wind.

Abyssinian Oil This native Mediterranean oil contains essential fatty acids that moisturize deeply, yet with a light, easily absorbed texture, making it a great choice for fine hair. It also locks in that moisture, forming a protective seal, while taming frizz and naturally protecting from heat styling tools. Ruled by Mars, is carries the magick of protection and courage. It also works beautifully on your skin!

Beauty Witch Secret: Adding a small piece of both sunstone and black onyx to the potion will heighten the solar power and add protection to your hair.

And guess what?  Your hair isn’t the only thing that just got shinier: our dearly missed Jupiter, bearer of gifts and all-around fantastic planet that has been retrograde since April, finally goes direct on August 11th. Now the vibe changes, and what has seemed constricting and even downright empty will begin to open up, allowing good fortune to find you. The expansive nature of Jupiter will force a sense of broadening horizons, whether literal or mental. During its recent retrograde, you were very likely faced with seeing the truth of a situation, and now the course-correcting must happen. You need willingness not only to see the bigger picture, but to venture out, and widen the lens that may have become too narrow recently. Very likely this will dovetail with recent eclipse messages, so be aware of all of it. If this seems daunting, remember that Jupiter brinks luck and abundance in all ways, big and small, so go with it, and be thankful. The stars are there to guide you.

All these high vibes will dance you right up to our Full Moon on August 15th (8:29am EST) shining brightly on innovative Aquarius. As the silver lady reaches her peak so early in the morning, spell crafting done the night before will be especially potent. This Full Moon promises surprises, so get ready! Aquarian Moons bring out the rebel in all of us, with the desire to break free of conventions and express individuality. Use this time, and the intellect of elemental air, to focus on what is needed to attain glorious freedom, not in a fight-or-flight way, but in a carefully crafted plan of action. As I mentioned earlier, so much has been going on in the stars recently, that pulling together all the little puzzle pieces of information that have been coming in is a necessary way to move forward wisely. If your need to express your individuality – perhaps from your family, or within your creative field – aligns with a desire to break free of current restraints, then this is your Moon for magick.

Bringing this spell to a close is a quiet New Moon in Virgo on August 30th (6:37am EST.) Adding an interesting depth to our already multi-faceted gem of a month, this Moon provides details to the new beginnings you may find yourself looking for after the Full Moon illuminated a path. Virgo Moons favor a hard-working and rather meticulous energy, so now is the time to suss out all the particulars before we greet the flurry of activity that Autumn likes to whirl us around in. Chart the course ahead with precision and your efforts will be greatly rewarded in the months to come.

Mes étoiles, this will be an exciting month! There is such an incredible opportunity to see it all click and enjoy yourself in the process! I love it.

And, what was that? Did I hear the rustle of leaves? Did I just catch a pumpkin-scented breeze? Fall is whispering…

Love and Stardust,

Xo Alise

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Alise Marie is the author of The Beauty Witch's Secrets: Recipes and Rituals For The The Modern Goddess, contributor at Enchanted Living, and creative director at The Beauty Witch®. Visit her at for eco-luxe potions, planetary readings, and seasonal offerings, and on Instagram @thebeautywitchofficial.


  1. Another month full of great information! You’re right, I’ve been hesitating to move on something big, and now is the time. Potions are excellent as always, especially your Lion Power mist! My frizzy summer hair really needed a simple, natural magic solution-thank you Alise!

  2. Oh, thank you, sweetie, I’m so glad you are enjoying! Move on it, whatever it is! You’ve got lion power on your side – and fabulous hair! Much love xoxo Alise

  3. August has been a very transformational month for me. I’ll be sure to mix up a batch of Lion Power to keep me on the golden path 💫☀️ Thank you, as always, for your brilliant magic, Alise <3

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