In this update we just wanted to show you a few quick sneak peeks from our upcoming issues, but first, we wanted to share that the adorable apothecary kit we showed you last week (and that sold out right away) is back in stock and available for pre-order. We thought you’d like it but didn’t realize how much! The kit contains two stones for time travel, a wee bit o’ tartan, and lavender, heather, mugwort, wormwood, horehound, and milk thistle, and you can find it in our Outlander-inspired collection in the Faerie shop (visit).

The Outlander issue, which we’re busy finalizing now, and speaking of stunning apothecaries, one magical feature in our autumn creation is Grace Nuth‘s look at the herb-filled home of herbalist and artist Ali English, whose work you saw in last autumn’s Practical Magic issue (where she described some of the herbs found in the book and film) and whose home was photographed by our friend Bryony Whistlecraft. Here are a couple of photos from Bryony’s shoot. (Can you imagine how marvelous Ali’s home must have smelled?)

Faerie Magazine Outlander Issue Autumn 2018

Here’s a quote from Ali in the piece:

“There’s a certain enchantment to learning to listen to the plants, to slow down enough to watch their growing and flowering, fruiting and fading, and it makes me feel calm, centered and fully aware of the magic of this world that constantly ripples under the surface of every day.”


Faerie Magazine Outlander Issue Autumn 2018

Ali also shares tips on gathering and drying herbs and bringing a love of herbs and plants into one’s decor. Of one’s home she advises: “Make it a place of tranquility and magic as much as you can, both for you and for those who visit. Allow it to grow into a place of healing and share it as much as you are able with those who are unable to do the same with their home. The good energy you put out, you will certainly get back in turn!”

Sigh. In our hearts we’re sitting in front of the fire of Ali’s place of tranquility and magic right now!

Make sure you order the Outlander issue now if you haven’t already, either by subscribing, pre-ordering the single issue (order here if you’re outside the US), or gifting a subscription to an extremely fortunate friend! You can choose to start with this issue, which ships in September, or the current mermaid issue

Have you been enjoying Grace’s charming lists that we’ve been featuring in every issue since last fall? Her first was a checklist for living like the aunts in Practical Magic and you can read that here, if you missed it.

You won’t want to miss Grace’s “Signs You’ve Fallen Through Time” list in our Outlander issue, either, illustrated by Guinevere von Sneeden! We’ll go ahead and share two of the signs right here:

* You can lace your own corset without assistance.
* You wear corsets.

We’re going to leave you with this lovely highland lass from Guinevere, to get you in that standing-stone, Outlander-esque, strange celestial occurrences kind of mood!

Guinevere von Sneeden Faerie Magazine Outlander Issue Autumn 2018
Illustration by Guinevere von Sneeden


Faerie Magazine

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  1. I cannot wait to see the Outlander issue. My Faerie Sassenach earrings just arrived and they’re wonderful. I love being part of the world of Fae.

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